Saturday, June 30, 2012

Seafood Feast at KL Style BBQ & Steamboat, Penampang, Sabah

*Invited food review*


Few of us attended food review few weeks ago. Together with Beverly from Take Another Step, Charlotte from Charlotte Fong, Nathalie from Singing Coconut, Tom from Rungitom (KK bloggers) and Terence, my bf tagged along as well, we had a great night with fresh seafood steamboat/ hotpot! Enjoyed ourselves during the food review with various seafood that we could have especially on a RAINY DAY! We stuffed ourselves with so many foods!

- The lighter version of steamboat we had -

The soup base that KL Steamboat have, Chicken Soup (left) and Tom Yum Soup (right). The soup taste light and non additive of MSG in it that we don't felt thirsty for the whole night while and after the steamboat dinner we had! Even without chilled beverages.

And there goes the snap shots for our steamboat night out!

- The Restaurant to be reviewed - KL Style BBQ & Steamboat -

I do remember my last visit during my birthday steamboat night at KL, trust me, this one looks similar / the same with my visit at KL with varieties of seafood and mixed cold storage cooked materials to choose with.

- BBQ/ Frying Pan -

There are two options, sitting inside the air-conditioned restaurant and sitting outside at the open air space. If we are sitting outside, we could fried/ barbeque our selection with the sizzling hot pan outside the restaurant itself. While as for customers who sit inside the restaurant, we will be lucky enough to get the owner (Ah Loong) to fried for us or WE PAN FRIED OURSELVES!! Be our own cooked #likeaboss :D

- Reasonable Pricing -

Adult : RM25.00 (Member : RM22.00), Children, age from 4 to 12 : RM10.00 nett and age below 4 : FREE!

- Inside the spacious restaurant -

- Various Fresh Meat and Seafood -

- Various cooked cold storage materials -

- Nestle Ice Creams -

Terence love chocolate ice cream and he finished it within minutes and forgot I want to eat it as well. (-_-")

- Seafood Pot -

The other hot pot that Charlotte and Tom having at the other table, meant for crabs, clams, prawns and other seafood. Beverly is sensitive with clams, so I had my prawns from the other pot! :)

- Ready to Serve -

- That's Ah Loong, the Owner -

Ah Loong was pan frying and barbeque-ing for the customers inside the restaurant.

- Our Satisfying Faces -

And I missed the ABC (Shaved Ice) they had after I left earlier with Terence. :/ Very nice home made ABC that I see from photos shared!!!

Location :
Lot No. 12, Ground Floor, Damas 118 Plaza, 88300 Jalan Pintas, Penampang, Sabah.
(Opposite of Millenium CKS, Penampang By Pass, the restaurant is located at the same row with a well known Make Up Academy in KK (Google Map))

Operating Time :
5.30pm - 11.00pm

Contact No. :
013-872 5656/ 016-623 0211

Other reviewer :
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  1. wow. Nice steamboat place.. I'm quite tempted by the clams and crabs! I'm a crab lover! yeay! hehe.. thanks for the review meitzeu, will certainly go and try it soon.

  2. arhh! steamboat buffet!! nice one nice one! :)

    1. Hehe :D I think WM have more choices oo~

  3. ohmy u reminded me how long didnt i go for a steamboat buffet ad. =((( im a crab lover too!

    1. Hehe :) It is time to go for next steamboat!

  4. this is near home. will go try one day!

  5. the last pic semua food hunter! hahah! Epic! But I dont like steamboat..;P

    1. Oh well~ Not all of us love steamboat doesn't we?

  6. 0.o scallops and crabs.... price doesn't sound expensive to me since there are quite a lot of seafood. BBQ ? no thanks for me, i always find them either too oily or too "heaty" for me =x

    1. Reasonable price!!! They serve more than what I posted here. :P

  7. RM25 doesn't seem quite expensive if compare the one in Kampung Nelayan. I spotted this when visit the other steamboat outlet located at same row. Just this no so crowded. Perhaps someday.

    1. I know which one you said. :) The celup one. hehe

  8. steamboat's my absolute FAVE!! it sure has been a while since i've had some...

  9. MT I just came back from steam boat buffet today somewhere in Petaling Jaya and it cost me RM28 per person and eat until you kenyang. To bad I don't take any photos coz to excited hehehe...

    1. Hahhaa :D Steamboat is great for gathering!!

  10. awesome! i love steamboat! just had it at home with my's really fun to do steamboat at home..hehe..

  11. KL 风味? LOL

    KL punya consider super hyper mix 风味 already hahaha

    me phobia steamboat >.>