Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fusion Cuisine by IHOP Cafe @ Lintas Plaza

This is one of the new cafe that is operated since few months ago. I like it there whereby the food served are tasty and acceptable! :)

Went there for a few times with my manager and a colleague of mine, and even Beverly, Charlotte and Calista like their food served.

 - Hawaii Sunset (left) and  Korean Citrus (right) -

Drinks that we had during our first visit. :) I had Korean Citrus and it tasted ordinary which nothing much to shout out about, in fact it only taste like citrus (sweet and sour) and added in with coconut cubes.

- I Hop Cafe -

 - Chicken Chop with Brown Sauce -

Serving portion quite huge that the chicken was not well done (fully cooked) for my manager first trial but at least the restaurant took the initiative to make sure the grilled chicken was fully cooked before serving on the second time.

 - Butter Chicken Rice -

Colleague had this and she said that it is still okay.

- Chicken Fillet Cheese Bake Rice (Black Pepper Sauce) @ RM8.95 -

Aww~ I love their cheese baked rice, it is good to the extend that i had it almost the same cheese bake rice series on every visits. Reasonable priced, portion was enough, fried rice, tasty and smells good as well.

Normally I request for black pepper sauce, but I had pumpkin sauce on my recent visit there and it was good as well!

- Menu -

Browsed through the menu and found out that they serve set lunch during week days, finger foods, tea breaks (sandwiches) and other Asian fusion delights.

Well, this cafe didn't let us down at least for now. I hope that they will maintain their good quality on food preparation and friendly/ attentive services. :)

Location :
Lot 28-1, 1st Floor, Lintas Plaza

Contact No. :
088 -538 816
Facebook : IHOP Cafe


  1. not bad .. I like these type of food..

  2. I see that the Chicken Chop and the Butter Chicken Rice look ordinary, but who knows until we give it a try. Maybe it'll turn out to be a great alternative.

  3. Thanks for sharing, wanna go try soon :)

  4. Seems like a very comfortable restaurant. How long did they take to make the food?