Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sabah & I (沙巴与我) - Loving The Land Below the Wind!

Before this, Hayden actually invited me to write a list on "Why I love Sabah" sometime in May, two months ago and in conjunction with cultural month of Sabah as well. There always been a lot of happening events held in Sabah, say Sabah Fest, Beauty Pageant according to districts in Sabah and especially the highlights remarkable day of Harvest Festival on 30th and 31st every year. All these only can be experienced #Only in Sabah. 

While Hayden will only be posting his post on "I LOVE SABAH" by end of the year, why not I share my list on  my "relationship" with Sabah on this weekend. :)

So, here it is...

Culture (The Colours of North Borneo)

We have estimated 32 ethnic groups here with 5 large tribes of The Murut, Kadazan, Bajau, Lundayeh and Rungus. 32 are only the estimated figures (could be more than 50?) which we could identify from the surface of Sabah.

Non the less, I have been brought up together with people from different background. And the same goes to my family and friends as well. I really appreciate and appreciate that I'm born with native blood in my vein. I do admire the culture, learn quite a bit from them as well by experiencing/ visiting them personally through programs or cultural villages nearby.


Friendly people from every where

Hand in hand, we live under one flag - Sabah. The often say Sabahan are friendly and I couldn't agree more. Somehow we are proud to say we are from Sabah when we visit to other countries.

Furthermore, no matter the Malays, the Chinese, the natives, the Filipinos or even foreigners who stay in Sabah under the category "Malaysia My Second Home", we are sure that they have the interest and love towards Sabah. :) I guess most of us don't really care about the skin colours here.


The ecological richness that proudly made know to our  nature-based attractions. 

Sabahan could "run away" from stress and had a piece of mind by 1 or 2 hours drive from the hectic city to a place that could relax our mind. Friends from other places who visit Sabah for the islands and the mountains as well. All about this nature loving state.


From time to time, I do mention that food can be another way to indulge and enjoy life. ;) We are famous for our seafood and that definitely we should refer to the local Sabahan for the best one. Besides, we do have local coffee beans too! The fragrance just perfect for local and foreigners, people from West Malaysia do come here to buy our coffee from local shops or the seller at Sunday Market, Gaya Street.

Besides, I like a few of our local delicacies as well. Hinava, Li Hing (gave a spice to some home cook too) and others. Hinava (image below - Raw fish, lime, bitter gourde, slices of chilli and etc) will be the most common local delicacies that can be accepted by all.

Influences of local cuisine and other foreign cuisines that allow people from abroad to operate in town, too much selection for food and chillax lovers here. I have been away from food hunting in town, just too busy for them lately. :( And I know readers do love my food reviews :)

The heritages remain

Appreciate that I as the third generation living in Sabah which once called North Borneo/ Jesselton, I do listen to childhood stories of both of my parents, how was the scene while Sabah become independent during 1963, a little about the British Colonel era and even when the Japanese was here.

Sabah really beautiful from the way it is, but... there's minority who would rather having own benefits and forgot about the heritages that we could remain and a remembrance for our future generation. No matter what, we are glad that there's non profit organisation and local citizen that give support to protect the heritages in Sabah.

Okay.. that's my top five reasons of why I love Sabah. :)

So now... Why do you love about your state?

Maybe you should write a short post as well! ;)

Happy weekend!


  1. aim to go there someday soon. Lovely place.

  2. Nice and well written. Perhaps I should blog about it too =D

  3. great! you make Sabah looks awesome :)

  4. Sabah is amazing! And yes, we're a very proud people.. =)I have to say I agree with all your 5 points le! ;p

  5. It's the most beautiful state in M'sia.

  6. This is great! I'm proud to be Sabahan ^^

  7. I'm going to KK next february, can't wait to experience Sabah :)

  8. I'm going to KK next february, can't wait to experience Sabah :)

    xox, c

  9. And KK has a number of beautiful islands as well :D Sabah ba!

  10. foto mobil di depan monumen malaysia itu sangat unik sekali :)

  11. I love Sabah because it's the place I call home :)

  12. Lovin Sabah! Proud to be Sabahan...

  13. (: sabah bah paling best. hahaha.
    i have to say, every time we go for holidays,
    i'd be craving kk food. tend to miss kk alot when its meal time!

  14. Sabah <3 will always call home