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Sunday, July 29, 2012

【沙巴美食】 亚庇 - 雅露城 Fresh & Organic by Alu-Alu Cafe, Jesselton Point

*Invited Food Review*

How about eco-fish and organic vegetable at Chinese-cafe style restaurant by GAYANA ECO RESORT?

I heard about the good responds from personal friends and bloggers that dishes served by Alu-Alu Chinese Seafood Restaurant at Gayana Eco Resort are delicious. Although I never visited Gayana Eco Resort before, I was kind of lucky to be invited by Beverly for food review at the newly operated Alu-Alu Cafe which located at Jesselton Point. :)

- Alu-Alu Cafe *Served No Pork* -

Alu-Alu Cafe is an extension of service by the Alu-Alu Chinese Seafood Restaurant at Gaya Eco Resort.

Located next to Canon Sales and Marketing Office and with the huge Gayana Eco Resort and Bunga Raya Island Resort & Spa signboard, we could locate the cafe easily!

I have been notified that there will be 10 of us (bloggers) invited and the interesting part when most of us know each other as well! Thank you Symington from Gayana Eco Resort and Dinoza who organised the food review session for us.

- The Menu -

I went through the price list of their menu. Simply affordable and reasonable for us who especially work in town. Morning breakfast or lunch at minimum RM10.00 for Grouper Fish in a bowl of personal preferred soup base that can be add on with noodles or rice.

-  Alu-Alu Cafe (雅露城) -

We understood that Gayana Eco Resort is well preserving the ecological system and supporting green concept. As a support their innovative concepts, Chef Khiong and his team from Gayana bring their passion and creativity to create menu using the same organically farmed fish and vegetables. Good job!

And now, the dishes served for us! Here we go!

- Chinese Herbs and Yam Soup (Fish Head) @ RM25.00 -

I like the taste of the soup, it was just nice for a Chinese tongue like me!

-Fish Balls with Glass Noodle Soup @ RM16.00 -

Light bowl of noodle soup. Fish balls were chewy and I heard the crunchy sound of fresh vegetables when I eat.


- Salted Vegetable and Beancurd Soup (Mixed Fish Head) @ RM25.00 -

If you love salted vegetables soup, definitely you will love this one. The soup doesn't end up over-cooked, the soup sipped was clear with salted vegetables taste.

- Steam Chicken with Salt (Kampung Chicken) @ RM45.00 -

All of us love this! Typical Chinese cuisine for us to try!

- Fish Fillet with Wasabi and Potato @ RM20.00 and Stir Fried Fish Fillet with Butter Milk Sauce @ RM20.00 -

All of us have the same thought of the tasty Fish Fillet with Wasabi and Potato, interesting combination and we could taste the wasabi when we ate! 

The great thing was the fish fillet was not made of Dory fish, the texture just different here. Guess, Alu-Alu Cafe really keep their promise of Fresh! Organic! Healthy! Innovative!


- Thai Style Ba Jiao Fish Fillet @ RM20.00  -

Personally I like this dish. A unique combination of thai sauce and a hint of local taste of sweet and sour, moreover with some hint of spicy taste. The fish fillets were fried before adding the special sauce to be served to guests.

- Braised Fish Head with Enoki Mushroom and Red Dates @ RM32.00 -

I'm not a fish head person but personally I love the gravy. We might think of changing it into non fish head in the future.

- Braised Fish Head with Beancurd in Claypot @ RM32.00 -

Well braised fish head and taste nice. :)

- The Organic Vegetables - 

Organic Bak Choy with Garlic @ RM12.00 and Organic Choy Sum with Braised Superior Sauce @ RM12.00 

I couldn't have enough of the fresh crunchy Choy Sum! Interesting taste and well combined of century eggs and other ingredients together.

- Simply Fresh -

- Part of our lunch -

Satisfying lunch we had on that day. And non the less, it was nice hanging out with my blogger friends as well!

Personally, I like the restaurant itself. I can't say that every dishes they served are perfect and suite my tastebuds, it is subjective to all of us in fact. Alu-Alu Cafe, a well organised restaurant that served no pork that suitable for everyone. Now, we doesn't have to think a lot when we are in town and searching for a affordable seafood restaurant to eat!

- Photo credit to Eric -

The 10 bloggers who have been invited! Left to right : Charlotte, Beverly, Myself, Wendy, Hayden, Eric, Margaret, CalistaTom and Melissa 

Website : 

Location : 
Jesselton Point, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Contact No. :
+6 013 860 6220/ +6 088 380 390 (Symington Jenkins)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A walk at Liverpool Chinatown - 利物浦唐人街

I remember the days when we were walking down the streets of Liverpool.

