Saturday, September 29, 2012

Daily Hair Do - Donut Bun and Fish Tailed Braids

It's been away from blog lately, the internet just not favourable for me and I wish I have the time to write about those pending travel entries. Sigh...

And today gonna share one of my favourite things to do and buying hair accessories are my activities each time I see pretty one in and out (especially) of town. You will be surprise my vintage box of accessories when you see what I have!

Finally I found the hair ''donut" (donut alike sponge @ RM6.90 that I have been searching for ages, a box of bobby pins @ RM8.90 and thick black hair band from another brand by E Noveal.

 - Hair Bun -


 - Tools to make the Hair Bun -

Interested with this hair do for a while and compared with the long metal sponge hair tool, this looks more natural. Thanks to Michelle Phan video and once again the hair tool made me attracted.

And here, another one hair style that I made and learnt from Youtube two months ago. And it's EASY!! In fact, they named it Fish tailed braids. :)


 - Fish Tailed Braids -

Hmm... I'm thinking of doing videos for these and I wonder should I or should I not :/ A bit awkward infront of the camera I think. 

This is two of my daily hair do now a days. That's all for today. Have a great weekend!! ♡★ 

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  1. Cute hair do! Do make a video tutorial meitzeu.. esp for the hair bun.. hee

    u just do it in silent bah, and let a background music menghilangkan the awkwardness.. hehe (It just a suggestion tho) ;p

  2. the names of the hairstyle make my stomach growl! :P

  3. I've always wanted to make those hair buns, but my hair aint long enough and it's layer, so it doesnt turn out that nice. Fish tailed braid! :DD something that I've yet to master too hahaha

    1. Yeap. I found hard when the hair length a bit odd and too many layers.

  4. Hairbun looks so pretty but my hair is layered and not long enough, so it doesnt look nice on me ): whoaaa fishtailed braid, one of the skill that I've yet to master :P

  5. Replies
    1. Everyone can do it! :) No worry. Practice make perfect.