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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pork Sausages by Euro Deli, Swiss-German Cuisine @ Petaling Jaya

We had something different on our previous visit to Kuala Lumpur this year.

Authentic Swiss-German Cuisine by Euro Deli located at Petaling Jaya.

- Euro Deli -

- Beer and Bread -

The beer was easy on the throat, quite refreshing and neh... I didn't finish the whole glass.

- Challenging Burger -

There were quite a number of big appetite people who challenged themselves to finish the whole burger within time limit, but only few of them could finish it. Gosh! It was so HUGE and it is only a sample that I took with.

- Location -

- Mixed Sausages -

Mixed sausage with appetizing side dish and mustard. I like all of the sausages, especially the one with pepper. :)

- The Bar -

Attentive staffs at the restaurant and such a crowded place to hang out during the weekend and some of them said that because of the PORK! (lol)

Overall, the food were good, we like what we had, the spaghetti, the sausages and cakes and even the BEER before we left! :)

Location :
No. 39 & 41, Jalan SS20/11, Damansara Kinrara,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan

Contact No. :
603-7726 7495

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Life in Liverpool - The City and Street Performers

This is Liverpool city where I have been living once upon a time.... Year 2008 to be exact when Liverpool as a host to European Cultural Year.

There were all kinds of musical events and happening carnivals at the City and everyone felt blessed to be there. :)

 - The Banner at Lime Street -

- Buildings -

I do love the Roman/ European architectures designs and always will be. Refurnished listed building are always in my list and I'm amazed with their effort to maintain the buildings even after so many years of history. Should I say, maintaining the heritage?

- The High Street/ Shopping Street of Liverpool -

One of the most busiest and happening street on daily basis. I remember I always walked through those stores after classes and shopping at H&M, Primark, Chocolates Stores etc. People are nice over there.

And most of the time we will see talented street performers in town. Some even sell their CDs to earn for their living.

- Street Performers -

I'm not sure should I name them as Red Indians? I love their voice and the music played by their musical instruments, the pipe and more.

Licking ice creams, eating hamburgers while walking and even enjoying the warm coffee while walking in town. Gosh.

- Scottish Performer -

They said we have to paid them some tokens as an appreciation for their effort, but I think I didn't for this case.

- Handicap but great guitarist -

- Street Dancers -

I always been amazed by the artists/ street dancers on the TV screen and by enjoying their talented skills, jaw drop in a way.

- The Gold Man -

He even waved his hand to us. :)

- Beer anyone? -

It's only afternoon, and European here love to drink almost the whole day. -_-

So, that's the life of a bit of Liverpool and of cause shopping and eating street food and live like a European sometime. 

Okay, that's all for today and I'm gonna chase time to meet up friend! :)

Location :
Liverpool City

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lunch at Brooklyn Restaurant, Lintas Plaza

Oh gosh... I don't know why but I realise that more chained cafes or restaurants are entering Lintas area and that's where the hole in our pocket are getting larger.

Been wanted to try Brooklyn for a while and since the first store at 1 Borneo operated, I think "Food God" heard my words (^_^) and the chained store started their second store at Lintas Plaza last month!

- Brooklyn Restaurant -

The restaurant offered 25% off on our bill as a opening promotion and very attentive personnel they have hired as well. :)

- The American Burgers -

The largest Cyclone Beef Burger @ RM55.90 that Brooklyn offers a free meal if a person can finish the whole plate of burger within limited time frame. 8 inch wide..... OMG! It might seen impossible to finish but there's possibility of finishing it as well!

So, three of us had our first lunch at Brooklyn and we had all the following and price stated are after discount. ;)

- Bloody Eyeball @ RM6.38 -

- Strawberry Shake @ RM6.38 - 

I had Bloody Eyeball and it was extremely sweet and almost took my lungs out while Strawberry Shake was tasted so-so.

