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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Daily Hair Do - Donut Bun and Fish Tailed Braids

It's been away from blog lately, the internet just not favourable for me and I wish I have the time to write about those pending travel entries. Sigh...

And today gonna share one of my favourite things to do and buying hair accessories are my activities each time I see pretty one in and out (especially) of town. You will be surprise my vintage box of accessories when you see what I have!

Finally I found the hair ''donut" (donut alike sponge @ RM6.90 that I have been searching for ages, a box of bobby pins @ RM8.90 and thick black hair band from another brand by E Noveal.

 - Hair Bun -


 - Tools to make the Hair Bun -

Interested with this hair do for a while and compared with the long metal sponge hair tool, this looks more natural. Thanks to Michelle Phan video and once again the hair tool made me attracted.

And here, another one hair style that I made and learnt from Youtube two months ago. And it's EASY!! In fact, they named it Fish tailed braids. :)


 - Fish Tailed Braids -

Hmm... I'm thinking of doing videos for these and I wonder should I or should I not :/ A bit awkward infront of the camera I think. 

This is two of my daily hair do now a days. That's all for today. Have a great weekend!! ♡★ 

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Monthly Updates - 6 Things Around

I found out that write something without specifically titled is so much fun and easier. In short, we may say it is more words on personal lifestyle and whatever interest me in a post like this. I bet from now on (and few posts before this), you might see me write details happening in my surrounding once in a while.

Writing happy things are so much easier and won't be so bored. :)

- Kites Outing with Family -

It was my first time playing a "REAL" kite. I still remember my dad used an A4/ F4 size paper, folded some parts and tied it with string and WALLA! It's a "kite" (lol) That was so many years ago, during primary school I think. 

Oh well... those were the day.


- Kites Outing with Family -

We called it "The Dragon Kite", a very long one with almost 20 of smaller kites with hand painted figures. It was quite sad that the string and all the kites were mixed up and we have to cut those strings and tied them one by one. In the end, we played it with a short while after we tied some of them together. 
p/s : Another way to prevent the kites from flew away, TIED THEM ON MY FEET! (lol)

It was a beautiful sunset at the beach that Sunday evening. :)


- Dumpling -

One of the best dumpling inherited by the Chinese generation in Semporna/ Tawau. It taste so good and satisfying with that soft glutinous rice and the yellowish salted egg yolk and pork meat. It's been a while since the last I had from Tawau.

- Laneige, Korean Beauty Brand -

Finally Laneige is here in KK! :)

- Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Stamp Collection -

Went to the Stamp Office last Saturday and they say it hasn't arrive yet. But, on this Monday, Theresa bought 4 sets for few of us, requested her to do so when she sees them. Sadly, the first day cover were out of stock.

- Our Ex- Malaysia Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman -

Terence gave me his stamps collection and I found this (stamp from 1969)! I'm so proud that it's mine! =D

Just so you know... and unbelievable that for some, I DO COLLECT STAMPS!! On and off la....

- D. I. Y. Frame -

Some frame that I have made from bits and pieces. I should have bought the bigger frame. (-_-)

- Postcard from -

During his 30 days trip in Asia. This postcard is from Laos!

- Postcard from -

Postcard all the way flew for more than a month (perhaps). It's from New York! :)

Thanks to both of them and I love the stamps as well. :) Once in a while receiving postcards from oversea are fun and if I'm not mistaken it is called - post crossing. And I think I might do the same in the future when I visit other countries.

And there's some updates for this week. ;)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Anyeong Haseyo! Korean Snack Cafe at Wisma Merdeka!

I have been craving for Korean Food so badly and everyone keeps posting about the Korean Cuisine they had lately. -____-

And I insist to go eat one next month! I hope Terence will keep his promise. :)

It was months ago since I ate the cuisine by Korean Snack Cafe and FYI, it is not a new restaurant in town.

- KimChi -

Few of us went to the restaurant for lunch and it was a treat by my parent's ex-staff, Wein.

Home made by the Korean Lady Boss.

There's always a must to have Kimchi whenever we were having meal at Korean restaurant. Something to troll about when meatball said the one I bought from supermarket smells like garbage. (^_^")

- Curry Chicken -

Extraordinary compared with Malaysian Style Curry. The chicken meat was soft and it was easily cut apart.

