Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A walk at Liverpool Chinatown - 利物浦唐人街

I remember the days when we were walking down the streets of Liverpool.

Approximately 30 minutes by foot from Marybone to our University and it was time for keep fit as well. My jelly belly became firm although it was kind of long distance walkway, as it seen, why not we treat it as a morning walk exercise. :D Those were the days. :)

- The same pathway for 3 months -

For that 3 months back in Summer, 2008, we normally walk by foot to the nearest stores and shopping areas in Liverpool, cab rides were expensive for us and only once I had paid for after our farewell dinner. Other than the walk and the cab ride, long distance buses and train rides were the usual once to visit those interesting places far from Liverpool City.
So, one day I agreed with my friends to go to Chinatown to buy some Chinese groceries! Instant noodles and some preserved bottled foods for sure. :)

- Piece of art -

I found out that the cat painting was interesting outside that abandon shop.

A short walk passed out University and we arrived Nelson street where Liverpool Chinatown is located.

- The Ceremonial Arch -

As I have been understood, Liverpool Chinatown is the first established Chinatown in Europe. I never knew it was the first in Europe until I read their website.

- The Ceremonial Arch -

The landmark of Chinatown Liverpool and I think that similar crafted arch are built in every Chinatown throughout the world! I love the Ceremonial Arch concept, it represent there's Chinese every where. :)

- Liverpool Chinese Gospel Church -

That's the main entrance of the Church at Chinatown.

- The Street at Liverpool Chinatown -

- Various stores in Chinatown -

I'm not sure why seem like the whole street was silent and not many people walking, I wonder were we early when it was 12.00 in the afternoon or the crowd normally came during the night?

- An Essential Photo Shoot with the Landmark -

There's a few Chinese Supermarket there and from one to another we went for groceries shopping. Instant noodle say Korean Kimchi Noodle were one of my favorite, I found out that Maggi brand instant noodles selling there are with the same price as the Korean Instant noodle.

So, that my walk at Liverpool Chinatown. :) Those were the days...

Location : 48 Nelson Street  Liverpool, Merseyside L1 5DN, United Kingdom
Website : Liverpool Chinatown


  1. Typical and very nice gate.


  2. wah..nice. hope to visit there someday

  3. Great memories and moments to shout back especially studies time surrounded with a bunch of lovely friends.

  4. i guess everywhere also got a chinatown and a little india huh? haaha

  5. here to say hi to the cat on the wall

  6. Maggi there? Guess for Malaysia who missed Malaysia

  7. Cool street arts! And I saw some dragons too! :D

    First Chinatown in Europe ka. No wonder it looks so grand hehee.

    When I visit there... hopefully can go walk by the Chinatown area. And take pic with that landmark too!

    Happy Saturday, Meitzeu!

  8. The place seems quiet unlike our busy china town streets back home.

  9. Chinatown, no matter where it is, is always an amazing experience. I find it so interesting to observe the culture within the limits of Chinatown and how it finds a way to fuse with the culture of the surrounding local area, creating a unique environment. I have never been to the Chinatown in Liverpool, but the one in New York is an amazing place. I have spent a great deal of time there, and it remains my favorite place in NYC.

    The culture of Chinatown in New York sort of mixes with the rest of the surrounding area, and creates a new, special experience. Thus it can be said, that even if I go to China or parts of Asia, I am still able to find a different, unique experience in the Chinatown areas of other cities around the world. Something about that always has intrigued me.

    I really enjoyed this post. It is very interesting to read about your experiences visiting the first Chinatown in Europe.