Saturday, November 17, 2012

【香港游玩记】 香港岛之銅鑼灣 - 血拼! Fun In Hong Kong : Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Island - Shopping Heaven!

Hong Kong Part 3 - Causeway Bay (銅鑼灣), Hong Kong Island (香港岛)

Beautiful morning and dressed ourselves nicely, had our light breakfast by the hotel and off we go to Causeway Bay for the second Dim Sum Breakfast and short shopping at Times Square after meeting my uncle and aunt from Canada.

- :) -

We do have spare time while waiting and this is what young girls do best! Light make up on the eye. ;)

- Hotel Shutter Bus Service -

We walked to Cosmopolitan Hotel for their free shutter bus to Times Square which located at Causeway Bay. Day time in Hong Kong is beautiful like during the night as well. Some how, it reminded me the beautiful Singapore City.

- Tram Station -

That is one of the Ding Ding Tram Station and tram is one of the tourist must try when we are in Hong Kong Island. I wish to hop on the tram, but.... time was not allowed. :( Someday perhaps.

- The tram -

I once watched a love story that a guy actually booked a tram to propose to his love ones. :) How lovely.

- Street of Causeway Bay -

" Causeway Bay (銅鑼灣) is a heavily built-up area of Hong Kong, located on the Hong Kong Island, and covering parts of Wan Chai and Eastern districts. The Chinese name is also romanized as Tung Lo Wan as in Tung Lo Wan Road (銅鑼灣道). The rent in the shopping areas of Causeway Bay is ranked as the highest in the world followed by New York's Fifth Avenue, which is only slightly less expensive. The rent of Causeway Bay is near a double of the third place's Tokyo's Ginza. " - Wikipedia

- Times Square (时代广场) -

One of the best shopping mall in Hong Kong for branded goodies. I did bought a Zara dress from there and I'm loving it so much.

- Decoration at Times Square - 

Standing there and look around, Hong Kong is a unique place to visit. The compact city with advance environment.

- That's Me at Causeway Bay -

The weather was cold when we were there, however luckily the first morning (on the same day) the weather still okay for me. Dressing up as shown was still acceptable with the cold weather. 

As a light reminder, do watch the weather forecast every morning before leaving the hotel, I don't wish to see "clever" people shivering on a cold day. =P

- Street Photography : Magazines Seller -

I believe that the scene above is familiar to most of us who watched Hong Kong movie series. Do this reminds you?

- The Crowded during the Day -

After our second breakfast, we went for shopping at Times Square. That's the crowd of tourists and locals. Fortunately, my aunt who was once a Hong Kee brought us to their famous traditional Dim Sum outlet some where in Causeway Bay and bringing us around Hong Kong as well.

- Interior of Times Square -

Awesome mall with all the branded outlets! Tax exempted in Hong Kong and might as well shop till us drop there. Even Burberry cost approximately RM500 for a purse! :) I like.

A window shopping at Times Square and off we go the Central (中环)!

- Octopus Card (八达通) -

Octopus Card is a must have when we visit Hong Kong, a reasonable sum debited into your card and all over Hong Kong we can use it for traveling purpose.

Location :
Causeway Bay (銅鑼灣)
Times Square (時代廣場) - 勿地臣街1號


  1. good idea about octopus card. KL having something similar ....but not everywhere can go :P

  2. How can u travel in Hong Kong without the Octopus card?

  3. Looks like a ton of fun~ ^.^ & I'm not too familiar with cards like that but, it seems like a great way to get from one place to another without fumbling for your wallet~


    1. haha ;D Definitely one of the proudest invention.

  4. Went Times Square during my third trip to Hong Kong in year 2010 and ended up with Esprit purse. It's indeed cheaper than Malaysia. Oh yeah! Mei Tzeu, I heard from my bf saying that Octopus actually has deadline one. Must use within two years or else, you need to renew or something.

    1. i seeeeeee...... I thought it really can use for long long time.

  5. the decor at times square looks pretty :) i bet it would be even prettier during christmas!

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    1. One of the best place for X'Mas celebration.

  6. nice post.. i love that concept that you share mostly on places... hehehe...I never been to HK, but everything looks so familiar to me..cause I always see different scene in HK DRAMA..;p

  7. I always wanted to visit HK... must plan soon... save up for shopping spree & Food of course!! :D

  8. I spent some times exploring Times Square too when my last visit :)

  9. I love Hong Kong!! This post makes me miss HK!!

  10. HK is quite a shopping haven. Can't wait to shop when we head in for my birthday:D

  11. I was so thankful to whoever created that octopus card cos without it, i couldnt have survived HK alone last March. Nice photos. I especially like the one with magazine seller in it.