Thursday, August 23, 2012

Taiwan : XiMenDing, Taipei - 'Condoms' Treats by SOPHiSCA【台湾食】 台北之西门町

Taipei Part 6 - XiMenDing (西门町) - Sophisca 

My friend gave me one condom chocolate as a souvenir from his/ her Taiwan trip before I visited there. 

In fact, I found it does have interesting outlook but frankly speaking, it seems doesn't taste good for me.

During my walk at XiMenDing, Doggy's owner keeps searching for Sophisca and finally we found it, had a walk at the store but I didn't buy any. Some of us bought quite a number, and few of us bought nothing from there.

So now, here's what we can see at Sophisca!

- Delicious Condoms Treats -

- Delicious : Chocolates and Strawberries flavoured Condoms -

- The Condoms -

- Sophie -

- Chocolates comes in various design -

Those belongs to my sister's friends.

- Sophisca, XiMenDing -

While waiting for them, three of us photo shooting outside the outlet.

- Part of their "winning items" -

Various treats that comes with different kind of style and design. (-_-")

This is awkward sometimes, or maybe we should amazed with people who came up wit the ideas for selling goods. (lol)

Once or twice I will eat it, but I will still stick with the old style chocolate bars.

If you ever try their chocolates/ sweets, do share your view. ;)

Location :
Xi Men Ding


  1. Isn't it funny and awkward to eat 'condoms'? LOL...bikin confuse whether it's the real condoms or chocolate bar.. :D anyway, such a creative and attractive ideas.

  2. Chocolate condoms sounds interesting but not sure if dare to eat it LOL..

  3. lol on the condom chocolates ..
    make sure you don't mix it if not you will be eating bubble gum .. kakakakakaka

  4. Whoa, you bought a lot of 'condoms'. Hahahar

    1. To clarify.... No la...

      I didn't buy any of it. Those belongs to my sis's friends. lol

  5. Replies
    1. Hmm.... I see many people bought it though.

  6. the logo also uses the same font as durex..haha my sis got that pad thingy as well..

  7. Wow, it's really an interesting idea. But, just like you say, kinda awkward.

  8. I can easily get confused if they put the chocs and the real thing side by side. :S

  9. OMG! way too creative weyy! :D

  10. This is an interesting post. Hehee. I would wanna try eating one too!

    Hmm, they don't taste good for you? Are you sure you didn't bite the real ones? Wakaka jk.

    Happy Monday, Meitzeu!

  11. condoms for eat? really? wow. that must be not sure if i can eat them..what if they're the real condoms?? hahaha..

  12. These chocolates/sweets can be found in Singapore's Jurong Point (Basement 1).