Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fun In Taiwan : Taipei - That's Taipei 101! 【台湾游玩记】 台北 - 台北101!

Taipei Part 10 (The End) - 台北101

The day before we left Taiwan.

No matter how packed our time was, everyone of us should visit Taipei 101, the landmark representing Taiwan.

We left the rest house around 9.00am, had a walk at Taipei Underground Market which is nearer to the subway while having our brunch and waited others to buy their goodies.

Few of us went for a drink at one of the interesting cafe at the Underground Market and what a coincidence that we walked in to this Panda Cafe. And we were still waiting for few of the girls who are shopaholics. (-_-)

- Panda House (熊猫馆) -

Very cute and interesting panda concept cafe for friends to chill with. The whole cafe details and things (for sale/ decorations) are PANDAS!

Time consuming and we were chasing the time to Taipei 101 after all of us gathering together!

- Taipei 101 -

Reached the nearest MRT station to Taipei 101 and we had a short walk before we arrived at the landmark skyscraper.

"Formerly known as the Taipei World Financial Center, is a landmark skyscraper located in Xinyi District, Taipei, Taiwan. The building ranked officially as the world's tallest from 2004 until the opening of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai in 2010." - Wikipedia

- Taipei 101 -

- Taipei 101 -

Meatball, Pom Pom, Bunny and IceHippo in action! As a remembrance before leaving Taiwan on the second day. :)

The street looks quiet but with all the decoration of the surrounding area, the place is quite trendy and beautifully groomed environment.

- Taipei 101 -

And WE ARRIVED at the main entrance of Taipei 101! Yippi! :)

It was an eye opener there, the architecture interior design is amazing, a little mix of Roman design as well. Me and meatball bought Tiffany & Co. bracelet as remembrance for our Taiwan trip, thought it was cheaper there but not really. But, it's okay. :) I'm happy with my purchase.

Shopping and walk about while we were there. We went up and looking forward to see Taiwan from the highest level but it was too crowded with people and they were mad long queue for all of us to wait. In the end we just leave that place and went for a walk and some shopping for souvenirs.

- Cartoonised Taipei 101 during the night -

- Macsot of Taipei 101 -

- Taipei 101 during the Day -

- Architecture Interior Design -

Very beautiful and some how this photo reminded me Times Square of Hong Kong. :) And the good news is I almost done with Taiwan trip entries and gonna start with Hong Kong and China post!

It was getting late and we left Taipei 101 in the evening for a rest back to the rest house and went out to experience the booming place of Zhong Shan! 星光三越 (Xin Guang San Yue) is a good place for all kinds of reasonable priced goodies! It was a waste if we didn't manage to walk there.

- Cold Stone -

If you ever come across with Cold Stone Ice Cream, remember to try them, definitely creamy as we seen from the packaging. :) Our Singaporean friends treated us for this huge bucket of ice cream as a "symbol" of thank you and friendship during the trip.

So, the next day comes and we are going back to our country. The happy moments always has it ends. 

- Bye Bye Taiwan -

Till we meet again. Hopefully next year! I wanna explore Taipei again and looking forward with it.


Location :
Panda Cafe : Taipei Underground Market
Taipei 101 : Sinyi District


  1. I love Taipei 101, and everytime I go in there my heart beats a lil faster!

  2. Awesome place and everything looks so tempting. Love the souvenirs eg the bunnies and the mugs are lovely.

  3. Awesome place and all looks so good, esp the mug in the cafe and the lovely soft toys. I used to collect so many soft toys when I was younger but as I grew older, I gave away all of it.

  4. Cute panda cafe!
    And you have so many soft toys!

    1. haha :D I guess you didn't keep track of my taiwan story.

  5. wow the panda cafe is completely black and white only? :D

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  6. The weather was gloomy when I was there & can't get a clear view of 101 >.<

  7. OMG! I wanna go to this Panda Cafe!!! : D

  8. Love the Taipei 101 building! : )

  9. Weeee Taipei 101, wonder how does the view from the top looks like :P