Approximately 30 minutes by foot from Marybone to our University and it was time for keep fit as well. My jelly belly became firm although it was kind of long distance walkway, as it seen, why not we treat it as a morning walk exercise. :D Those were the days. :)

- The same pathway for 3 months -

For that 3 months back in Summer, 2008, we normally walk by foot to the nearest stores and shopping areas in Liverpool, cab rides were expensive for us and only once I had paid for after our farewell dinner. Other than the walk and the cab ride, long distance buses and train rides were the usual once to visit those interesting places far from Liverpool City.
So, one day I agreed with my friends to go to Chinatown to buy some Chinese groceries! Instant noodles and some preserved bottled foods for sure. :)

- Piece of art -

I found out that the cat painting was interesting outside that abandon shop.

A short walk passed out University and we arrived Nelson street where Liverpool Chinatown is located.

- The Ceremonial Arch -

As I have been understood, Liverpool Chinatown is the first established Chinatown in Europe. I never knew it was the first in Europe until I read their website.

- The Ceremonial Arch -

The landmark of Chinatown Liverpool and I think that similar crafted arch are built in every Chinatown throughout the world! I love the Ceremonial Arch concept, it represent there's Chinese every where. :)

- Liverpool Chinese Gospel Church -

That's the main entrance of the Church at Chinatown.

- The Street at Liverpool Chinatown -

- Various stores in Chinatown -

I'm not sure why seem like the whole street was silent and not many people walking, I wonder were we early when it was 12.00 in the afternoon or the crowd normally came during the night?

- An Essential Photo Shoot with the Landmark -

There's a few Chinese Supermarket there and from one to another we went for groceries shopping. Instant noodle say Korean Kimchi Noodle were one of my favorite, I found out that Maggi brand instant noodles selling there are with the same price as the Korean Instant noodle.

So, that my walk at Liverpool Chinatown. :) Those were the days...

Location : 48 Nelson Street  Liverpool, Merseyside L1 5DN, United Kingdom
Website : Liverpool Chinatown

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sabah & I (沙巴与我) - Loving The Land Below the Wind!

Before this, Hayden actually invited me to write a list on "Why I love Sabah" sometime in May, two months ago and in conjunction with cultural month of Sabah as well. There always been a lot of happening events held in Sabah, say Sabah Fest, Beauty Pageant according to districts in Sabah and especially the highlights remarkable day of Harvest Festival on 30th and 31st every year. All these only can be experienced #Only in Sabah. 

While Hayden will only be posting his post on "I LOVE SABAH" by end of the year, why not I share my list on  my "relationship" with Sabah on this weekend. :)

So, here it is...

Culture (The Colours of North Borneo)

We have estimated 32 ethnic groups here with 5 large tribes of The Murut, Kadazan, Bajau, Lundayeh and Rungus. 32 are only the estimated figures (could be more than 50?) which we could identify from the surface of Sabah.

Non the less, I have been brought up together with people from different background. And the same goes to my family and friends as well. I really appreciate and appreciate that I'm born with native blood in my vein. I do admire the culture, learn quite a bit from them as well by experiencing/ visiting them personally through programs or cultural villages nearby.


Friendly people from every where

Hand in hand, we live under one flag - Sabah. The often say Sabahan are friendly and I couldn't agree more. Somehow we are proud to say we are from Sabah when we visit to other countries.

Furthermore, no matter the Malays, the Chinese, the natives, the Filipinos or even foreigners who stay in Sabah under the category "Malaysia My Second Home", we are sure that they have the interest and love towards Sabah. :) I guess most of us don't really care about the skin colours here.


The ecological richness that proudly made know to our  nature-based attractions. 

Sabahan could "run away" from stress and had a piece of mind by 1 or 2 hours drive from the hectic city to a place that could relax our mind. Friends from other places who visit Sabah for the islands and the mountains as well. All about this nature loving state.


From time to time, I do mention that food can be another way to indulge and enjoy life. ;) We are famous for our seafood and that definitely we should refer to the local Sabahan for the best one. Besides, we do have local coffee beans too! The fragrance just perfect for local and foreigners, people from West Malaysia do come here to buy our coffee from local shops or the seller at Sunday Market, Gaya Street.

Besides, I like a few of our local delicacies as well. Hinava, Li Hing (gave a spice to some home cook too) and others. Hinava (image below - Raw fish, lime, bitter gourde, slices of chilli and etc) will be the most common local delicacies that can be accepted by all.

