Thursday, August 9, 2012

Taiwan Fun : Must Know Taiwan's 7 Eleven! 【台湾游玩记】 大爱七 十一

Taipei Part 4 - 7 Eleven in Taiwan

It has been one my to do list to eat at and to experience 7 Eleven in Taiwan.

From the first day (and days before) we arrived at Taiwan, I was nagging meatball-online to bring me to 7 Eleven any where in Taiwan and sitting at their awesome convenient store to eat #likeaboss (Taiwanese in fact).

I went to a few 7 Elevens and finally I got the chance to sit there, sipping their delicious instant beef noodles! :) That's life, a piece of the local. I do miss the 7 Elevens there. 

But before I start describing Taiwan's 7 Eleven, I heard that the one in Hong Kong are good as well, but sad to say I didn't enter in to a larger 7 Eleven store except those I saw at the stations. :( I wonder how do they differ from Taiwan's.

So here are some of the pictures that I was able to share!

- Packed Meals -

Apparently I went to the one at Zhong Shan, where few blocks away from where I live during my stay at Taipei.

We found packed salad, fresh sandwich and the best one are hot bowl of instant fish balls and more. Fast selling items to remain FRESH!!

- Desserts and Cold Noodles -

I wonder why their convenient stores are so awesome!!! 

So many things to eat and see!! GOSH!

- Rilakuma -

Can you imagine how many things we bought from 7 Eleven? We stick all the cute stickers and claim for the gift!

- Coffees -

Even coffee taste so good!

- My Breakfast -

Sitting there eating my bowl of instant beef noodles and sipping the coffee were one of my achievement of excitement in Taiwan. I know it is funny, but.... I don't know why. If you visit Taiwan someday, do visit their 7 Eleven, it is really AWESOME!!!

By the way, do try the bowl of instant noodle with the name shown in the photo - 满漢大餐 (Man Han Da Chan). One of the best instant noodle brand that they are well known for. :)

A hot bowl of local food for breakfast I love to kick start my Taipei trip!


  1. I also blogged about 7-Eleven in Taiwan before
    I really love 7-Eleven at other countries too besides Taiwan, like in HK, Japan, South Korea and even Phuket. Why Malaysia punya 7-Eleven don't learn from them?

  2. Gosh theirs is so well equipped and so much variety

  3. Taiwanese are very innovative people.

  4. Wow, although just few photos, but it's already enough for me to know that 7-11 over there is completely different from Malaysia's.

  5. The 7-11 are somewhat similar to the ones in Thailand too. Its simply amazing!. if only our local ones can be a wee more complete too.