- Korean Pancakes -

The old time favourite and been introduced to me by Meatball-online. :) This was made with roundly cutted Big Onions.

- Beef with Vegetables -

Something green for a meal is a must! :)

- The Soup -

Overall, the meal we had was good and satisfied all of us. The restaurant was cozy and wasn't crowded, that's made us feeling more comfortable. I simply enjoy the spiciness of Korean Cuisine and others as well! :)

Location :
B217, 2nd Floor

Photographed with Samsung Galaxy Note!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thailand : Krabi Island (V.1) with SSG 【泰国游】卡碧岛 - 丽星邮轮 (双子座)

Part 3 of Star Cruises Trip 2008 with Superstar Gemini (SSG) - Krabi Island, Thailand.

The ship departed 30 minutes away from the beach. After our passports have been checked by the local authority, groups by groups, we took the local boat for a ride to the beach and there we started our Krabi Island walk.

- The Beach of Krabi Island -

After 30 minutes from the ship, we reach Aonang Beach/ Krabi Ao Nang. At the first sight, I felt in love with the beach, definitely one of the most beautiful island in Thailand and as proven by many. Blue sky, mountains and sandy beach, it was breathtaking scene over there.

Without hiring any transport, we walked along the beach and at the same time take a few photographs for remembrance as usual.

- The Walkway -

While having our sight seeing, we noticed that there's all sorts of little shops almost every where in Krabi and same as Phuket that we visited later on. We did bought some goodies at very cheap price after bargained with the sellers. *REMEMBER TO BARGAIN IN THAILAND!!*

- The Walkway -

Not a crowded area for tourists to have a walk. However, it is another eye opener if we visited the beach with all those beach bummers. People are open minded and openly bra-less for most. (Hey ~~ Sexy Lady! Op Op Op ~~~)

- Local Crafts -

A symbol of luck for elephant sculpture.

- Breezy Transportation -

- Toyota Altis as taxi service -

Despite of the Malaysian tax, which we are far different from them.

- Massage Pricing -

They told us that the original Thai massage at Thailand are very cheap after they saw the price list I took.

- Tom Yum Gong -

A must try Thai delicacy. Although it doesn't look spicy, but don't being fooled by the presentation and colour. It was unbelievable when we scooped the ingredients inside. My gosh* See those green chillies? My dad took Tom Yum Gong and we just took a few sip from there.

- Our boat -

Meatball-Online was freak out again and again (She's phobia with boat rides after the incidents few years ago) We took a short walk and returned to the ship for finger food and waited for the next visiting place, Phuket at night.

While we were waiting for the time to pass, there's happening programs for guests to join and have fun. And I did some moves as well! :)

- Lovely dancing couple -

Who does look like JUDE LAW!

- Macarena Dance -

Those were the time when we were young! Friendly crews and guests together we did the move! And the one with straw cap (the first lady), it's me!!

Next destination - Phuket at Night.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Grilled Meat by The CHUB's Grill, Karamunsing Capital, KK!

I heard about The Chub's Grill before, and by words of mouth, I also heard there's mix comments about the restaurant. Furthermore, I knew that the restaurant won a few title during the past KK Food Festival. Well done to the restaurant team.

In fact, it was my first time there during my eldest sister birthday two weeks ago. :) And yes. I love the grilled meat they serve there.

 - One of the wall design near to the counter -

I do love barbeque and I miss barbeque with my friends!

 - The Chub's Grill -

Located at Karamunsing Capital and their operation time is from 11.30 a.m. till 10.30pm EVERYDAY and slightly later during weekends, some beer to cheers during weekend perhaps!

 - Menu and Pricing -

- Menu and Pricing -

Reasonable price and reasonable portion served to the guests.

 - Flame Grilled Quarter Chicken - Platter @ RM18.00 -

Mom and eldest sister had this, mom appraised it and loving the meal.

 - Flame Grilled Lamb Shoulder - Just Meat @ RM17.00 -

 I ordered lamb shoulder meat only for my meal that night, I'm afraid that I couldn't finish the platter portion. And beside the grilled lamb shoulder, I topped up with a bowl of mushroom soup. 

The grilled lamb shoulder served was good with the tender meat well grilled. It wasn't hard to cut even. Impressive.

- Mushroom Soup and Garlic Bread -

Both were ordered separately. :) The soup taste ordinary while the garlic bread tasted well with garlic and butter and the bread was crunchy with every bite.