Influences of local cuisine and other foreign cuisines that allow people from abroad to operate in town, too much selection for food and chillax lovers here. I have been away from food hunting in town, just too busy for them lately. :( And I know readers do love my food reviews :)

The heritages remain

Appreciate that I as the third generation living in Sabah which once called North Borneo/ Jesselton, I do listen to childhood stories of both of my parents, how was the scene while Sabah become independent during 1963, a little about the British Colonel era and even when the Japanese was here.

Sabah really beautiful from the way it is, but... there's minority who would rather having own benefits and forgot about the heritages that we could remain and a remembrance for our future generation. No matter what, we are glad that there's non profit organisation and local citizen that give support to protect the heritages in Sabah.

Okay.. that's my top five reasons of why I love Sabah. :)

So now... Why do you love about your state?

Maybe you should write a short post as well! ;)

Happy weekend!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Crystal Clear Water at Sapi Island, Sabah! (VLOG)

Some time during middle of June, Beverly proposed to go for a getaway to the Island with a few bloggers/ personal friends. From a group of 6, it ends with a laid back trip of 3. As I never been to Sapi Island before, why don't we go there for a nice visit! :)

The video below is our first official vlog we have made! A video of less than 4 minutes to let us know how is Sapi Island looks like and feels like!

- Youtube : meitzeu's Channel -

Do subscribe my Channel as well! :)

- Beautiful Beach of Sapi Island - 

A short description of Sapi Island. It is one of the island at Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park and we are lucky that we actually can go for island hoping if we wanted to! The other islands will be Pulau Manukan, Pulau Sulug, Pulau Mamutik and Pulau Gaya. Read more about the island at Sabah Tourism website.

The crystal clear water was great for diving and snorkeling at Pulau Sapi and even a friend of Beverly, who is also a diver told us that Pulau Sapi was so much cleaner than the previous island he dived on the same day. I didn't went for snorkeling this time, however I still remember the feelings of being bite by tiny fishes while under the water. 

- Marine Life -

Amazing view when I look down from the jetty. I was like surprised with the crystal clear water that I could see such a number of uncountable tiny fishes that Terence said those were Ikan Bilis. (=_="), which... might be true?

- Breathtaking Scene with corals as well -

- The T-Shirt -

The A380 T-shirt as a compensation that I didn't attend the Big Flight Joy Ride as the winner of The Big Flight Bloggers Contest. Read here for more information if you are new reader of!

- Komodo Dragon aka Komodo Monitor -

There's a number of huge komodo monitors at Sapi Island which they are walking proudly while sight seeing the tourists there. No worry, it won't harm us unless you aware of their existence.

- Frisbee Time -

Beverly taught me how to play frisbee for the first time and it was interesting. And I didn't expect that Terence took a few photos of me! :)

 - White Sandy Beach -

Oh my... I love the sand! And I left my foot print there before I go home. E hemm.... =P

We went back to K.K. at 1.30pm and our face were blushed. Looking forward to our next trip to another island of TAR Marine Park! I want see the marine life under!

BTW, do read Beverly's entry here

Have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Popping Eggs at OCHADO (茶の道) at Suria Sabah, KK

There's a new beverage franchise outlet in town since months ago!

OCHADO (茶之道)

Located at Suria Sabah and has been a hot topic by one person to another. Few weeks ago, mom requested us to go to Sunday Market, Gaya Street before she went to Europe and after the walk, we ended our day at Suria Sabah.

- Ochado -

We reached Suria Sabah approximately 10.00am., as there were no customer at their counter, might as well I buy a cup to try!

There was no Roasted Milk Tea available (it was still early and they haven't prepare the tea yet), therefore I bought Pop Egg Milk Tea.

- The Price List -

 - Pop Eggs Milk Tea -

 - The Pop Eggs taste Caramel -

Pop Eggs are made of Caramel! The sweetness of it blend together with the Japanese flavoured milky tea for sure suits me well. :) If compared with our milky tea by Yoyo Cafe (A well established Taiwanese beverage outlets), I definitely choose Ochado's Milky Tea and next I wanna try the Roasted Milk Tea that they are famous with!

I still remember the milky tea that I tried during my Taiwan trip, it was just the same. And as you all know, I went to KL weeks ago and tried Chatime, Pavilion for another time, it was disappointing as their milky was tasteless (no more Taiwanese tea flavour like before) and the colour of the milky tea just unusual. :(

Quality control always be an issue to solve.

So, Ochado is my new temptation when I drop by Suria Sabah for now :) AND of course coffee still the best! :D

Facebook Page : Click here.
Kota Kinabalu Branch :  Suria Sabah

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fruitful week for beginning of July 2012

Quite a good week with unusual dishes and activities. :)

Went for a run at 7K Charity Run at Sutera Harbour with Beverly. I ran half lap while she finished the whole 7K within one hour. :P I was unable to run further due to my less exercising routine, wanna faint after I ran for a while.