- Black Pepper Chicken Chop with Butter Rice @ RM14.18 and Tex Med Dog @ RM13.43 -

I like Tex Med Dog, it looks spicy but actually still acceptable and I love the fresh potato chips. The whole plate was light for me and I like the hotdog (not sausage) in it.

As for the Black Pepper Chicken Chop and Butter Rice, my manager and colleague said that if only the meat marinated longer, it will definitely taste even better.

- Mud Pie with Ice Cream @ RM8.93 -

It looks scary for me. We wanted to have waffles, but it wasn't available and we ordered another dessert.

It was not chocolate lava cake which chocolate will burst out from inside the 8 minutes baked cake. It was warm chocolate syrup pour on top of the cake and top up with vanilla ice cream. Taste was okay for me.

Location :
1 Borneo Hypermall
Lintas Plaza

Brooklyn Restaurant, Kota Kinabalu
Taken with Samsung Galaxy Note

Saturday, November 17, 2012

【香港游玩记】 香港岛之銅鑼灣 - 血拼! Fun In Hong Kong : Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Island - Shopping Heaven!

Hong Kong Part 3 - Causeway Bay (銅鑼灣), Hong Kong Island (香港岛)

Beautiful morning and dressed ourselves nicely, had our light breakfast by the hotel and off we go to Causeway Bay for the second Dim Sum Breakfast and short shopping at Times Square after meeting my uncle and aunt from Canada.

- :) -

We do have spare time while waiting and this is what young girls do best! Light make up on the eye. ;)

- Hotel Shutter Bus Service -

We walked to Cosmopolitan Hotel for their free shutter bus to Times Square which located at Causeway Bay. Day time in Hong Kong is beautiful like during the night as well. Some how, it reminded me the beautiful Singapore City.

- Tram Station -

That is one of the Ding Ding Tram Station and tram is one of the tourist must try when we are in Hong Kong Island. I wish to hop on the tram, but.... time was not allowed. :( Someday perhaps.

- The tram -

I once watched a love story that a guy actually booked a tram to propose to his love ones. :) How lovely.

- Street of Causeway Bay -

" Causeway Bay (銅鑼灣) is a heavily built-up area of Hong Kong, located on the Hong Kong Island, and covering parts of Wan Chai and Eastern districts. The Chinese name is also romanized as Tung Lo Wan as in Tung Lo Wan Road (銅鑼灣道). The rent in the shopping areas of Causeway Bay is ranked as the highest in the world followed by New York's Fifth Avenue, which is only slightly less expensive. The rent of Causeway Bay is near a double of the third place's Tokyo's Ginza. " - Wikipedia

- Times Square (时代广场) -

One of the best shopping mall in Hong Kong for branded goodies. I did bought a Zara dress from there and I'm loving it so much.

- Decoration at Times Square - 

Standing there and look around, Hong Kong is a unique place to visit. The compact city with advance environment.

- That's Me at Causeway Bay -

The weather was cold when we were there, however luckily the first morning (on the same day) the weather still okay for me. Dressing up as shown was still acceptable with the cold weather. 

As a light reminder, do watch the weather forecast every morning before leaving the hotel, I don't wish to see "clever" people shivering on a cold day. =P

- Street Photography : Magazines Seller -

I believe that the scene above is familiar to most of us who watched Hong Kong movie series. Do this reminds you?

- The Crowded during the Day -

After our second breakfast, we went for shopping at Times Square. That's the crowd of tourists and locals. Fortunately, my aunt who was once a Hong Kee brought us to their famous traditional Dim Sum outlet some where in Causeway Bay and bringing us around Hong Kong as well.

- Interior of Times Square -

Awesome mall with all the branded outlets! Tax exempted in Hong Kong and might as well shop till us drop there. Even Burberry cost approximately RM500 for a purse! :) I like.

A window shopping at Times Square and off we go the Central (中环)!

