Wednesday, October 10, 2012

生肉面 (Sang Nyuk Mian) by 金兴利茶室 (Kedai Kopi Kim Hing Lee) at Gaya Street

It was a public holiday the other day when we were out around town for our family outing.

I saw the banner outside one of the restaurant along Gaya Street for quite some times and it was actually my first time having meal (brunch) at the restaurant selling the famous pork noodle a.k.a Sang Nyuk Mian (生肉面) which originated by local SABAHAN! And many of them told us that Sang Nyuk Mian can only be found in Sabah! But sorry to say, that I'm not a huge fan of it.

So, we had our meal as follow...

- Kon Lou Kuey Teow 干捞粿条 -

Pork slices cooked in soup while noodles 'kon lao' (served dry with dark soy sauce).

- The Story of Kedai Kopi Kim Hing Lee -
From the huge board behind the noodle stall, there's short (which quite long in fact) story explained about 金兴利茶室 (Kedai Kopi Kim Hing Lee), the well established restaurant at Sinsuran and assuming it is the first pork noodle restaurant in town and review from local newspaper editor.

- Noodle Soup -

If you would like to eat something light with pork meat and pork "spare parts", we may seek for their noodle soup. However, the one served with dark soy sauce will taste much better.

- Kon Lou Mian 干捞面 -

As some of us may not favour pork spare parts, we might personally request what we would like to include in our soup as well! No heart feeling bah~~

- The review by local newspaper editor -

From my personal opinion, I love the Kon Lao Kuey Teow which is soft and thin and the dark soy sauce mixed with it taste good. :) 

But as for the soup, I think that it wasn't salty enough (yes, I know salty is unhealthy, but the correct portion of saltiness will make the soup taste GOOD). I wonder, maybe I should try the original restaurant at Sinsuran someday. As for now, I still prefer the famous one at Lintas, either the one next to Hong Leong Bank or Sinsuran Sang Nyuk Mian.

Location :
1. Gaya Street.
2. Blk F, Lot 7, Sinsuran Complex, Sinsuran, Kota Kinabalu.


  1. I really miss Sabah's Sang Nyuk Mian oh T_T

  2. Yeah, I heard that Sang Nyuk Mian can only be found in Sabah! Definitely will try it out one day if I'm in Sabah (: Yumyummmms!

  3. Oh I must try this if I ever go to KK! Thanks for sharing! : )

  4. Actually the sliced pork is quite nice. I prefer to exclude the internal parts including the tongue

  5. nowadays i think the best sang nyuk mian in sabah is Jia Xiang in Lintas area , you should try it out sometimes

  6. Kim Hing Lee has opened 2 branches at Puchong Jaya & Desajaya Kepon

  7. dear all,

    This shop noodles left a cockroach at my bowl of pork soup. i was eating dry noodles. the story is as below:
    i come to the shop, they serve the noodles. It was almost time for them to close shop. i came all the way to enjoy the meal as i fetch my wife back from KLIA.
    The serve the noodles, and i eat half way, suddenly i found a dead cockroach on my bowl of pork soup. i ask the waiter to have a look, he just walk pass me and continue keeping their utensil due to shop almost closing.
    i was very angry, the 2nd time the person come by, he saw the cockroach. He use the chopstick to take out the cockroach and seems like a normal matter to him. He then continue to collect his utensils to prepare close shop. On the spot, i shout at the only chinese guy who was sitting on the counter there. The chinese guy told me "it's like that one, i have told them many times", then he direct order his man to cook another one for me. Immediately, i ask him to refund and never wanted to go back there again. Service bad, food is good, but too bad there is extra INGREDIENT in it.