Saturday, September 15, 2012

Anyeong Haseyo! Korean Snack Cafe at Wisma Merdeka!

I have been craving for Korean Food so badly and everyone keeps posting about the Korean Cuisine they had lately. -____-

And I insist to go eat one next month! I hope Terence will keep his promise. :)

It was months ago since I ate the cuisine by Korean Snack Cafe and FYI, it is not a new restaurant in town.

- KimChi -

Few of us went to the restaurant for lunch and it was a treat by my parent's ex-staff, Wein.

Home made by the Korean Lady Boss.

There's always a must to have Kimchi whenever we were having meal at Korean restaurant. Something to troll about when meatball said the one I bought from supermarket smells like garbage. (^_^")

- Curry Chicken -

Extraordinary compared with Malaysian Style Curry. The chicken meat was soft and it was easily cut apart.

- Korean Pancakes -

The old time favourite and been introduced to me by Meatball-online. :) This was made with roundly cutted Big Onions.

- Beef with Vegetables -

Something green for a meal is a must! :)

- The Soup -

Overall, the meal we had was good and satisfied all of us. The restaurant was cozy and wasn't crowded, that's made us feeling more comfortable. I simply enjoy the spiciness of Korean Cuisine and others as well! :)

Location :
B217, 2nd Floor

Photographed with Samsung Galaxy Note!


  1. Only the Kimchi looks Korean, the rest... not so Korean :D

  2. yeah.. agree with ken.. the others were not so korean.. :D.. but look tasty.. yeah.. :D

  3. i didn't know how korean food looks like, now when i see your pictures, they're all look familiar..typical even. except the 1st one, kimchi..hehe. the pancakes look yummy..gotta try them ;)

  4. Im not a big fan of kimchi, but the pancake is certainly something i wont want to miss..;P

  5. nyum nyum.. I'm getting hungry now after seeing all the delish food. ;p So its at Wisma Merdeka? How is the pricing ah? hehe *Interested*

  6. I love Kimchi too Meitzeu!!! =D Maybe we can search for the best Kimchi soup in Malaysia one day! =)

  7. i love kimchi as well! very healthy food for our digestive system

  8. The soup looks tempting. I like it rich and thick.