Monday, July 16, 2012

Crystal Clear Water at Sapi Island, Sabah! (VLOG)

Some time during middle of June, Beverly proposed to go for a getaway to the Island with a few bloggers/ personal friends. From a group of 6, it ends with a laid back trip of 3. As I never been to Sapi Island before, why don't we go there for a nice visit! :)

The video below is our first official vlog we have made! A video of less than 4 minutes to let us know how is Sapi Island looks like and feels like!

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- Beautiful Beach of Sapi Island - 

A short description of Sapi Island. It is one of the island at Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park and we are lucky that we actually can go for island hoping if we wanted to! The other islands will be Pulau Manukan, Pulau Sulug, Pulau Mamutik and Pulau Gaya. Read more about the island at Sabah Tourism website.

The crystal clear water was great for diving and snorkeling at Pulau Sapi and even a friend of Beverly, who is also a diver told us that Pulau Sapi was so much cleaner than the previous island he dived on the same day. I didn't went for snorkeling this time, however I still remember the feelings of being bite by tiny fishes while under the water. 

- Marine Life -

Amazing view when I look down from the jetty. I was like surprised with the crystal clear water that I could see such a number of uncountable tiny fishes that Terence said those were Ikan Bilis. (=_="), which... might be true?

- Breathtaking Scene with corals as well -

- The T-Shirt -

The A380 T-shirt as a compensation that I didn't attend the Big Flight Joy Ride as the winner of The Big Flight Bloggers Contest. Read here for more information if you are new reader of!

- Komodo Dragon aka Komodo Monitor -

There's a number of huge komodo monitors at Sapi Island which they are walking proudly while sight seeing the tourists there. No worry, it won't harm us unless you aware of their existence.

- Frisbee Time -

Beverly taught me how to play frisbee for the first time and it was interesting. And I didn't expect that Terence took a few photos of me! :)

 - White Sandy Beach -

Oh my... I love the sand! And I left my foot print there before I go home. E hemm.... =P

We went back to K.K. at 1.30pm and our face were blushed. Looking forward to our next trip to another island of TAR Marine Park! I want see the marine life under!

BTW, do read Beverly's entry here

Have a great day everyone!


  1. I've never been to Sapi Island before... just Mamutik. But I guess, they're pretty much the same. Ya ka? I dunno hahaa.

    Wow. Those are the real Komodo Dragons?! I hear they are poisonous. Their spit contains dangerous bacteria or something :P

    Happy Monday, Meitzeu!

    1. Gosh. I thought they are safe. -_-

      I wish to visit Mamutik soon though.

  2. I love the breathtaking scene photo. It is really took my breath away. Love the colour of the sea.

  3. such a pretty scenery there! :)

  4. Sabah is a beautiful place, what more the amazing beaches including this Sapi. Love the scenery and I hope my trip to Sabah end of the year will take place.

  5. Wah was just planning to go there last weekend but ended up at kasih sayang resort

  6. wow the beach is so clean and the water is crystal blue..
    very nice..

  7. Never knew Sapi Island has such clear water and so many fish! Maybe can consider visiting there soon :D They even have Komodo Dragons, how cool!

  8. I went to sapi island before. This place is surely fantastic :)

  9. COngrats to you for your 1st Vlog hope to see more vlog from you after this :-)

  10. Nice beach and crystal clear waters.

  11. wahh..the water is super duper bluish clear!!! aiyo..must go lor

  12. Wow, really crystal clear... reminds me of my trip to the Great Barrier Reef on Jan 1 this year. :)