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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Seafood Feast at KL Style BBQ & Steamboat, Penampang, Sabah

*Invited food review*


Few of us attended food review few weeks ago. Together with Beverly from Take Another Step, Charlotte from Charlotte Fong, Nathalie from Singing Coconut, Tom from Rungitom (KK bloggers) and Terence, my bf tagged along as well, we had a great night with fresh seafood steamboat/ hotpot! Enjoyed ourselves during the food review with various seafood that we could have especially on a RAINY DAY! We stuffed ourselves with so many foods!

- The lighter version of steamboat we had -

The soup base that KL Steamboat have, Chicken Soup (left) and Tom Yum Soup (right). The soup taste light and non additive of MSG in it that we don't felt thirsty for the whole night while and after the steamboat dinner we had! Even without chilled beverages.

And there goes the snap shots for our steamboat night out!

- The Restaurant to be reviewed - KL Style BBQ & Steamboat -

I do remember my last visit during my birthday steamboat night at KL, trust me, this one looks similar / the same with my visit at KL with varieties of seafood and mixed cold storage cooked materials to choose with.

- BBQ/ Frying Pan -

There are two options, sitting inside the air-conditioned restaurant and sitting outside at the open air space. If we are sitting outside, we could fried/ barbeque our selection with the sizzling hot pan outside the restaurant itself. While as for customers who sit inside the restaurant, we will be lucky enough to get the owner (Ah Loong) to fried for us or WE PAN FRIED OURSELVES!! Be our own cooked #likeaboss :D

- Reasonable Pricing -

Adult : RM25.00 (Member : RM22.00), Children, age from 4 to 12 : RM10.00 nett and age below 4 : FREE!

- Inside the spacious restaurant -

- Various Fresh Meat and Seafood -

- Various cooked cold storage materials -

- Nestle Ice Creams -

Terence love chocolate ice cream and he finished it within minutes and forgot I want to eat it as well. (-_-")

- Seafood Pot -

The other hot pot that Charlotte and Tom having at the other table, meant for crabs, clams, prawns and other seafood. Beverly is sensitive with clams, so I had my prawns from the other pot! :)

- Ready to Serve -

- That's Ah Loong, the Owner -

Ah Loong was pan frying and barbeque-ing for the customers inside the restaurant.

- Our Satisfying Faces -

And I missed the ABC (Shaved Ice) they had after I left earlier with Terence. :/ Very nice home made ABC that I see from photos shared!!!

Location :
Lot No. 12, Ground Floor, Damas 118 Plaza, 88300 Jalan Pintas, Penampang, Sabah.
(Opposite of Millenium CKS, Penampang By Pass, the restaurant is located at the same row with a well known Make Up Academy in KK (Google Map))

Operating Time :
5.30pm - 11.00pm

Contact No. :
013-872 5656/ 016-623 0211

Other reviewer :
Click here to check out the review done by Beverly!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Aftermath of KL trip, BACK IN KK!

Currently back in KK, knowingly it's Mega Sales in KL. Instead of doing of some shopping here and there, I ATE A LOT! Friends bring me and meatball-online for lunch and dinner, and ended of last dinner with a dinner of two at Celadon, Thai Restaurant. Bet you can't imagine the amount of food I had in KL. (lol)

The main purpose of going to KL was attending the convocation of the election of associateship of my profession.

- MEGA SALES in town!! -

- Levain -

- Delicious -

- Euro Deli -

Told you I enjoying myself with a lot of foods!! And those only some of it I had. All the good foods introduced by our friends who love to eat as well.;-)

And that's all for today. Busy day to end with and busy day for tomorrow as well.

I wonder when will my next trip to KL again, I think I will be missing a lot of those time when I'm wearing robs and different university or profession hoods. ♥♡★☆
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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hello Kuala Lumpur. =)

A lil update from KL. =)

Arrived on KL in the afternoon today, did some shopping and went for dinner with meatball-online and friends.

Saturday morning (23rd)gonna attend my professional course graduation.Yeap! Another time for convocation and this time I'm going to be a certified chartered secretary finsole.

Okay, that's my short post this time, till we meet in the next post!!

Tokyo Street, Pavilion

Sashimi, Sushi Tei

Spreading Sabahan love to others.=)

Oh ya..... Our cab driver from the airport, is a Sabahan too! But.... We didn't mentioned nor asked him.

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Chilling at Breads & More, Grace Point, KK

Sutera Habour tweeted us (me and meatball-online) to visit their newly operated cafe "Breads & More" sometime around January this year.

