Thursday, October 18, 2012

French Pastry by Levain Boulangerie Patisserie @ Kuala Lumpur

It has been one of the cafe which attracts me by my friends in KL and it was my first visit to Levain on June this year.

The cafe is located nearer to KL city and we were there for our afternoon tea break after shopping. The place is beautiful with a hint of English design that like a fairytale scene with flowers and cozy environment. :)

- Levain Boulangerie Patisserie -

Thanks to Marcus and Mei Ling who brought us hunting for the best food while me and meatball-online in KL. That's the main entrance of Levain and we are looking forward towards what we could eat in there!

- Pastries and Desserts -

Smells good and looks good as well! The fruits topping were fresh and made us undecidable of what to eat!

Tiramisu~ Strawberries~ Almond Nuts and more.

- Caramel Nut Danish @ RM4.20 and Chicken Curry Donut @ RM3.80 -

Every time I come across "Pastry", it reminds me the croissant texture that is crunchy while consuming one. In fact at Levain, those breads we had were crunchy, just like we sees on the image above. Overall taste was good and all of the pastry we had were tasty. 

Sometimes having English Tea Session in the afternoon at a place like that or a garden are so beautiful and perfect.

- The view from 1st Floor -

The garden seats outside the building was full and even the inside seats. Luckily we could find a space for four of us upstairs with the last table vacant! What a luck.

- Macarons @ RM14.40 and Tiramisu (further right) @ RM6.50 -

MACARONS, the correct spelling for macaron, not macaroons. There's a difference between both of them, search Google to understand it. The macarons we had were both sweet and mild sweetness. As for the hot Earl Grey tea we had, it taste average only with a price of RM6.00 each. Perhaps a slight changes of the tea brand will made it better and maybe serving tea with teapot will be great. :)

I'm looking forward to my next visit soon.

Website :  
Levain Boulangerie Patisserie

Location :
Off Jalan Imbi
No. 7, Jalan Delima, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

Contact No. :
+603 2142 6611

Operating time :
Monday to Sunday 7.30am - 9pm


  1. Yes yesssss I heard about this place thats famous for their cakes dessert and pastry... omigosh i should really go try before i cant afford hahaha xD

    1. LOLLLL! :D For sure you can afford la!

    2. Daniel U shud reli drop by sometime.. And if u do pls invite along.. Kinda miss this place!

  2. A lovely place. Just nice to unwind with close friends

  3. After all the hype, I just went there this Monday! :P Quite a nice place, shall blog about it soon too hehe

  4. next time come Penang! I can be your tour guide :P, just email me before you come

  5. I normally do a take away since its quite a hassle to grab a table to eat there.

    1. They hv plenty of table wor.. I always get my table when i go there for brunch..

  6. Visit twice, very crowded nad hard to get a table, not planning to revisit so soon :P

  7. I almost went there last year while staying in KL for half year but due to food poisoning, I had to cancelled it with my friend =(. Probably end of this year if I am going to KL again =D

  8. wah!! the pastries look so yummy Meitzeu!!!! I would love to visit it one day!
    Wanna be my guide? XD

    Do visit my latest post about Ladurée Paris! Hope u like it! =)

  9. Weny there like last two mth their quality drops n content reduced! Not sure now they had resume to what they used to famed off!

  10. The best pastry always came from French :).....the Tiramisu looks so delicious and tempting feel wanna bite it now hihihi..