- Flame Grilled Lamb Shoulder - Platter @ RM25.00 -

My dad had Lamb Shoulder platter for the night. He waited quite a while for his meal, and while he was looking at us having our meal served earlier, the nice staff of The Chub's Grill served a bowl of mushroom soup (for FREE) for my dad, so that he won't felt being left out.

Overall, the service and meal was satisfying. I will definitely recommend to my friends if they would like to eat western cuisine. However, the loud music played by the restaurant that night was a bit annoying and making us eating uncomfortably, maybe turning those songs into softer music or play the music with lighter volume would be much better.

Location :
Karamunsing Capital.
The first shop with red colour concept.

Facebook :
The CHUB's Grill

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Taiwan Eat : XiMenDing, Taipei - Dining at Modern Toilet【台湾食】 台北之西门町 - 便所主题餐厅

Taipei Part 7 - Xi Men Ding (西门町)- Modern Toilet (便所餐厅)

No wonder XiMenDing is a heaven for the youngsters, because of all kinds of interesting concept and themed restaurants and fashions that suits the lifestyle of current generation and no wonder it is also known as Taiwan's Shibuya. :)

And same goes to tourists like us, Ice Hippo proposed that she wanted to visit Modern Toilet in Xi Men Ding, we walked for a while and can't see any sign of the restaurant. In the end, we asked a sweet promoter for direction and yeap! We reached the restaurant!

- Modern Toilet (便所餐厅) -

Located few blocks away from the centre of XiMenDing, we passed by a tattoo street as well.

Meatball was giving that awkward face that she refused to eat those foods served with little toilet bowls and others. As for me, another time of awkward moment to eat with those utensils. Hmm....

FYI, toilet concept restaurant is not only can be found in Taiwan, but China, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur as well! My colleague told me that the one in China taste much better for it's ice blended.

- The Main Entrance -

- Cute corner for photography -

 And this is where many of us who visited the restaurant will take photos here. =D

 The restaurant is located upstairs.

- Adverts -

Indeed Modern Toilet have a lot of interesting things to take photos with. Anything that we can see in an actual washroom, we can see at the restaurant.

Hmm... Something that one of the Feng Shui Master said that it is bad Feng Shui to eat or drink with toilet bowls. Well... Anyway, I just felt neutral and awkward to be there, treat it as an eye opener for me perhaps.

So now, some pictures that we took at the restaurant!

- Bath tubs as table setting and toilet bowls as our seats -


- Some designs to spice up the bored bath tubs -

- Signature Ice Blended (香甜蜜桃)-

There was a "Swirled Shit" there, but the other side. (-_-) The wrong side to take photos. Do you know which swirled shit that I meant? Just like the one that we took photos which at the main entrance.

The ice blended tasted way too sweet with the sweetener and ice was roughly blended. We just finished the fruits and other ingredients.

- 冲绳黑糖红茶 @ NTD 100 and 玫瑰果粒茶 @ NTD 120 -

Toilet bowl and Men Bowl for drinks. Man... Both of the drinks taste SWEET!!! Too sweet for us.

- Cheese Sticks (Cheese 棒棒糖)@ NTD 120 -

I think this one was the most satisfied food we had. Just like the taste that we could imagine. CHEESY!

When we were there, we suppose to order one item (beverage or food) for per person that want to sit there, which some times I think it was a crap, because of the huge portion of ice blended and how are we suppose to finish it alone? =/

- Me and the Modern Toilet Sign -

A little bit of crazy pose to end our afternoon tea at our last station at XiMenDing.

We went for a walk at the shopping area and bump in to the promoter again and she asked us how was our meal at Modern Toilet. We wasn't satisfy with the food there and it doesn't worth to be there, frankly speaking we responded to her.

And guess what she told us? The food they served at Modern Toilet was being microwaved (most of it) before serving. And there goes our troll face to her. (lol) Oh well, at least we have been there.

We were rushing back to our rest house to meet with Doggy's Taiwanese friend to explore the local life in Taipei! In fact, it was another side of Taiwan that we have experienced. :)

Bye XiMenDing. :) Till we meet again some day.

Website : Modern Toilet

Location :
2F, No 7, Lane 50, Xi-Ning South Road, Taipei Taiwan