Saturday, November 24, 2012

Life in Liverpool - The City and Street Performers

This is Liverpool city where I have been living once upon a time.... Year 2008 to be exact when Liverpool as a host to European Cultural Year.

There were all kinds of musical events and happening carnivals at the City and everyone felt blessed to be there. :)

 - The Banner at Lime Street -

- Buildings -

I do love the Roman/ European architectures designs and always will be. Refurnished listed building are always in my list and I'm amazed with their effort to maintain the buildings even after so many years of history. Should I say, maintaining the heritage?

- The High Street/ Shopping Street of Liverpool -

One of the most busiest and happening street on daily basis. I remember I always walked through those stores after classes and shopping at H&M, Primark, Chocolates Stores etc. People are nice over there.

And most of the time we will see talented street performers in town. Some even sell their CDs to earn for their living.

- Street Performers -

I'm not sure should I name them as Red Indians? I love their voice and the music played by their musical instruments, the pipe and more.

Licking ice creams, eating hamburgers while walking and even enjoying the warm coffee while walking in town. Gosh.

- Scottish Performer -

They said we have to paid them some tokens as an appreciation for their effort, but I think I didn't for this case.

- Handicap but great guitarist -

- Street Dancers -

I always been amazed by the artists/ street dancers on the TV screen and by enjoying their talented skills, jaw drop in a way.

- The Gold Man -

He even waved his hand to us. :)

- Beer anyone? -

It's only afternoon, and European here love to drink almost the whole day. -_-

So, that's the life of a bit of Liverpool and of cause shopping and eating street food and live like a European sometime. 

Okay, that's all for today and I'm gonna chase time to meet up friend! :)

Location :
Liverpool City


  1. Liverpool .. a nice place..
    and if i go over there and i will getting a ticket to watch liverpool football

  2. it's so cool. Over here, near bukit bintang area also have some street performers

  3. have not been to Liverpool before but from the photo you have shared, it looks just like a very nice city..

  4. I miss Liverpool so much and quite regret for spending such a short time there. How I wish I could turn back the time to year 2008? =P