Saturday, October 27, 2012

Taiwanese Tea & Dessert by BlackBall (黑丸) Dessert Outlet is in K.K.!

New taiwanese dessert house in town... AGAIN! The first BlackBall branch is in Lintas Square of K.K.

Me and my manager went for lunch nearby and managed to buy bowls of desserts at the outlet. We were completely blank for the ordering method, the whole list of desserts that we couldn't figure what to buy. It was funny. 

I heard that the crowd were crazy during the night when they first started newly opening promotion with Buy 1 Free 1 to all customers, and believe me, unbelievable local people who queued outside the corridor and few shops away during the night and I was passing during one weekend. My goodness!

 - BlackBall (黑丸) -

The special tool that handover to us after we made our order and when it buzz, it means your drinks are ready for collection. Very clever of them.

- Our order -

- BlackBall Signature -

First, I HATE BEANS! As in, I don't like to eat beans and I did changed the original red beans to aloe vera chunk. Overall, it taste sweet but not way to sweet like overloaded with sugar, except for the aloe vera cubes. The sweet potatoes balls and slices ones were made of original sweet potatoes which we could feel the texture and eat the real sweet potatoes while we were consuming them.

I like their signature where I can customise ingredients of what I like to add in there. :D

- Golden Sweet Corn Deli -

My manager was complaining why her bowl of dessert was dry and not shiny and watery like mine. hahaha :D Poor thing. The sweet corn ice blended were underneath all those ingredients, and in the end after it melted, she said the flavour is quite good.
In my opinion, if you want to have a taste of quality Taiwanese dessert, you might want to try Blackball and have a taste of real Taiwan in K.K. :)

Location :
No.17-0, Block D, Lintas Square,
Jalan Lintas, 88000 Kta Kinabalu.
(Same row as Maybank Berhad and few shops away from Zenq.)

Website : BlackBall (Original Tea and Taiwanese Dessert)


  1. LOL...ya sometimes ordering can be a chore. But as long as the food is good...:)

  2. I dont hate beans but I dont like them either... hehe... tried Blackball, its not bad but I guess its the quality control issue as mine was pretty good with no complaints... :)

  3. I spotted this too when I just came back from my recent vacation. Wanna go try but always crowded. So good working nearby Lintas cause lately so many new eateries in Lintas. >.<

    1. ya wor~ So many new eateries in Lintas lately!

  4. haha! Black ball!! nice name! =P

  5. Never see Taiwan dessert contains corn before, first time saw that !! =P