Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lunch at Brooklyn Restaurant, Lintas Plaza

Oh gosh... I don't know why but I realise that more chained cafes or restaurants are entering Lintas area and that's where the hole in our pocket are getting larger.

Been wanted to try Brooklyn for a while and since the first store at 1 Borneo operated, I think "Food God" heard my words (^_^) and the chained store started their second store at Lintas Plaza last month!

- Brooklyn Restaurant -

The restaurant offered 25% off on our bill as a opening promotion and very attentive personnel they have hired as well. :)

- The American Burgers -

The largest Cyclone Beef Burger @ RM55.90 that Brooklyn offers a free meal if a person can finish the whole plate of burger within limited time frame. 8 inch wide..... OMG! It might seen impossible to finish but there's possibility of finishing it as well!

So, three of us had our first lunch at Brooklyn and we had all the following and price stated are after discount. ;)

- Bloody Eyeball @ RM6.38 -

- Strawberry Shake @ RM6.38 - 

I had Bloody Eyeball and it was extremely sweet and almost took my lungs out while Strawberry Shake was tasted so-so.

- Black Pepper Chicken Chop with Butter Rice @ RM14.18 and Tex Med Dog @ RM13.43 -

I like Tex Med Dog, it looks spicy but actually still acceptable and I love the fresh potato chips. The whole plate was light for me and I like the hotdog (not sausage) in it.

As for the Black Pepper Chicken Chop and Butter Rice, my manager and colleague said that if only the meat marinated longer, it will definitely taste even better.

- Mud Pie with Ice Cream @ RM8.93 -

It looks scary for me. We wanted to have waffles, but it wasn't available and we ordered another dessert.

It was not chocolate lava cake which chocolate will burst out from inside the 8 minutes baked cake. It was warm chocolate syrup pour on top of the cake and top up with vanilla ice cream. Taste was okay for me.

Location :
1 Borneo Hypermall
Lintas Plaza

Brooklyn Restaurant, Kota Kinabalu
Taken with Samsung Galaxy Note


  1. Hey, Mei Tzeu, I Just went Brooklyn yesterday in 1b. first time visit and 6 of us ordered the Cyclone Chicken. it was incredibly huge. not bad lah for me. the chicken so crispy.

  2. wow.. so much burger choices... would love to try this!! :)

  3. Looks like you are spoilt for choice on eateries. That sure gives plenty of advantages, I mean you get to taste different types of food. The chicken chop is very inviting and I would love to try it out.

  4. So many new places to eat in KK ! Saw my friends posting it in insta and now you are blogging about it :) nice blog by the way ! :)

  5. wah!!! look so nice but you don's seems to like it very much from your review XD
    Anyway, why your comment cannot be published in my blog?
    I can see it from my dashboard comment but it wasn't shown in blog posts! =(

  6. Nice review, got to go there.. i will accept their challenge!

  7. Hi Meitzeu! I'm Rey from Brooklyn Restaurant. First of all, thank you for visiting us and taking time to write about our food at Brooklyn Restaurant Lintas Plaza. We will look into your review and improve on the areas that you have pointed out. Many thanks for that :) We always look forward to improve our food and service further and that is why we appreciate and welcome every suggestion and comment from our customers.

    Thank you for dining at our restaurant and we hope to see you again. Feel free to speak to our Outlet Manager should you have any comments or suggestions in your future visit. Have a nice day and see you again!