Sunday, June 17, 2012

Chilling at Breads & More, Grace Point, KK

Sutera Habour tweeted us (me and meatball-online) to visit their newly operated cafe "Breads & More" sometime around January this year.

And during one fine Saturday afternoon (Another sweet day for afternoon tea :D), both of us agreed to visit the cafe. :) 

- Beverages price list -

Overall it was Good! I do love the croissant and the cake I had there. Although it is operated by Sutera Harbour, the pricing are reasonable or should I say, cheaper than the usual 5-Star hotel price that we could get. Quite surprise and satisfy with their food while chilling out during the free time.

However, we were quite disappointed with their coffee, does not satisfy our usual taste buds of coffee in comparison with cafes that we usually had in town. :(

Below are the cakes and breads that we can choose at Breads and More. The one that WE COULD GET FROM THE HOTEL AS WELL!!

- Loafs of Breads and Jam for sell -

- Our selection -

Cold cream cheese cake (RM5.00) that really cooling and creamy while Salami Croissant (RM11.80) is filling and taste really good! The presentation was attractive as well. 

- The drink we had -

So much disappointment and I think you can see it from the photo above as well. Something not right with the Iced Cappuccino. Meatball was safe from the iced tea. I think their coffee really need to be improved and seek advise or maybe hire a profesional barista to brew or prepare the coffee. (-_-) When both beverage and food are good, the overall customer satisfaction will be so much better.

Breads & More, I definitely recommend to my friends for their breads and cakes. And it become one of my chill out spot once in a while. :)

Location :
Grace Point, Sembulan


  1. i really enjoying your blog meitzu,
    everything looks so yummy,
    i always refer to your blog when i don't have any idea where to go to eat best food,
    but can you next time label the 'not halal' and 'halal' food..:)
    by the i said, i do really love your travel n food blog!

    1. Yeah i feel the same too..about halal n non halal~

    2. Thanks for the comments girls!
      I will start a new tag soon!

    3. first time here and im feeling hungry after seeing her blog!

    4. my first time here and im feeling hungry after reading meitzeu's blog!!

  2. classic sandwich. reminds me of the drama " how i meet your mother" where they use sandwich as a sublime meaning for something else. hahaha

  3. Yummy food! Too bad the coffee was not up to standard!

  4. cheese cake for RM5 sounds cheap to me, and the sandwich looks good too !

  5. Dear Meitzeu... Thank you for introducing this nice place for light meal... will definitely avoid the coffee as I hate to be disappointed by it. Keep up the good work!

  6. nom nom nom! nice food there! :)

  7. Ha! Kena photo-bombed again :D

    I tried to search for HALAL restaurants in KK, via official HALAL board.. If memory serves correctly, there's only 20+ HALAL restaurants in KK. 18 of them taken by Starbucks, Pizza Hut and KFC =______=


  8. why so cheap! the cheesecake i want!!!

  9. whoots!i would definitely choose the salami croissant! =DD

  10. Cheese cake looks so tempted and delicious yummy

  11. yummy! grace point is one of my favorite place in kk ^^

  12. Oooo KK got such a nice place :D nais!