Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chilling with Afternoon Tea at Delicious, One Utama, KL

So... I went to KL for a short trip few months ago to attend my election as associateship's convocation.

Frankly speaking, I visited quite a number of new restaurants/ cafes that meatball-online and her friends fed me/ us with something different from usual!

On the same Saturday as the convocation we had attended, my sisters friend fetch us for brunch and drop us at One Utama for shopping. So many outlets to shop from the new wing to the old and back forth. :D While my sister told me that Delicious serves tempting cakes, why not we go there for afternoon tea, I suggested. :)

- Very Berries Chocolate -

I thought it was a creamy, sponge cake with Strawberries and Chocolate Cream and chips, but no, it was a bit hard (like meringue) for the white base surrounded while soft in the inside. Strawberries were sweet and the combination of it were "meant for each other" with a cup of hot beverage. 

- Delicious -

Delicious Cafes in West Malaysia are well known for their lovely yet tasty desserts. I had Cappuccino and it was creamy foamed and taste well blended. :)

- The Savory Pies and Creamy Desserts -

They were selling like hot cakes when we were sitting across looking at the refrigerator.

- Breakfast anyone? -

If only I'm in KL for a period of time and Delicious is located near to the hotel I'm staying, I would love to try their fascinating breakfast someday!

- My Cup of Cappuccino -

- Our Afternoon Tea Session -

Besides desserts and coffee/ tea, Delicious do serve other cuisine as well. From what I could remember, I saw customers had spaghetti which she was enjoying her meal at the next table.

Delicious, a nice place to hang out in the afternoon or in the evening. :) Have a rest after shopping and that's even better!

Website : Delicious Malaysia

Location : Malaysia and Singapore


  1. seriously, it looks so delicious oh!and they serve with strawberries..love it!
    i will try this when i go kl later.:D

  2. Replies
    1. Yeap. :) Just like the name. Love their coffee.

  3. Ooh! The cakes looks so Delicious!! But quite pricey eh? : )

  4. I didnt try their very berry cake before..but somehow tried their famous brownies! ;D

    1. I see... I saw the strawberries attracts me more. hehe

  5. eee! not a big fan of Delicious food, but thumbs up for the environment! :)

  6. I thought that's a Pavlova? Anyway, if you like that, you should try the one at Serai, Empire Subang. =)

  7. Ah yes, I dine in Delicious before and I like it too. Yummy dessert and awesome pasta. Love it!

  8. I saw one in Mid Valley but didn't managed went it and tried cause when browsing through their menu, no photos. But love to try their desserts.