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Anyeong Haseyo! Korean Snack Cafe at Wisma Merdeka!

I have been craving for Korean Food so badly and everyone keeps posting about the Korean Cuisine they had lately. -____-

And I insist to go eat one next month! I hope Terence will keep his promise. :)

It was months ago since I ate the cuisine by Korean Snack Cafe and FYI, it is not a new restaurant in town.

- KimChi -

Few of us went to the restaurant for lunch and it was a treat by my parent's ex-staff, Wein.

Home made by the Korean Lady Boss.

There's always a must to have Kimchi whenever we were having meal at Korean restaurant. Something to troll about when meatball said the one I bought from supermarket smells like garbage. (^_^")

- Curry Chicken -

Extraordinary compared with Malaysian Style Curry. The chicken meat was soft and it was easily cut apart.

- Korean Pancakes -

The old time favourite and been introduced to me by Meatball-online. :) This was made with roundly cutted Big Onions.

- Beef with Vegetables -

Something green for a meal is a must! :)

- The Soup -

Overall, the meal we had was good and satisfied all of us. The restaurant was cozy and wasn't crowded, that's made us feeling more comfortable. I simply enjoy the spiciness of Korean Cuisine and others as well! :)

Location :
B217, 2nd Floor

Photographed with Samsung Galaxy Note!


Feel free to comment! Appreciate with your kind words and it does make my days brighter!


  1. Only the Kimchi looks Korean, the rest... not so Korean :D

  2. yeah.. agree with ken.. the others were not so korean.. :D.. but look tasty.. yeah.. :D

  3. i didn't know how korean food looks like, now when i see your pictures, they're all look familiar..typical even. except the 1st one, kimchi..hehe. the pancakes look yummy..gotta try them ;)

  4. Im not a big fan of kimchi, but the pancake is certainly something i wont want to miss..;P

  5. nyum nyum.. I'm getting hungry now after seeing all the delish food. ;p So its at Wisma Merdeka? How is the pricing ah? hehe *Interested*

  6. I love Kimchi too Meitzeu!!! =D Maybe we can search for the best Kimchi soup in Malaysia one day! =)

  7. i love kimchi as well! very healthy food for our digestive system

  8. The soup looks tempting. I like it rich and thick.