Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cakes & Macarons by Lady Bon Bon @ Lintas

 A new bakery in town!

It's been a while since the last three/ four of us came together for a drink. Two weeks ago, me, Beverly and Charlotte (how we wish Calista could join us) planned to check out the new place at Lintas Plaza while hanging out for that Saturday afternoon. :)

- Lady Bon Bon -

Operated by Lady Boss, Angeline (the co-founder) who was one of the partner of Boutique Cupcakes before BC closed down.

Lady Bon Bon offers various flavour of cakes, macarons, cookies and some selection of pastries. The place is cozy with a few tables and couch for guests to enjoy their cakes. However, the bakery is sharing their venue with Tea Avenue, therefore we shall order our drinks from Tea Avenue which is few steps away. How I wish there were English Tea over there while eating slice of cake and macarons. 

It will be heavenly.

- Cakes -

Interesting names for the cakes presented. Lady Vanilla, Miss Hazel, Cowboy Secret and more...

- Our Buy -

Lady Vanilla @ RM7.90, Ulala Banana @ RM7.90, Macarons (Chocolate, Salted Caramel and Hazelnut flavour) @ RM2.60 each.

The pricing of the cakes is quite pricey despite of it's portion, however, the contains (ingredients) they used for baking had cost them quite a bit, we will know it once we had a few bites. I like Ulala Banana and banana and chocolate are perfect match, do I have to say more? As for Lady Vanilla, nothing to impress about, it taste just normal.

- Macarons -

Macarons, my favourite one is Salted Caramel, second would be Hazelnut and third, Chocolate, three of us love the texture whereby it's 20% crunchy on its outer layer and soft in the inside, a bit of sweetening on the salted caramel. For the first time, I tried macarons that are not overly contained sugar. :)

Once I tried macarons that textured like meringue at one of the french restaurant in town and the whole macarons crunched after the first bite and it was my first and I thought macarons are like that, but after a few trial after that, at Levain, KL and Lady Bon Bon, I'm assured with macarons texture now.

- On the House Miss Hazel -

Thank you Angeline who treat us Miss Hazel! Creamy chocolate with a layer of crunchy waffles and layer of sponge cake. :) Love this one and it does taste like Kinder Bueno!

Heard Lady Bon Bon is expanding and offering more and more varieties of cakes either slices or whole, we are looking forward for coming visits to Lady Bon Bon. :)

Facebook : Lady Bon Bon

Contact No. : 088-268 968

Location :
Lintas Plaza
Opposite Party Play and sharing venue with Tea Avenue.

Taken with Samsung Galaxy Note


  1. The shop look somewhat 'quiet' in these pics. Seem not a lot to choose from, but the chocolate cake looks tempting.

    1. new bakery in town. Yea.. we have the same thought at 1st, but they lesser selection probably good also.

  2. I was thinking where is this located when you posted in fb, twitter or Instagram and I just spotted this Monday night. Now I feels like wanna go work in Lintas. So many many new eateries at there.

    1. LOL. Good for varieties of selection. But, bad for the waist!!

  3. Miss Hazel sounds like a nice cake. I do love food that combine different textures

  4. Looks yummy. Do they sell cupcakes?

  5. Amazing desserts. I will skip the macaroons and jump for the big piece of cake.

  6. The sweets looks so delicious! : D : D

  7. i love those delicious desserts.. nice

  8. sounds like a cute place to indulge in! :)

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  9. I like the name "Ulala", i reckon the taste will be quite similar to the one at Secret Recipe?

    1. Yup. Chocolate Banana cake. It taste good & unlike SR, SR too commercialised.