Thursday, May 3, 2012

Taiwan : Taipei - The Antique Town of Jiu Fen Old Street 【台湾游】 台北 - 九份旧街

Taipei - Part 1 - The adventure began.

After our trip at Taichung (compilation click here), the next City we have visited was Taipei (台北). I can't express the excitement when I visited Taipei, but surely it was the best time I had during my trip at Taiwan. 

I love TAIPEI!

We hired a driver and left Feng Jia at 9.00am and headed to Zhong Shan (中山). We stayed at Taipei Rest House which located less than 5 minutes away from the nearest MRT Station - Zhong Shan Station (中山站). 

After we left our luggage at the rest house, we took a rest and headed to our next destination - Jiu Fen Old Street (九份旧道, 黄金山城) by MRT. From Zhong Shan Station - (MRT) Taipei Station - (Train) Rui Fang (瑞芳) Station and get a bus to Jiu Fen and it is essential to own an Easycard and uses it to travel from one destination to another. Non the less, we can use it at 7 Eleven too! I miss Taiwan's 7 Eleven and it was the best place to get all kinds of products and foods!

- Jiu Fen Old Street (九份旧道) -

Finally we reached Jiu Fen Old Street. :) Can you see the main entrance to the old street of foods and souvenirs?

It was one of a kind experience that I have experienced from Zhong Shan to Jiu Fen. It was quite a long journey from one another and the most challenging and snake alike journey will be from Rui Fang to Jiu Fen, I was like showing off my Kung Fu skill inside the bus while I was standing between two rows of seats.(-_-)

- Jiu Fen Old Street (九份旧道) -

May our walk began.

- The Story of the Town (小城故事) -

Why JiuFen was being called Jiu Fen? It is because during the first years of the Qing Dynasty, the village here housed nine families, thus the village would request "nine portions" every time shipments arrived from town. Later Jiufen ("nine portions" in Chinese) would become the name of the village. (Wiki)

As year by year Jiu Fen is well promoted to the world of it's antique street, I do love the concept and the overall feelings there. :) In fact, we could find so many interesting foods, souvenirs, goodies, antiques and more.

And now, do enjoy the snap shots that I am sharing here! :) What did we see, eat and do at Jiu Fen!


- Street at Jiu Fen -

- Random Outlet -

-金枝红糟肉圆 -

Is a must eat at Jiu Fen, tasted a bit weird but still okay for me, i found Taiwanese taste buds just so much different from ours here in Malaysia. Interesting local delicacy that I have tried and it's consist of pork and other fillings.

- Wooden slipper -

In Malaysia, we could find wooden slippers too!

- Candies -

- Milky Tea -

My first official original Taiwanese milky tea with pearls I had at Taiwan.

- Street shot -

- Musical instrument with Owl figure -

- Street Shot -

Narrow street with crowded people. Jiu Fen is a very busy tourist place for the locals too. One couple that we met at Taipei Station directed us to Jiu Fen, they were really kind and sweet. :)

- Dried SQUIDS -

I don't favour this, the whole place smells squided.

- Jishan Street's Scenery of Mountain and Seacoast (基山街山海风光) -

We admired the beautiful scenery at the highest place from Jiu Fen.

- Scenery from the balcony opposite Jiu Fen Old Street -

- Happy mascot at Jiu Fen, Taipei -

- Bye Jiu Fen -

After our visiting to Jiu Fen, we headed back to the hotel with the same route from Jiu Fen to Zhong Shan. And during the same day, we visited Shilin Night Market too! A long night to visit there. 

But before Shilin Nigh Market, I shall blog about the local Food I had at Jiu Fen!! Be drooled with my photos posted!! 

Great day to all! :)

Photo credit : Carlos L.


  1. got buy any antiques in 9 fen? might wanna see more of the ancient areas..hehe

    1. NO la.. Just bring back the smell of Antiques. :P

  2. How not to have a bubble tea while in Taiwan, after all the culture of bubble tea has spilled over to our grounds. I simply adore the street snacks and amazing pics as seen here.

  3. I like the Jishan Scenery view the most

  4. Awesome Taipei, would definitely be on my backpacking list! :D

  5. i LOVE Jiu fen!! I remember there's a shop selling mochi...darn good!! But parents were soo hurry and I didnt have a chance to stop by and try all of it...;'(

  6. cute slippers! ^^
    it's amazing to be in beautiful historical city right ;)
    awesome trip!

  7. Hi Mei! I guess ur name is Mei right? hahaha sorry for guessing! Anyway I love looking at these photos, you inspire me to travel more since my last travel was 5 years ago!

    1. Hi Cliff! :) You can call me Mei if you are okay with it! :)

  8. Great post. I wanna also visit this city, it looks so wonderful from pics:)
    really nice post!!!

    check out also my blog:

    xx ketty xx

    1. It sure is a wonderful place to visit. :)

  9. Amazing photos and travel tips for traveller! great , very enjoy reading!!!

  10. I heard tat Taiwan milk tea is really good...
    Very smooth right.....

  11. i admire the streets at taipei :( so nice. i wanna go there too!

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    following you. hope you will follow back.:)

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