Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thailand : Krabi Island (V.1) with SSG 【泰国游】卡碧岛 - 丽星邮轮 (双子座)

Part 3 of Star Cruises Trip 2008 with Superstar Gemini (SSG) - Krabi Island, Thailand.

The ship departed 30 minutes away from the beach. After our passports have been checked by the local authority, groups by groups, we took the local boat for a ride to the beach and there we started our Krabi Island walk.

- The Beach of Krabi Island -

After 30 minutes from the ship, we reach Aonang Beach/ Krabi Ao Nang. At the first sight, I felt in love with the beach, definitely one of the most beautiful island in Thailand and as proven by many. Blue sky, mountains and sandy beach, it was breathtaking scene over there.

Without hiring any transport, we walked along the beach and at the same time take a few photographs for remembrance as usual.

- The Walkway -

While having our sight seeing, we noticed that there's all sorts of little shops almost every where in Krabi and same as Phuket that we visited later on. We did bought some goodies at very cheap price after bargained with the sellers. *REMEMBER TO BARGAIN IN THAILAND!!*

- The Walkway -

Not a crowded area for tourists to have a walk. However, it is another eye opener if we visited the beach with all those beach bummers. People are open minded and openly bra-less for most. (Hey ~~ Sexy Lady! Op Op Op ~~~)

- Local Crafts -

A symbol of luck for elephant sculpture.

- Breezy Transportation -

- Toyota Altis as taxi service -

Despite of the Malaysian tax, which we are far different from them.

- Massage Pricing -

They told us that the original Thai massage at Thailand are very cheap after they saw the price list I took.

- Tom Yum Gong -

A must try Thai delicacy. Although it doesn't look spicy, but don't being fooled by the presentation and colour. It was unbelievable when we scooped the ingredients inside. My gosh* See those green chillies? My dad took Tom Yum Gong and we just took a few sip from there.

- Our boat -

Meatball-Online was freak out again and again (She's phobia with boat rides after the incidents few years ago) We took a short walk and returned to the ship for finger food and waited for the next visiting place, Phuket at night.

While we were waiting for the time to pass, there's happening programs for guests to join and have fun. And I did some moves as well! :)

- Lovely dancing couple -

Who does look like JUDE LAW!

- Macarena Dance -

Those were the time when we were young! Friendly crews and guests together we did the move! And the one with straw cap (the first lady), it's me!!

Next destination - Phuket at Night.


  1. yes krabi is a very beautiful island and love to hop around the island.. nice

  2. Krabi is one of the top places to visit on my travel list.
    Hope I get to be there one day! :)

  3. What's your greatest memory over there?

  4. what an island with beautiful scenery + hot spots to visit! :D

  5. You should've been in the Macarena Dance hahaa.

    And I always wanted to get a ride in one of those transportation. Mesti siok tu hehee.

    Happy Friday, Meitzeu!

  6. I did the same cruise in February. No more cruise for me because I felt I was locked up when I came back after the sightseeing. The internet connection is so expensive and sucks. If you can eat and gamble than cruise will be good. I have been to Thailand too many times that even the shopping does not trill me anymore.

    1. Well, different people have different perception. :)

  7. I love thailand's tom yum soup!

    I sense Oppa Gangnam Style!

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