- Octopus Card (八达通) -

Octopus Card is a must have when we visit Hong Kong, a reasonable sum debited into your card and all over Hong Kong we can use it for traveling purpose.

Location :
Causeway Bay (銅鑼灣)
Times Square (時代廣場) - 勿地臣街1號

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hong Kong - Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island - Typical Cha Chaan Teng 【香港食】 香港岛之湾仔 - 新嘉美茶餐厅

Hong Kong Part 2 - 新嘉美茶餐厅 (San Ka Mei Cha Chaan Teng), 湾仔 (Wan Chai), Hong Kong Island (香港岛)

Remember the first night when we reaches Hong Kong, we were starving to search for our first meal after checking in. Being the youngest among them, I referred to the hotel attendant and walked to the nearest PLACE FOR MEAL!!

Randomly walked in to the Cha Chaan Teng and luckily waiter was nice to us and introduced us some dishes. Mixed feeling before the dishes served and all of them turned out to be tasty! :) Fast service as well.

- Typical Cha Chaan Teng setting -

We, Malaysian have Kopitiam while Hongkees have their Cha Chaan Teng.

- The Price and Location -

Most of the pricing for Cha Chaan Teng are just similar. However, some how eating at the local restaurant are much cheaper than in Cha Chaan Teng. And no wonder my colleague said so.

As a prove, I actually paid HKD300 for 10 sets of breads and Milky Tea once, while HKD280 - HKD300 for Dim Sum breakfast which we had like no one cares! Do the math and compared!!

- Typical Milky Tea 奶茶 (Nai Cha) -

The following will the Cantonese dishes we had. :)

Simple dinner yet tasty one.

- Omelet with Prawns -

- Brinjal with Salted Fish -

- 骨佬肉 Gu Lou Yuk -

Simple and satisfied dinner on the first night. At least we had a good meal after the tiring flight. :) By the way, ready made breads are selling during the night to serve customers as well!

The next day and days after in HK would be better and bigger belly to stuff in those scrumptious local famous delicacies! Nom Nom Nom Nomivor!

Location :
湾仔摩利圣山道(Morrison Hill) 26-28号地下(南洋酒店对面)

Contact No. :
2892 1021

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cakes & Macarons by Lady Bon Bon @ Lintas

 A new bakery in town!

It's been a while since the last three/ four of us came together for a drink. Two weeks ago, me, Beverly and Charlotte (how we wish Calista could join us) planned to check out the new place at Lintas Plaza while hanging out for that Saturday afternoon. :)

- Lady Bon Bon -

Operated by Lady Boss, Angeline (the co-founder) who was one of the partner of Boutique Cupcakes before BC closed down.

Lady Bon Bon offers various flavour of cakes, macarons, cookies and some selection of pastries. The place is cozy with a few tables and couch for guests to enjoy their cakes. However, the bakery is sharing their venue with Tea Avenue, therefore we shall order our drinks from Tea Avenue which is few steps away. How I wish there were English Tea over there while eating slice of cake and macarons. 

It will be heavenly.

- Cakes -

Interesting names for the cakes presented. Lady Vanilla, Miss Hazel, Cowboy Secret and more...

- Our Buy -

Lady Vanilla @ RM7.90, Ulala Banana @ RM7.90, Macarons (Chocolate, Salted Caramel and Hazelnut flavour) @ RM2.60 each.

The pricing of the cakes is quite pricey despite of it's portion, however, the contains (ingredients) they used for baking had cost them quite a bit, we will know it once we had a few bites. I like Ulala Banana and banana and chocolate are perfect match, do I have to say more? As for Lady Vanilla, nothing to impress about, it taste just normal.

- Macarons -

Macarons, my favourite one is Salted Caramel, second would be Hazelnut and third, Chocolate, three of us love the texture whereby it's 20% crunchy on its outer layer and soft in the inside, a bit of sweetening on the salted caramel. For the first time, I tried macarons that are not overly contained sugar. :)

Once I tried macarons that textured like meringue at one of the french restaurant in town and the whole macarons crunched after the first bite and it was my first and I thought macarons are like that, but after a few trial after that, at Levain, KL and Lady Bon Bon, I'm assured with macarons texture now.

