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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chilling with Afternoon Tea at Delicious, One Utama, KL

So... I went to KL for a short trip few months ago to attend my election as associateship's convocation.

Frankly speaking, I visited quite a number of new restaurants/ cafes that meatball-online and her friends fed me/ us with something different from usual!

On the same Saturday as the convocation we had attended, my sisters friend fetch us for brunch and drop us at One Utama for shopping. So many outlets to shop from the new wing to the old and back forth. :D While my sister told me that Delicious serves tempting cakes, why not we go there for afternoon tea, I suggested. :)

- Very Berries Chocolate -

I thought it was a creamy, sponge cake with Strawberries and Chocolate Cream and chips, but no, it was a bit hard (like meringue) for the white base surrounded while soft in the inside. Strawberries were sweet and the combination of it were "meant for each other" with a cup of hot beverage. 

- Delicious -

Delicious Cafes in West Malaysia are well known for their lovely yet tasty desserts. I had Cappuccino and it was creamy foamed and taste well blended. :)

- The Savory Pies and Creamy Desserts -

They were selling like hot cakes when we were sitting across looking at the refrigerator.

- Breakfast anyone? -

If only I'm in KL for a period of time and Delicious is located near to the hotel I'm staying, I would love to try their fascinating breakfast someday!

- My Cup of Cappuccino -

- Our Afternoon Tea Session -

Besides desserts and coffee/ tea, Delicious do serve other cuisine as well. From what I could remember, I saw customers had spaghetti which she was enjoying her meal at the next table.

Delicious, a nice place to hang out in the afternoon or in the evening. :) Have a rest after shopping and that's even better!

Website : Delicious Malaysia

Location : Malaysia and Singapore

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Taiwan : XiMenDing, Taipei - 'Condoms' Treats by SOPHiSCA【台湾食】 台北之西门町

Taipei Part 6 - XiMenDing (西门町) - Sophisca 

My friend gave me one condom chocolate as a souvenir from his/ her Taiwan trip before I visited there. 

In fact, I found it does have interesting outlook but frankly speaking, it seems doesn't taste good for me.

During my walk at XiMenDing, Doggy's owner keeps searching for Sophisca and finally we found it, had a walk at the store but I didn't buy any. Some of us bought quite a number, and few of us bought nothing from there.

So now, here's what we can see at Sophisca!

- Delicious Condoms Treats -

- Delicious : Chocolates and Strawberries flavoured Condoms -

- The Condoms -

- Sophie -

- Chocolates comes in various design -

Those belongs to my sister's friends.

- Sophisca, XiMenDing -

While waiting for them, three of us photo shooting outside the outlet.

- Part of their "winning items" -

Various treats that comes with different kind of style and design. (-_-")

This is awkward sometimes, or maybe we should amazed with people who came up wit the ideas for selling goods. (lol)

Once or twice I will eat it, but I will still stick with the old style chocolate bars.

If you ever try their chocolates/ sweets, do share your view. ;)

Location :
Xi Men Ding

Sunday, August 19, 2012

This Weekend, This Holiday, This Getaway. :)

First of all, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all the Muslims who are celebrating.

 I bet you all had a lot of fun in this few days. ;)

As for me, hehe :) It was happening for the past few days and TODAY as well!

- Terrace Cafe of Shangri-La Rasa Ria Resort -

Terence promised me to bring me to Rasa Ria and Nexus Karabunai for outing and lunch. 

And I almost puke because of the throat cutting price. GOSH! I had the most expensive Seafood Pasta @ RM41.00 while Terence's Classic Burger priced @ RM43.00. If you ask me how was it... In fact, both of it doesn't attract us, it doesn't taste good. :( We just "closed one eye" for our lunch. Paying for the environment I guess.

- Terrace Cafe of Shangri-La Rasa Ria Resort -

- Nexus Karabunai -

Second destination was Nexus Karabunai. Had a walk along the beautiful beach and pool. 

 - Breathtaking Sunset after the heavy rain on Saturday -

Finally some rain before Raya. :)

 - Vedablu on Saturday afternoon -

Local ice cream to chill with after a walk at City Mall.

- Bintulu Korean BBQ at Lintas -

A treat by my boss to all of his staffs on Thursday, as after peak celebration and farewell to one of the old staff.

:) So, that's all for today's update! It's a long holiday weekend and we have 2 more days to go! :P

Happy holiday~~~

Location :
Rasa Ria Resort, Tuaran.
Nexus Karabunai, Tuaran.
Bintulu Korean BBQ, Lintas Plaza.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fruitilicious Desserts by Justberrys, Lintas, Kota Kinabalu

Explored the new FRUITILICIOUS DESSERTS franchise outlet in town. 

Love their fruity desserts very much and same goes to my surrounding friends, should I say, young generation today.

