Monday, June 11, 2012

Taiwan : Taipei - Drooled with Eateries at JiuFen!【台湾游】 台北 - 九份旧街美食记

It wasn't an unusual phrase to hear about the delicious local delicacies of Taiwan.

Hundred of small eateries can be found everywhere and it's the same at Jiu Fen as well! Moreover, I have been understood that every tourist spot at Taiwan say, Xi Men Ding (西门町), Feng Jia (逢甲)or even Dan Sui (淡水), there's local specialties can be found at each destination!

As promised in previous Jiu Fen's entry (here), the post of this entry will be all about the FOOD that can be found at Jiu Fen. :)

- Main entrance to the antique street of Jiu Fen -

So now, snaps shots of local delicacies there.

- The dry squid -

- Smelly Tauhu -

Some of them say Taiwan version of smelly tauhu taste good, although smells awful. As for me, I didn't tried Taiwanese smelly tauhu. However, the one I tried at Hong Kong was NICE!

- Outlets of various local delicacies -

- Huge Winter Melon -

- Our lunch at Jiu Fen -

- Meatballs made of squid, charcoal and others and 金枝红糟肉圆 -

- My snacks - GRILLED MUSHROOMS!! -

- Taiwan must have pearl milk tea -

- Fish Balls -

- Sweet Potatoes Balls -

Overall, Taiwanese delicacies are interesting, although I didn't fancy much with their oil fried food. No matter what, I did tried a few and shared among few of us. :)

Jiu Fen antique street is really beautiful place to visit, the scenery and the foods are great, so much to choose and I'm sure all of us will gain weight if we can't resist the temptation of their food! I just love the place quite a lot.

So... anyone drooled with the food above? LOL

Have a great day everyone. :)


  1. Aiyak....early morning drooling now...all looks great except the smelly tauhu

  2. Jiufen is a wonderful place. It provides the chance to try many different foods from Taiwan, as well as the opportunity to see some beautiful scenery. It is nice to see photos from your trip there.

  3. the fish ball is double later. outside is fish and inside is beef. tasty tasty and the chili is freaking spicy it's really cooling over there. they got the fried prawn balls too. best go with empty stomach. :D and eat all the little foods over there :D miss that place alot

  4. Taiwan really famous of samy types of snacks

  5. oh i still remember that stall selling fish balls, their squid balls are heavenly good ! it was NTW 35 per bowl back in year 2005, i had 3 bowls of them :P

  6. I love mostly the snacks esp the dried squids and grilled mushrooms. Sometimes I think the food from the streets are the best in taste and they can be quite reasonably priced.

  7. I've yet to try smelly tofu hahaha don't have the guts to LOL!


  8. I seriously miss this place so much! i MISS EVERYTHING THAT FEATURE IN THIS POST !!! >< ahhaha!

  9. so there any food u haven't tasted yet? hehehe

  10. was raining when I was there T_T

  11. i love the chou to fu...can't get good ones in kl. its really horrid smelly ones in kl.

  12. I love your many interesting stories behind them!! I would love to visit there....someday...
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  13. wow the grilled mushrooms looks like Yao Char Kuey actually. the whole trip is so delicious! :)

    Latest: Summer Splash from Paris

  14. Oh my~ Really wanna taste those food! =D

  15. Great collection of pictures of yummy food.
    BTW, that huge long winter melon looks more like our manhood lah! Hahaha

  16. owh the grill mushroom so thick eh > . >