Sunday, September 23, 2012

Monthly Updates - 6 Things Around

I found out that write something without specifically titled is so much fun and easier. In short, we may say it is more words on personal lifestyle and whatever interest me in a post like this. I bet from now on (and few posts before this), you might see me write details happening in my surrounding once in a while.

Writing happy things are so much easier and won't be so bored. :)

- Kites Outing with Family -

It was my first time playing a "REAL" kite. I still remember my dad used an A4/ F4 size paper, folded some parts and tied it with string and WALLA! It's a "kite" (lol) That was so many years ago, during primary school I think. 

Oh well... those were the day.


- Kites Outing with Family -

We called it "The Dragon Kite", a very long one with almost 20 of smaller kites with hand painted figures. It was quite sad that the string and all the kites were mixed up and we have to cut those strings and tied them one by one. In the end, we played it with a short while after we tied some of them together. 
p/s : Another way to prevent the kites from flew away, TIED THEM ON MY FEET! (lol)

It was a beautiful sunset at the beach that Sunday evening. :)


- Dumpling -

One of the best dumpling inherited by the Chinese generation in Semporna/ Tawau. It taste so good and satisfying with that soft glutinous rice and the yellowish salted egg yolk and pork meat. It's been a while since the last I had from Tawau.

- Laneige, Korean Beauty Brand -

Finally Laneige is here in KK! :)

- Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Stamp Collection -

Went to the Stamp Office last Saturday and they say it hasn't arrive yet. But, on this Monday, Theresa bought 4 sets for few of us, requested her to do so when she sees them. Sadly, the first day cover were out of stock.

- Our Ex- Malaysia Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman -

Terence gave me his stamps collection and I found this (stamp from 1969)! I'm so proud that it's mine! =D

Just so you know... and unbelievable that for some, I DO COLLECT STAMPS!! On and off la....

- D. I. Y. Frame -

Some frame that I have made from bits and pieces. I should have bought the bigger frame. (-_-)

- Postcard from -

During his 30 days trip in Asia. This postcard is from Laos!

- Postcard from -

Postcard all the way flew for more than a month (perhaps). It's from New York! :)

Thanks to both of them and I love the stamps as well. :) Once in a while receiving postcards from oversea are fun and if I'm not mistaken it is called - post crossing. And I think I might do the same in the future when I visit other countries.

And there's some updates for this week. ;)


  1. Would like to try the dumplings. Looks good.


  2. tie kite on the toe? that's new!

  3. Err.... Tunku Abdul Rahman was our Prime Minister, & not Chief Minister?

  4. Heard the first day cover wasn't out of stock but late delivery. Reason being someone at the printing dept mis-spelt Queen Elizabeth name into "Elixabeth".
    So careless. I read that in the Daily Express

  5. still collect stamps~..that's rare now for our generation..i still keep my stamp book though..hehe

  6. wow..that's very rare of you to still collecting stamps..i also stopped that hobby since secondary school although i still have my stamp album with me

  7. So glad the postcard didn't get lost in the mail! *phew*