Saturday, November 3, 2012

【香港游玩记】香港岛之湾仔 Fun In Hong Kong - Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island - First Night in HK!

Hong Kong Part 1 - First day in Wan Chai (湾仔), Hong Kong Island (香港岛).

Finally the first entry to start with my Hong Kong and China luxurious family trip during Spring season on the month of March this year. :)

We left K.K. in the afternoon and heading towards a well developed country, Hong Kong (香港), developing province of China - Hainan Island (海南岛) and a beautiful region named Macau (澳门). We were excited about our trip since the day we bought our air tickets, looking forward to meet my aunt and uncle from Canada and relatives in Hong Kong.

- View from the above -

A smile on surface of the earth. There will always be scenes that are fascinating when we are about the fly above those clouds.

Finally arrived Hong Kong after 2 hours and 55 minutes flight.

As heard from words by others, the night scene view from above on the surface of Hong Kong is amazing and skyscrapers buildings are everywhere!!

- Landing Hong Kong -

Those thousand little lights far middle of the above image are the apartments of Hong Kong. Amazing view when we were getting closer later.

 - The international airport of Hong Kong -

NO... I didn't met any Hong Kong artists there. :( However, I did met uncivilised people at the airport who talked so loud and not friendly at all! Pushing from behind and you know who are the majority they would be. (-_-)

- Hotel Shuttle Bus - 

One of the public transportation provided by Hong Kong airport - Hotel Shuttle Bus. We had a long walk by following the signboard to search for Hotel Shuttle Bus entrance, for a fee of HKD380 (approximately RM140.00) for a group of 5.

The following will be snap shots of night scenes and what interest me about  Hong Kong. :) Do enjoy!

 - Tsing Ma Bridge (青马大桥) - 

While we were in the bus, instead of sitting there doing nothing, the best way to fill up the boredom was to admire the skyline of Hong Kong. Something that caught my eye in real life and from Cantonese movies that I have been admiring for quite some time - Tsing Ma Bridge (青马大桥). Such a beautiful architecture built there.

Tsing Ma Bridge with distance of 2.16KM, is known as the longest suspension bridge in the world with rail and road traffic that links Lantau Island to the rest of Hong Kong. The bridge was opened to traffic in 1997 as part of key infrastructure serving the new airport on Lantau Island, and has since become a local sightseeing favourite. - source

- The apartments in Hong Kong -

It's only a part of Hong Kong. The lights that switched on by household units do looks like a huge TV screen and even looks like thousands of televisions that combined together. Spectacular view just like we heard about the amazing HK skyline.

- Typical HK taxi/cab for 5 -

- The Hong Kong Ding Ding Tram -

The tram that only Hong Kong Island (香港岛) would offer. Furthermore, Hong Kong Tramways is known as the tram system in Hong Kong and one of the earliest forms of public transport in Hong Kong.

And we were getting nearer to our hotel that we have booked earlier! :) 

- The street of Wan Chai -

Arrived at Cosmo Hotel (丽悦酒店), checked in and it's time for dinner, at last around 9.00pm after we settled all the needs. We were starving when we arrived HK and we thought Wan Chai is convenient for eateries just like mentioned by meatball-online earlier, but it was not, we had to walk for quite a while for the nearest Cha Chaan Teng (茶餐厅), typical HK must know tea restaurant. I will write about what I had for that night, it was good and tasty!

- This is Wan Chai (湾仔) -

- The Subway -

The view of Cosmopolitan Hotel from the opposite subway after we had our dinner. We were staying next to Cosmopolitan Hotel, a hotel for non smoker.

- The Subway -

We were surprised when there's actually Hongkies living behind that white wrapped cloth. I don't know why they are living that way. :/

- My humble little space -

Stayed at Cosmo Hotel (丽悦酒店) during the first two days, while waiting for my sister, meatball-online who will be meeting us for China trip until our trip ended. The room space was quite small, thought I could share my bed with my mom but as spoken to us by the reception, it is better for us to add on for a room of three.

Such an experience to stay at Cosmo Hotel, I like to be alone and sleeps like nobody business. I miss that cozy space, L Nina Hotel (amazing hotel!!) that I had stayed after China trip and missing that cold HK weather.

That's all for my first day in HK, looking forward to my coming posts about Hong Kong and China! Promise I will share the best food and places! And yea~ I'm excited to share about the awesome DIM SUM I HAD!!! Yummy!!!

Location :
Wan Chai (湾仔), Hong Kong Island (香港岛)


  1. Gosh! The room so small!!! Was in HK in the 80's...would be so very different now. Not so keen on Asian countries...

    1. haha :D Yea~ I bet a lot of changes compared back then.

  2. soooo good can travel.. me envy d~

  3. wow the hotel is soooo small! i remember i went to their Lui Yan Gai (Lady Street) during my trip, but not wanchai :(

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    1. Lui Yan Gai was awesome! I had a lot of good time there.

  4. isn't the room too small for u...??
    the subway looks scary...hehehe..

  5. Nice place. The room may be small but sure clean.

    1. yeap. I did expect the room was such a small one b4 I was there. :D

  6. Has been travel to Hong Kong long time ago... Your pics remind me some sweet memories back then! ^^

  7. I like your night shots. The last time we were in Hong Kong we had a good hotel at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, I dont remember the name and at that time we didn't have a blog yet.


  8. We should feel fortunate that we live in a home, rather than in a subway.

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  9. Beautiful photos. Feels like I'm in Hong Kong! :D

  10. Hmmmm a super small room! How much did you pay for that room?

    1. I think I added about 300 - 400 per day for that space. -_-

  11. ahhh so nice!! T_T I want go to hong kong too <3 xDDDD

  12. I love Hong Kong, especially the food!! But I don't really like the rude people!