Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fruitilicious Desserts by Justberrys, Lintas, Kota Kinabalu

Explored the new FRUITILICIOUS DESSERTS franchise outlet in town. 

Love their fruity desserts very much and same goes to my surrounding friends, should I say, young generation today.

Went there for the third time within 2 weeks and all of it satisfied me, except for the over crowded environment in the weekend. When we walk nearer to Justberrys, we could smell the pure fragrant Durian "warmly" welcomes us. =D Do you love the King of Fruits?

And here are the outcomes of my 3 visits at the newly opened dessert outlet!

- Durian Snow -

The first attempt was with my colleagues, we had 25% on second bowl, because it was their opening promotion!!

We assumed there's no sugar added as the Durian puree were too from real Durian.

- Milky Durian Freeze and Honey Strawberry Pamelo -

Second attempt was after working hour with the bloggers, Charlotte, Rungitom, Hayden and Calista.

Everyone were happy with the desserts, however, we agreed that Hayden's Iced Cendol was a bit dried that day. I think the Gula Melaka or the Coconut Milk was not added sufficiently.

- The Royalty Card and Receipt -

The price was surprisingly expensive before we visited there and after we tried it for the first time, I can imagine why it was priced such and with real fruits in it, the price are reasonable. As for the royalty card, we will earn one stamp with every RM10.00.

And of course, we can't afford to have it daily or weekly right? Our pocket will be so in pain.

- Mango Balls -

Calista loves this and the savory mangoes smells wonderfully.

- Forgotten Mango and Durian series and Strawberry Sago -

Third visit with family. Strawberry sago wasn't sweet, although it looks really sweet. As for the ice, it was finely iced. :)

- The Logo -

Happy berry in the HOUSE! :)

Once in a while chilling there will be great. Anyway, wishing them all the best and hope their quality will be maintained to extended period of time! ;)

Location :
No. 96, Lorong Lintas Plaza 2, Lintas Plaza,
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.


  1. The sweets looks so delicious! : D I love ice cream!

  2. why is the bowls looks very familair ah? I think my friend just went there yesterday and had foru bowls of dessert there. Saw she posted in FB

    1. The dessert outlet originated from Malacca!

  3. Love to try that someday, especially the durian one ;)

  4. So happy to noe it is at KK ord! Justberrys is my fav place for dessert fix! :p Went for a review before and handled this merchant previously! :p And i can see difference on serving :o At KL and Malacca one all like this ->

  5. I think I just gained 2kgs from looking at the photos.

  6. aaaah so jealous with ur stories on this blog.. super awsum!
    but thankyou for sharing sweetie:)