Went there for the third time within 2 weeks and all of it satisfied me, except for the over crowded environment in the weekend. When we walk nearer to Justberrys, we could smell the pure fragrant Durian "warmly" welcomes us. =D Do you love the King of Fruits?

And here are the outcomes of my 3 visits at the newly opened dessert outlet!

- Durian Snow -

The first attempt was with my colleagues, we had 25% on second bowl, because it was their opening promotion!!

We assumed there's no sugar added as the Durian puree were too from real Durian.

- Milky Durian Freeze and Honey Strawberry Pamelo -

Second attempt was after working hour with the bloggers, Charlotte, Rungitom, Hayden and Calista.

Everyone were happy with the desserts, however, we agreed that Hayden's Iced Cendol was a bit dried that day. I think the Gula Melaka or the Coconut Milk was not added sufficiently.

- The Royalty Card and Receipt -

The price was surprisingly expensive before we visited there and after we tried it for the first time, I can imagine why it was priced such and with real fruits in it, the price are reasonable. As for the royalty card, we will earn one stamp with every RM10.00.

And of course, we can't afford to have it daily or weekly right? Our pocket will be so in pain.

- Mango Balls -

Calista loves this and the savory mangoes smells wonderfully.

- Forgotten Mango and Durian series and Strawberry Sago -

Third visit with family. Strawberry sago wasn't sweet, although it looks really sweet. As for the ice, it was finely iced. :)

- The Logo -

Happy berry in the HOUSE! :)

Once in a while chilling there will be great. Anyway, wishing them all the best and hope their quality will be maintained to extended period of time! ;)

Location :
No. 96, Lorong Lintas Plaza 2, Lintas Plaza,
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Taiwan Eats : Taipei - Best Hotpot in XiMenDing 【台湾食】 台北之西门町 - 马辣鸳鸯火锅专卖

Taipei Part 5 - XiMenDing (西门町) - 马辣鸳鸯火锅专卖

There's a myth that ALL YOU CAN EAT hotpot is a must try in Taiwan!!

And I tried it while visiting to XiMenDing last year. :) I saw one of the Taiwanese artist there as well, I can't remember the boys group name but I do remember he was one of the twin brother in that group.

In fact, I enjoyed myself having steamboat any where I am.

- 马辣鸳鸯火锅专卖 (西门店) -

We had a short walk and reach the "Ma La Yuan Yang Huo Guo", it was really crowded there and each table will only be allow to finish within 2 or 3 hours, in short THERE'S TIME LIMIT to finish all we can!

And the below were our FOOD! Expensive beef and extraordinary soup essence for us.


- Collagen Soup Mix and I can't remember -

Collagen for beauty seeker. :) No worry of weird taste.

- Seafood -

I saw the staffs there pouring packets and packets of ingredients and add in to the open fridge behind.

- Favourite meat that everyone love -

Beef, lamb and pork! All sorts of funny name.

- Desserts -

Varieties of refreshing desserts and fruits for guests like us.

- Part of the various selection for us -

- Ready to eat -

- Imported Ice Creams -

We ate quite a lot there and everyone were happy with it! Worth for the price but I forgot how much it cost. Various selection that we can't finish all of them at the same time. No wonder the Taiwanese hotpot are everyone favourite there and it is one of the recommended to do!

Location :
No. 62, Xiníng South Road, Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan 108

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Taiwan Fun : Must Know Taiwan's 7 Eleven! 【台湾游玩记】 大爱七 十一

Taipei Part 4 - 7 Eleven in Taiwan

It has been one my to do list to eat at and to experience 7 Eleven in Taiwan.

From the first day (and days before) we arrived at Taiwan, I was nagging meatball-online to bring me to 7 Eleven any where in Taiwan and sitting at their awesome convenient store to eat #likeaboss (Taiwanese in fact).

I went to a few 7 Elevens and finally I got the chance to sit there, sipping their delicious instant beef noodles! :) That's life, a piece of the local. I do miss the 7 Elevens there. 

But before I start describing Taiwan's 7 Eleven, I heard that the one in Hong Kong are good as well, but sad to say I didn't enter in to a larger 7 Eleven store except those I saw at the stations. :( I wonder how do they differ from Taiwan's.

So here are some of the pictures that I was able to share!

- Packed Meals -

Apparently I went to the one at Zhong Shan, where few blocks away from where I live during my stay at Taipei.

We found packed salad, fresh sandwich and the best one are hot bowl of instant fish balls and more. Fast selling items to remain FRESH!!

- Desserts and Cold Noodles -

I wonder why their convenient stores are so awesome!!! 

So many things to eat and see!! GOSH!

- Rilakuma -

Can you imagine how many things we bought from 7 Eleven? We stick all the cute stickers and claim for the gift!

- Coffees -

Even coffee taste so good!

- My Breakfast -

Sitting there eating my bowl of instant beef noodles and sipping the coffee were one of my achievement of excitement in Taiwan. I know it is funny, but.... I don't know why. If you visit Taiwan someday, do visit their 7 Eleven, it is really AWESOME!!!

By the way, do try the bowl of instant noodle with the name shown in the photo - 满漢大餐 (Man Han Da Chan). One of the best instant noodle brand that they are well known for. :)

A hot bowl of local food for breakfast I love to kick start my Taipei trip!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Taiwan : Taipei - I love XiMenDing!!【台湾玩】 台北 - 我爱西门町!!

Taipei Part 3 - XiMenDing (西门町)

All the way from Zhong Shan, finally we arrived at XiMen Station (西门站). Once I step on the ground of XiMenDing, I felt so grateful that finally I reach this happening zone of Taipei, Japan in Taipei! Feeling youthful again during my Taiwan trip!

XiMenDing (西门町), the well known XiMenDing Pedestrian Area (the first and the largest pedestrian area built in Taipei)!

- Happy Face in front of XiMen Station -

An overview of XiMenDing, the Harajuku and Shibuya of Taipei.

XiMenDing located at Wanhua District of Taipei, has been the source of Taiwan's fashion, subculture and Japanese culture. It is also the main district of Taiwan whereby it is the most important consumer district of Western District of Taipei and a lot of night clubs located at the area as well. Guess, XiMenDing is a crowded place for 24 hours a day. 

Are you starting to feel Japan now?

I can't stop falling in love with Taipei, a good place for photography!


- Movie Theater Street - 

XiMenDing also known as the Movie Theater Street since 1930's and large growth of theaters after defeating the Japan back then.  No wonder there were so many billboard when we were walking at XiMenDing, they are everywhere, the pedestrian area and the streets are full of posters of movie screening.

In this post, I will share some of my snap shots of XiMenDing. Here goes... ;)

- Pom Pom at XiMenDing -

I brought my mascot every where I went in Taiwan. As for others, they left theirs at the rest house. :(

- Risotto 阿毛,石锅炖饭 -

I read review of this restaurant before, there is a dog named Ah Mao sitting at the main entrance. I went for a look but I didn't see one. :(

- Main junction of XiMenDing -

Happening place and how can I don't love this!!??

- Our Starting Point -

Walk the walk, we went for window shopping and I bought earrings again!! So many interesting items to see while passing by, fashionable items are every youngsters favourite there. 

In fact, we were searching for the Toilet Cafe and we passed by tattoo street with every tattooed person fiercely looking at us. Creepy. Openly tattooing outside their entrance with customers without any facial expression. They are nuts and addicted I bet.


- Starbucks -

From places I visit at Taiwan, I realised that Starbucks has been generously refurnish the whole building for public to chill there. And I heard that, tourist love to take photo of Starbucks at XiMenDing, which is the above.

- Loving XimenDing -

We only manage to have a short walk and Steamboat Lunch at XiMenDing as we arrived was almost 12.00pm and we walked slow and easy, enjoying the scene there.

- Random Jump pose for remembrance -

Told you I was aiming to do some random pose as remembrance of my traveling trip. :) At the middle of the street of XiMenDing, NOBODY CARE!!

- The Green Man -

He almost took me upfront and made me look like a CLOWN!!! I ran off when he was trying to get someone to make a show with him and HE WAS STANDING NEXT TO ME AND LOOKING AT ME!!! His hand almost grab me. (O_O)

AHHHH!!! Ran so fast and so far without looking back!! Meatball and friends was laughing out loud!! :S

 - Evening -

It was getting late and IceHippo's owner bought quite a lot there. Leaving in a bit and up for second round of night market that we will be visiting later. A night market that has been the favourite of the locals!!

:) XiMenDing... I will visit you again.

Location :
Wanhua District, Taipei, Taiwan

More about XiMenDing : Click Wikipedia  

Thursday, August 2, 2012

【沙巴博客聚会】KK Bloggers Gathering 2012 at Little Italy!

So, there was a lunch bloggers' gathering held at Little Italy during last Sunday. 

 Thought it was a small group of us for casual lunch meet up and who knows the group of us is getting bigger in the end. :)

Being invited by Daniel from together with my favourite bloggers in town! Glad to be there and met a few new faces as well.

- And again, three of us plus Charlotte's boyfriend and Margaret -

- The Group Photo of Us -

Gathering was held at one of the busiest restaurant in town. The dishes served by Little Italy were delicious that day, definitely everyone had fun with all the chit chat and sharing their thoughts on blogging and what ever common interest. Girls, you know what I meant! ;)

If you manage to drop by Little Italy for meal, do order their Tiramisu, it is one of the recommended dessert and WE LOVE IT!! The alcohol fragrant and the creamy fillings. Simply indulging.

Guess, this is my short post for today and next will be on travel experience at Taipei! :)

Happy weekend. :)

Photo by : Tom from The Rungitom