Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Taiwan : Taipei - Shilin Night Market is MAD HUGE! 【台湾游】台北 - 士林夜市好大哦 !

Taipei - Part  2 - Shilin Night Market (士林夜市)

Another post for Taipei, Taiwan! :)

We often been told that it is a must to visit a few destination if we manage to visit Taiwan, and one of them will be step on the ground at their famous NIGHT MARKETS! Shilin Night Market (士林夜市) located at Shilin District as our first night market that we visited on the first day we arrived Taipei.

- Metro Taipei -

We took a rest at our rest house after visited JiuFen (九份) and we visited Shilin via MRT service during the night with our Easy Card. I have mentioned before that we were staying at Zhong Shan (中山)and we left Zhong Shan and arrived at Jiantan (剑潭), the nearest station to walk to Shilin Night Market. 

And you know what? We thought at Shilin Night Market is located at Shilin Station and we were misunderstood with the station name. So do bear in mind, although it carries the same words, but it is not necessary represent that a tourist spot is located there. We felt so embarrassed after a passenger was giving us the funny face knowingly we arrived at the wrong station. (Silly us)

Off we go to the previous Station!

- Jiantan (剑潭)-

Had a short walk and we arrived at SHILIN NIGHT MARKET!!

- Shilin Night Market (士林夜市) -

It is recognised as the LARGEST night market in Taipei and it wasn't a joke. We experienced it for hours and hours and as for us, we walked for almost 4 hours, that was MAD. Hungry me since earlier could only had my dinner around 10.00pm while my back aching. :( Icehippo could shop non stop whenever she can. SHOPAHOLIC IN ACTION! (O_o")

- Meatball-Online's little hand and the annoyed face -

- 铁蛋 (Iron Hard Preserved Egg) -

Another well known Taiwanese delicacies and it is one kind of preserved egg with harder texture but looks like our Century Eggs here. Heard that the famous one is from Dan Shui (淡水). I found it is interesting and once in a while I will be craving for it and I prefer the smaller eggs.

And the next will be more photos shared about what can we expecting from Shilin Night Market.

- Discounted Brand Items -

- 东京着衣 ( -

I like their fashionable apparels there. :) And few of us bought a pile there! Definitely a great outlet for girls!!



- 3D Blinged I phone Cases -

- Creative Bags -

- The marvelous umbrella man! -

I'm sure he practiced everyday and I'm amused with his umbrella testing skill. Very impressive and Taiwanese umbrella is worth while to purchase as their quality is good! I regretted that I didn't buy one that time. :(

- Whole row of FOOD STALLS -

- 面线 -

It was wasted that I didn't try their famous noodle, especially Ah Zhong Mian Xian which located at Xi Men Ding.

 - Taiwanese Beverage -

- The Crowd of Shilin Night Market -

As usual, every night markets in Taiwan will crowded with people because of words from one to another, because of the varieties of Taiwanese small eateries and of course, cheap discounted quality items that we can choose from one outlet to another.

Indeed experiencing Taiwanese night market was good. If you manage to visit Taiwan some day, do choose one or two famous one to visit. From my opinion, all of them are almost the same except for some differentiated local small eateries and various cheap pricing for quality fashionable items.

Final words to end this post.... 

Shilin Night Market, YOU ARE SO HUGE! 士林夜市,你好大哦!!

Location :
No. 101, Jīhé Rd, Shihlin District, Taipei City, Taiwan 111

Operating time :
5.00pm - 1.00am

To get there :
Click here.

View Shilin Night Market here



  1. Over there a lot of unique and funny2 stuff yet interesting. I can't take my eyes off seeing the colorful and fashionable.

  2. The bling cases are becoming very popular and guess the trend must have started in Taiwan. The street food of course is killing me, all of wish I want to try.

  3. Y the umbrella goes up?
    To catch rain? Lol

  4. iphone cases!!!! :D :D :D gaaaah. i need to go to taiwan!

  5. I love MRTs hahaa. So convenient. Like Singapore, no need car also can walk around hehee.

    Kesian you, wrong station ka. Maybe Shilin area is very big kan.

    Discounted branded stuff! Ada lagi tu PlayBoy. Undergarments la tu kan.

    And those Iphone cases. Gosh, looks like jewellery hahaa.

    Happy Thursday, Meitzeu!

  6. wah! so many food and goods in Taiwan! I simply buy 1 thing for my friend also they will like it so much :D

  7. hahaha wahhh go there really must try their meesua huh. hahaha

  8. I heard of Shilin Night market too! Feh-mes place to makan! =P

  9. I went to the section where mostly is selling cloths & accessories..

  10. I've heard a lot about Shihlin Night Market, I think I'll go crazy there too. Stuffing myself with food and shopping, both are my fave thing to do! :P