Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fruitful week for beginning of July 2012

Quite a good week with unusual dishes and activities. :)

Went for a run at 7K Charity Run at Sutera Harbour with Beverly. I ran half lap while she finished the whole 7K within one hour. :P I was unable to run further due to my less exercising routine, wanna faint after I ran for a while.

Both of my eye have been allergy for almost/ more than a month. AND for the first time that I actually paid for such a high expenses for medication. =_= 347 at eye specialist centre.

Yinyin and her boyfriend came for a short holiday in KK, she requested me and Terence to bring them to Equatorial (Non Halal), Tanjung Aru for dinner as they want to try Crocodile Meat.

It's my favorite Japanese Cuisine!! Chirashi @RM28 by Miyabi Japanese Restaurant, Damai. Terence like to eat there and loving their Japanese Food that priced reasonably.

To end this weekend post... The Sunset at Sutera Harbour while waiting Beverly to finish her run justnow. :-)

And... That's my sister, meatball-online finger and mine. Pinky promise to cut down those calories. Gonna take some nice photoshoot soon!! Hopefully we can make it. :-)

Btw, join me at Instagram if you have! My username is meitzeu!! Cheers for a great Sunday to end with!

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  1. 7km in 1 hour.. nice timing!
    btw, the sunset ray photo is beautiful! :)

  2. What a fantastic shashimi.


  3. Wow! It sounds like you had a really interesting week. It is always cool to read about your adventures in your blog. You write about that so many unique things and places. Very interesting!

  4. Good activity during weekend at least you managed to burnt calories :-) have a nice weekend ahead.

  5. My comment didn't get through earlier hmm..

    Anyways, I was expecting to meet you guys but didn't get to. :/

  6. That sunset shot is awesome :D

    I only joined once the 7k run ^^v

  7. First thing I noticed and kept me looking, one of your eye medication called FML. :P


  8. at least you have the great effort for the 7km run :) great job!

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  9. went for 7k too! the weather was just right!
    it's a good thing the rain stopped. (: