Sunday, July 29, 2012

【沙巴美食】 亚庇 - 雅露城 Fresh & Organic by Alu-Alu Cafe, Jesselton Point

*Invited Food Review*

How about eco-fish and organic vegetable at Chinese-cafe style restaurant by GAYANA ECO RESORT?

I heard about the good responds from personal friends and bloggers that dishes served by Alu-Alu Chinese Seafood Restaurant at Gayana Eco Resort are delicious. Although I never visited Gayana Eco Resort before, I was kind of lucky to be invited by Beverly for food review at the newly operated Alu-Alu Cafe which located at Jesselton Point. :)

- Alu-Alu Cafe *Served No Pork* -

Alu-Alu Cafe is an extension of service by the Alu-Alu Chinese Seafood Restaurant at Gaya Eco Resort.

Located next to Canon Sales and Marketing Office and with the huge Gayana Eco Resort and Bunga Raya Island Resort & Spa signboard, we could locate the cafe easily!

I have been notified that there will be 10 of us (bloggers) invited and the interesting part when most of us know each other as well! Thank you Symington from Gayana Eco Resort and Dinoza who organised the food review session for us.

- The Menu -

I went through the price list of their menu. Simply affordable and reasonable for us who especially work in town. Morning breakfast or lunch at minimum RM10.00 for Grouper Fish in a bowl of personal preferred soup base that can be add on with noodles or rice.

-  Alu-Alu Cafe (雅露城) -

We understood that Gayana Eco Resort is well preserving the ecological system and supporting green concept. As a support their innovative concepts, Chef Khiong and his team from Gayana bring their passion and creativity to create menu using the same organically farmed fish and vegetables. Good job!

And now, the dishes served for us! Here we go!

- Chinese Herbs and Yam Soup (Fish Head) @ RM25.00 -

I like the taste of the soup, it was just nice for a Chinese tongue like me!

-Fish Balls with Glass Noodle Soup @ RM16.00 -

Light bowl of noodle soup. Fish balls were chewy and I heard the crunchy sound of fresh vegetables when I eat.


- Salted Vegetable and Beancurd Soup (Mixed Fish Head) @ RM25.00 -

If you love salted vegetables soup, definitely you will love this one. The soup doesn't end up over-cooked, the soup sipped was clear with salted vegetables taste.

- Steam Chicken with Salt (Kampung Chicken) @ RM45.00 -

All of us love this! Typical Chinese cuisine for us to try!

- Fish Fillet with Wasabi and Potato @ RM20.00 and Stir Fried Fish Fillet with Butter Milk Sauce @ RM20.00 -

All of us have the same thought of the tasty Fish Fillet with Wasabi and Potato, interesting combination and we could taste the wasabi when we ate! 

The great thing was the fish fillet was not made of Dory fish, the texture just different here. Guess, Alu-Alu Cafe really keep their promise of Fresh! Organic! Healthy! Innovative!


- Thai Style Ba Jiao Fish Fillet @ RM20.00  -

Personally I like this dish. A unique combination of thai sauce and a hint of local taste of sweet and sour, moreover with some hint of spicy taste. The fish fillets were fried before adding the special sauce to be served to guests.

- Braised Fish Head with Enoki Mushroom and Red Dates @ RM32.00 -

I'm not a fish head person but personally I love the gravy. We might think of changing it into non fish head in the future.

- Braised Fish Head with Beancurd in Claypot @ RM32.00 -

Well braised fish head and taste nice. :)

- The Organic Vegetables - 

Organic Bak Choy with Garlic @ RM12.00 and Organic Choy Sum with Braised Superior Sauce @ RM12.00 

I couldn't have enough of the fresh crunchy Choy Sum! Interesting taste and well combined of century eggs and other ingredients together.

- Simply Fresh -

- Part of our lunch -

Satisfying lunch we had on that day. And non the less, it was nice hanging out with my blogger friends as well!

Personally, I like the restaurant itself. I can't say that every dishes they served are perfect and suite my tastebuds, it is subjective to all of us in fact. Alu-Alu Cafe, a well organised restaurant that served no pork that suitable for everyone. Now, we doesn't have to think a lot when we are in town and searching for a affordable seafood restaurant to eat!

- Photo credit to Eric -

The 10 bloggers who have been invited! Left to right : Charlotte, Beverly, Myself, Wendy, Hayden, Eric, Margaret, CalistaTom and Melissa 

Website : 

Location : 
Jesselton Point, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Contact No. :
+6 013 860 6220/ +6 088 380 390 (Symington Jenkins)


  1. Looks like a tasty and mouth watering meal.

  2. Your food pictures are very sharp and bright. Not so easy.


  3. You have been quite a lot of food review lately, have fun in KK!


  4. Photos make the food look great!!

  5. the food looks good and the price seems kinda a bit expensive huh..

    1. Reasonable price for me. Fresh fish and healthy one!

  6. Out of so many names, why did they name it alu alu cafe? So cute one xD Food looks really yummy but the portion is kinda small eh?

    1. Guess, you will have to ask Gayana Eco Resort for that. Varieties of food, the plate are too big maybe.