Both of my eye have been allergy for almost/ more than a month. AND for the first time that I actually paid for such a high expenses for medication. =_= 347 at eye specialist centre.

Yinyin and her boyfriend came for a short holiday in KK, she requested me and Terence to bring them to Equatorial (Non Halal), Tanjung Aru for dinner as they want to try Crocodile Meat.

It's my favorite Japanese Cuisine!! Chirashi @RM28 by Miyabi Japanese Restaurant, Damai. Terence like to eat there and loving their Japanese Food that priced reasonably.

To end this weekend post... The Sunset at Sutera Harbour while waiting Beverly to finish her run justnow. :-)

And... That's my sister, meatball-online finger and mine. Pinky promise to cut down those calories. Gonna take some nice photoshoot soon!! Hopefully we can make it. :-)

Btw, join me at Instagram if you have! My username is meitzeu!! Cheers for a great Sunday to end with!

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Taiwan : Taipei - Shilin Night Market is MAD HUGE! 【台湾游】台北 - 士林夜市好大哦 !

Taipei - Part  2 - Shilin Night Market (士林夜市)

Another post for Taipei, Taiwan! :)

We often been told that it is a must to visit a few destination if we manage to visit Taiwan, and one of them will be step on the ground at their famous NIGHT MARKETS! Shilin Night Market (士林夜市) located at Shilin District as our first night market that we visited on the first day we arrived Taipei.

- Metro Taipei -

We took a rest at our rest house after visited JiuFen (九份) and we visited Shilin via MRT service during the night with our Easy Card. I have mentioned before that we were staying at Zhong Shan (中山)and we left Zhong Shan and arrived at Jiantan (剑潭), the nearest station to walk to Shilin Night Market. 

And you know what? We thought at Shilin Night Market is located at Shilin Station and we were misunderstood with the station name. So do bear in mind, although it carries the same words, but it is not necessary represent that a tourist spot is located there. We felt so embarrassed after a passenger was giving us the funny face knowingly we arrived at the wrong station. (Silly us)

Off we go to the previous Station!

- Jiantan (剑潭)-

Had a short walk and we arrived at SHILIN NIGHT MARKET!!

- Shilin Night Market (士林夜市) -

It is recognised as the LARGEST night market in Taipei and it wasn't a joke. We experienced it for hours and hours and as for us, we walked for almost 4 hours, that was MAD. Hungry me since earlier could only had my dinner around 10.00pm while my back aching. :( Icehippo could shop non stop whenever she can. SHOPAHOLIC IN ACTION! (O_o")

- Meatball-Online's little hand and the annoyed face -

- 铁蛋 (Iron Hard Preserved Egg) -

Another well known Taiwanese delicacies and it is one kind of preserved egg with harder texture but looks like our Century Eggs here. Heard that the famous one is from Dan Shui (淡水). I found it is interesting and once in a while I will be craving for it and I prefer the smaller eggs.

And the next will be more photos shared about what can we expecting from Shilin Night Market.

- Discounted Brand Items -

- 东京着衣 ( -

I like their fashionable apparels there. :) And few of us bought a pile there! Definitely a great outlet for girls!!



- 3D Blinged I phone Cases -

- Creative Bags -

- The marvelous umbrella man! -

I'm sure he practiced everyday and I'm amused with his umbrella testing skill. Very impressive and Taiwanese umbrella is worth while to purchase as their quality is good! I regretted that I didn't buy one that time. :(

- Whole row of FOOD STALLS -

- 面线 -

It was wasted that I didn't try their famous noodle, especially Ah Zhong Mian Xian which located at Xi Men Ding.

 - Taiwanese Beverage -

- The Crowd of Shilin Night Market -

As usual, every night markets in Taiwan will crowded with people because of words from one to another, because of the varieties of Taiwanese small eateries and of course, cheap discounted quality items that we can choose from one outlet to another.

Indeed experiencing Taiwanese night market was good. If you manage to visit Taiwan some day, do choose one or two famous one to visit. From my opinion, all of them are almost the same except for some differentiated local small eateries and various cheap pricing for quality fashionable items.

Final words to end this post.... 

Shilin Night Market, YOU ARE SO HUGE! 士林夜市,你好大哦!!

Location :
No. 101, Jīhé Rd, Shihlin District, Taipei City, Taiwan 111

Operating time :
5.00pm - 1.00am

To get there :
Click here.

View Shilin Night Market here