And during one fine Saturday afternoon (Another sweet day for afternoon tea :D), both of us agreed to visit the cafe. :) 

- Beverages price list -

Overall it was Good! I do love the croissant and the cake I had there. Although it is operated by Sutera Harbour, the pricing are reasonable or should I say, cheaper than the usual 5-Star hotel price that we could get. Quite surprise and satisfy with their food while chilling out during the free time.

However, we were quite disappointed with their coffee, does not satisfy our usual taste buds of coffee in comparison with cafes that we usually had in town. :(

Below are the cakes and breads that we can choose at Breads and More. The one that WE COULD GET FROM THE HOTEL AS WELL!!

- Loafs of Breads and Jam for sell -

- Our selection -

Cold cream cheese cake (RM5.00) that really cooling and creamy while Salami Croissant (RM11.80) is filling and taste really good! The presentation was attractive as well. 

- The drink we had -

So much disappointment and I think you can see it from the photo above as well. Something not right with the Iced Cappuccino. Meatball was safe from the iced tea. I think their coffee really need to be improved and seek advise or maybe hire a profesional barista to brew or prepare the coffee. (-_-) When both beverage and food are good, the overall customer satisfaction will be so much better.

Breads & More, I definitely recommend to my friends for their breads and cakes. And it become one of my chill out spot once in a while. :)

Location :
Grace Point, Sembulan

Monday, June 11, 2012

Taiwan : Taipei - Drooled with Eateries at JiuFen!【台湾游】 台北 - 九份旧街美食记

It wasn't an unusual phrase to hear about the delicious local delicacies of Taiwan.

Hundred of small eateries can be found everywhere and it's the same at Jiu Fen as well! Moreover, I have been understood that every tourist spot at Taiwan say, Xi Men Ding (西门町), Feng Jia (逢甲)or even Dan Sui (淡水), there's local specialties can be found at each destination!

As promised in previous Jiu Fen's entry (here), the post of this entry will be all about the FOOD that can be found at Jiu Fen. :)

- Main entrance to the antique street of Jiu Fen -

So now, snaps shots of local delicacies there.

- The dry squid -

- Smelly Tauhu -

Some of them say Taiwan version of smelly tauhu taste good, although smells awful. As for me, I didn't tried Taiwanese smelly tauhu. However, the one I tried at Hong Kong was NICE!

- Outlets of various local delicacies -

- Huge Winter Melon -

- Our lunch at Jiu Fen -

- Meatballs made of squid, charcoal and others and 金枝红糟肉圆 -

- My snacks - GRILLED MUSHROOMS!! -

- Taiwan must have pearl milk tea -

- Fish Balls -

- Sweet Potatoes Balls -

Overall, Taiwanese delicacies are interesting, although I didn't fancy much with their oil fried food. No matter what, I did tried a few and shared among few of us. :)

Jiu Fen antique street is really beautiful place to visit, the scenery and the foods are great, so much to choose and I'm sure all of us will gain weight if we can't resist the temptation of their food! I just love the place quite a lot.

So... anyone drooled with the food above? LOL

Have a great day everyone. :)

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Hainanese Polo Bun at Keng Wan Hing Coffee Shop, Gaya Street.

Being one of the oldest coffee shop in town and located at the most happening Gaya Street of Kota Kinabalu.

It was my second attempt on their famous Pineapple Bun a.k.a. Polo Bun. I never had any Polo Bun in town with real Pineapple Marmalade which normally found with butter in it.

On 30th May, it was public holiday in Sabah in conjuction with Harvest Festival celebration. Before we start our shopping at the local mall here, we went to the coffee shop for breakfast. ;-) We were lucky to be there when those bread were just served hot from the oven.

The warm soft bread texture and the sweet pineapple marmalade just perfect for light breakfast or afternoon tea, especially when it is serve with a cup of black coffee or a cup of Teh C (milky tea).

Once I was being informed that even tourists from Indonesia bought 400 (four hundred) pieces - NO JOKE!! As souvenirs to their friends and family back to Indonesia.

That's good to know there's good old bread recipe in town. Love to explore more about it and sitting there chilling with family and even friends once in a while. The feeling of oldies, some times we really need to sit back and enjoy. :-)

FYI, the steam bun from the coffee shop are good as well. I haven't tried it yet, soon I will try. :-)

Location :
Opposite to RHB Bank, Gaya Street.