Thursday, August 2, 2012

【沙巴博客聚会】KK Bloggers Gathering 2012 at Little Italy!

So, there was a lunch bloggers' gathering held at Little Italy during last Sunday. 

 Thought it was a small group of us for casual lunch meet up and who knows the group of us is getting bigger in the end. :)

Being invited by Daniel from together with my favourite bloggers in town! Glad to be there and met a few new faces as well.

- And again, three of us plus Charlotte's boyfriend and Margaret -

- The Group Photo of Us -

Gathering was held at one of the busiest restaurant in town. The dishes served by Little Italy were delicious that day, definitely everyone had fun with all the chit chat and sharing their thoughts on blogging and what ever common interest. Girls, you know what I meant! ;)

If you manage to drop by Little Italy for meal, do order their Tiramisu, it is one of the recommended dessert and WE LOVE IT!! The alcohol fragrant and the creamy fillings. Simply indulging.

Guess, this is my short post for today and next will be on travel experience at Taipei! :)

Happy weekend. :)

Photo by : Tom from The Rungitom


  1. I am the first to comment tho I am the last to arrived at the gathering! hahaha


  2. Yo... jealous person over here. Wakaka. I haven't met you, Meitzeu. Hope can in the near future! ;D

    And happy Friday!

  3. I love the last photo ♥ ♥. I have yet to get to know each and everyone of you. Can't wait for the Nov gathering. :)

  4. such place as little Italy or is it the name of the restaurant?

  5. Oh gosh I crazy of tiramisu can't wait to go back KK and try their good food :-). Hope to see everyone of you when am back to KK guys..

  6. wow that's lots of bloggers! :) nice gathering indeed

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