- On the House Miss Hazel -

Thank you Angeline who treat us Miss Hazel! Creamy chocolate with a layer of crunchy waffles and layer of sponge cake. :) Love this one and it does taste like Kinder Bueno!

Heard Lady Bon Bon is expanding and offering more and more varieties of cakes either slices or whole, we are looking forward for coming visits to Lady Bon Bon. :)

Facebook : Lady Bon Bon

Contact No. : 088-268 968

Location :
Lintas Plaza
Opposite Party Play and sharing venue with Tea Avenue.

Taken with Samsung Galaxy Note

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thailand Guide : Phuket (V.1) - Phuket FantaSea (with SSG)

Part 4 of Star Cruise Trip 2008 - Phuket, Thailand.

After SSG brought us to Krabi Island and had a short fun chicky dance with the cruise's crew, we reached Phuket in the evening and without wasting our time, we hop in to the tour bus which will be bringing us to Phuket FantaSea, The Ultimate Cultural Theme Park (approximately 1 hour duration) to enjoy the fantasy animal kingdom show. 

Be reminded that Thailand time is one hour ahead of Malaysia time. By the time when we reached Phuket FantaSea, we were extremely exhausted and all because we had a lot of activities for the whole day. A few of mom's friends recommended that Phuket FantaSea is a must visit place for their animal shows which more than 10 elephants will be entertaining all audience together with mystery story about the past. :)

- Phuket FantaSea -

I can't remember how much do the ticket cost but from what I have been told, it was quite expensive, say approximately RM200.00 after conversion from USD back then. However, after I had enjoyed the show, the price that we paid was a bliss! Worth to watch for all. :)

- Carnival Village -

- Gems Outlet -

While waiting for the show to start, we went for a walk at the theme park, the place was crowded and various activities that they can offer to entertain guests. From shemale dancing, souvenirs shops, riding on elephants et cetera.

- The Hall - 

Where the show going to be held. The cruise attendant told us that the hall was covered by the Tsunami incident before, but nothing were ruin. It was quite mysterious without any scientific explanation. Amazing! Just like expected, Thailand really a mysterious place to visit and understood.

- Can you spot the elephant? *Hint : On the left. -

- The Main Entrance -

I wish I could show some photos of the musical show that we enjoyed. Our hand phones and cameras were detained for few hours while the show was presenting. Well managed party and a whole row of counters for guests to collect our own hand phones when the show ended.

The on going performance was FANTASTIC!! Well prepared performance that animals from huge elephants, baby elephants, ducks, chickens, birds flying/ walking/ or even running from one end to another all together! Very cute and I love it. Non the less, when we lifted up our head, there were performers dancing above us. (^_^)

Despite our exhaustion, I was trying to open my eye widely to enjoy the show but it was so hard to do so. I slept in the middle of the show (for a short while) and as for my mom, slept longer than me! haha :D

- Phuket FantaSea - 

A short video that I found from Youtube. So now you have the concept of what FantaSea can perform!

- Chalong Temple -

We had a good sleep after the show and we woke up around 10.00am where other guests left the ship for day tour in Phuket. We were quite shock on our sleeping time and luckily, there were a few of local van driver that we could hire for our day trip in Phuket. :)

- Phuket City -

A little bit of history walk, temples, shopping malls and some visiting places. 

And that how I end my Phuket day tour. :)

- Souvenirs -

Those were part of Meatball-online and my souvenirs we bought. :)

Location :
Phuket FantaSea
99 Moo 3, Kamala Beach, Kathu, Kamala, Phuket 83150, Thailand.

and Phuket shopping area.

Website : With very cute elephant dances
Phuket FantaSea - The Ultimate Cultural Theme Park