Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Few Things - The Birthday, The Wedding, Maybelline & L'occitane

What's happening last week, my birthday was last Friday (7th), friend's wedding few days ago (Sunday) and some shopping goodies that I love.

 - Surprise cake from Manager and Colleague -

Actually I saw the cake in the pretty paper bag that my manager put aside while I was passing by that paper bag. hehe :P 

Thanks them for the cake, it was one of my wish days before. As usual, my birthday celebration for years weren't fancy like some people might celebrate, mine would be having a nice meal and colleagues buy me lunch at Japanese Restaurant while during the night, end up having BKT while the Japanese Restaurant that me and Terence planned to visit was close. p/s : It's impossible not to love Japanese FOOD!!

 - Secondary Classmate Wedding -

Handmade wrist flowers to be tied on us (Ji Mui). Pretty right?

 - Games for the Groom and Brothers - 

I ever read googled information that games for the grooms are to examine the groom before getting the bride/ love of his life. Maybe that's how it begins and where else there's some culture didn't adapt this.

We prepared Sweet (Extreme Honey Drink), Sour (Slices of Lemon), Bitter (Large slice of Bitter gourd)  and Spicy (Fried Rice with Wasabi and/ or Tobasco), Rolling iced eggs beneath shirt, Blow Balloon and sit on it until explode (but didn't succeed, the Brother took advantages of either blowing it till explode or using their cigarette to make it exploded) -_- and respectful games.

We didn't select games that might embarrassed them or us, just simple one will do. :) 

- Our Breakfast (2nd) -

We went to the nearest McD drive thru for our breakfast after the wedding ceremony. Awake before 5am and finally we got to rest after 8.30am. We are quite happy that if there's no special occasions, most of us won't be able to gather for chit chat and "blow water" (吹水):D

After breakfast, continued with some nap.

 - Make Up Goodies -

It's been a while since the last I used Maybelline, bought some new make up goodies and I love all of them. Some of it are my birthday present for this year (^_^). 

The mascara was good that define my eye lashes beautifully and it made my eyelashes super curly and volumise as well! The eye shadow colours are lovely, shimmering pink, purple and fairly pearl, just like what I had from Majolica Majorca before. The white one (far left) is "vitamin" for eyelashes and eyebrows, it could lengthen and strengthen both eyelashes and eyebrow.

What I left is a nice waterproof eyeliner, it wasn't easy to find a good one. I ever come across a eyeliner from my Canadian Aunt, and it was easy to apply and it won't easily dirty our eyes.

- L'occitane Goodies and Nature Republic -

Used my RM120.00 voucher and add on of RM20.00 birthday voucher to buy some of the items from L'occitane, and of course the one that I like the most. Got the comb and mirror as a birthday gift from L'occitane as well.

So, that was my update for today, and have a pleasant Durian season! :)

Photo extracted from my Instagram (meitzeu

 Taken with Samsung Galaxy Note


  1. Happy belated birthday to you, Mei Tzeu. Sorry for the late wishes. I remember your birthday exactly the same as my ex-manager but was too busy wandering around Kuching that time. Wish all your dreams and wishes come true. Always stay happy and healthy.

  2. happy belated birthday, my dear friend :)

  3. Thank you DT and thank you Aemy!!