Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thailand Guide : Phuket (V.1) - Phuket FantaSea (with SSG)

Part 4 of Star Cruise Trip 2008 - Phuket, Thailand.

After SSG brought us to Krabi Island and had a short fun chicky dance with the cruise's crew, we reached Phuket in the evening and without wasting our time, we hop in to the tour bus which will be bringing us to Phuket FantaSea, The Ultimate Cultural Theme Park (approximately 1 hour duration) to enjoy the fantasy animal kingdom show. 

Be reminded that Thailand time is one hour ahead of Malaysia time. By the time when we reached Phuket FantaSea, we were extremely exhausted and all because we had a lot of activities for the whole day. A few of mom's friends recommended that Phuket FantaSea is a must visit place for their animal shows which more than 10 elephants will be entertaining all audience together with mystery story about the past. :)

- Phuket FantaSea -

I can't remember how much do the ticket cost but from what I have been told, it was quite expensive, say approximately RM200.00 after conversion from USD back then. However, after I had enjoyed the show, the price that we paid was a bliss! Worth to watch for all. :)

- Carnival Village -

- Gems Outlet -

While waiting for the show to start, we went for a walk at the theme park, the place was crowded and various activities that they can offer to entertain guests. From shemale dancing, souvenirs shops, riding on elephants et cetera.

- The Hall - 

Where the show going to be held. The cruise attendant told us that the hall was covered by the Tsunami incident before, but nothing were ruin. It was quite mysterious without any scientific explanation. Amazing! Just like expected, Thailand really a mysterious place to visit and understood.

- Can you spot the elephant? *Hint : On the left. -

- The Main Entrance -

I wish I could show some photos of the musical show that we enjoyed. Our hand phones and cameras were detained for few hours while the show was presenting. Well managed party and a whole row of counters for guests to collect our own hand phones when the show ended.

The on going performance was FANTASTIC!! Well prepared performance that animals from huge elephants, baby elephants, ducks, chickens, birds flying/ walking/ or even running from one end to another all together! Very cute and I love it. Non the less, when we lifted up our head, there were performers dancing above us. (^_^)

Despite our exhaustion, I was trying to open my eye widely to enjoy the show but it was so hard to do so. I slept in the middle of the show (for a short while) and as for my mom, slept longer than me! haha :D

- Phuket FantaSea - 

A short video that I found from Youtube. So now you have the concept of what FantaSea can perform!

- Chalong Temple -

We had a good sleep after the show and we woke up around 10.00am where other guests left the ship for day tour in Phuket. We were quite shock on our sleeping time and luckily, there were a few of local van driver that we could hire for our day trip in Phuket. :)

- Phuket City -

A little bit of history walk, temples, shopping malls and some visiting places. 

And that how I end my Phuket day tour. :)

- Souvenirs -

Those were part of Meatball-online and my souvenirs we bought. :)

Location :
Phuket FantaSea
99 Moo 3, Kamala Beach, Kathu, Kamala, Phuket 83150, Thailand.

and Phuket shopping area.

Website : With very cute elephant dances
Phuket FantaSea - The Ultimate Cultural Theme Park


  1. lovely! I miss this Fantasea when I was there a few years ago.. we ran out of time so we decided not too but looks like I must return for a visit!! :)

  2. great photos!! :)))


  3. I always wanted to visit phuket! Envy la... I want to go phuket too..

  4. wow so niceee! how much is it ar?

  5. Didn't know it was that expensive, maybe back then I was dealing with USD for my internship LOL

    1. When using local money then we presume its cheaper.

  6. oh gosh! phuket is so pretty!

  7. I was really amazed by the Fantasea performance, got live animals come out :)

  8. I have the elephant keychain when I was young. Can open the keychain :)

  9. Saw the elephant after noting that there was a human posing beside something dark. Missing Phuket with your pis and all. We drove up last year.

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