Sunday, August 5, 2012

Taiwan : Taipei - I love XiMenDing!!【台湾玩】 台北 - 我爱西门町!!

Taipei Part 3 - XiMenDing (西门町)

All the way from Zhong Shan, finally we arrived at XiMen Station (西门站). Once I step on the ground of XiMenDing, I felt so grateful that finally I reach this happening zone of Taipei, Japan in Taipei! Feeling youthful again during my Taiwan trip!

XiMenDing (西门町), the well known XiMenDing Pedestrian Area (the first and the largest pedestrian area built in Taipei)!

- Happy Face in front of XiMen Station -

An overview of XiMenDing, the Harajuku and Shibuya of Taipei.

XiMenDing located at Wanhua District of Taipei, has been the source of Taiwan's fashion, subculture and Japanese culture. It is also the main district of Taiwan whereby it is the most important consumer district of Western District of Taipei and a lot of night clubs located at the area as well. Guess, XiMenDing is a crowded place for 24 hours a day. 

Are you starting to feel Japan now?

I can't stop falling in love with Taipei, a good place for photography!


- Movie Theater Street - 

XiMenDing also known as the Movie Theater Street since 1930's and large growth of theaters after defeating the Japan back then.  No wonder there were so many billboard when we were walking at XiMenDing, they are everywhere, the pedestrian area and the streets are full of posters of movie screening.

In this post, I will share some of my snap shots of XiMenDing. Here goes... ;)

- Pom Pom at XiMenDing -

I brought my mascot every where I went in Taiwan. As for others, they left theirs at the rest house. :(

- Risotto 阿毛,石锅炖饭 -

I read review of this restaurant before, there is a dog named Ah Mao sitting at the main entrance. I went for a look but I didn't see one. :(

- Main junction of XiMenDing -

Happening place and how can I don't love this!!??

- Our Starting Point -

Walk the walk, we went for window shopping and I bought earrings again!! So many interesting items to see while passing by, fashionable items are every youngsters favourite there. 

In fact, we were searching for the Toilet Cafe and we passed by tattoo street with every tattooed person fiercely looking at us. Creepy. Openly tattooing outside their entrance with customers without any facial expression. They are nuts and addicted I bet.


- Starbucks -

From places I visit at Taiwan, I realised that Starbucks has been generously refurnish the whole building for public to chill there. And I heard that, tourist love to take photo of Starbucks at XiMenDing, which is the above.

- Loving XimenDing -

We only manage to have a short walk and Steamboat Lunch at XiMenDing as we arrived was almost 12.00pm and we walked slow and easy, enjoying the scene there.

- Random Jump pose for remembrance -

Told you I was aiming to do some random pose as remembrance of my traveling trip. :) At the middle of the street of XiMenDing, NOBODY CARE!!

- The Green Man -

He almost took me upfront and made me look like a CLOWN!!! I ran off when he was trying to get someone to make a show with him and HE WAS STANDING NEXT TO ME AND LOOKING AT ME!!! His hand almost grab me. (O_O)

AHHHH!!! Ran so fast and so far without looking back!! Meatball and friends was laughing out loud!! :S

 - Evening -

It was getting late and IceHippo's owner bought quite a lot there. Leaving in a bit and up for second round of night market that we will be visiting later. A night market that has been the favourite of the locals!!

:) XiMenDing... I will visit you again.

Location :
Wanhua District, Taipei, Taiwan

More about XiMenDing : Click Wikipedia  


  1. Very colourful, like the electronic billboards.


  2. everything looks so nice over thre (^^)

  3. the small cute teddy bear looks cute

  4. Nice ! I will surely go to Taiwan when i got the money to ! Such a nice place ! =D

  5. arhh! me want to go taiwan one day too! :(

  6. It is indeed a beautiful pedestrian area. Nice environment.

  7. I like your colourful top and it's funny why the restaurant is called Ah Mao :P Ohhh they have watsons there too!! So you bring your small soft toy around too when you travel? HEHE

  8. Wow, you do travel a lot huh? That's great. Fail jump shots? :p Starbucks above 7E, classic.

  9. I recently went Ximending too :) Agreed, it's a fun place to visit. Hope you get to go there again and give us updates on it.