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【沙巴游】 斗亚兰 - 龙尾湾之旅 Fun in Sabah : Tuaran - Borneo Kellybays

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It was my first visit to Borneo Kellybays together with THP on February this year. At the first sight, Borneo Kellybays do impress me with their concept that allow us to experience life in the mangrove forest and river while at the same time enjoy the sea breeze and sun bathe at the beach. Two type of excitement at one destination, I would definitely introduce Kellybays to my friends and people who seek for relaxing trip either in groups or family with all ages.

We left from our office and it takes approximately 40 minutes drives from Kota Kinabalu to reach the destination.

- Arriving at the private jetty of Borneo Kellybays -

Borneo Kellybays as described :
"Borneo Kellybays, the Borneo’s Mystical Paradise is located within a mangrove forest with a beach that stretches 7 km long overlooking the South China Sea and yet to be discovered by the local Sabahans." - Source 

Furthermore, in case you are wondering why does the place is named 龙尾湾 ("Dragon Tail Bay"), we did referred to the person in charge and it is because when we look that bay from far, we could see that the bay is long and beautiful just like the tail of the dragon in Borneo.

- The Boat Time Schedule -

Visitors are required to present themselves at the private jetty provided at 10.30am, 11.30am or 12.30pm (last schedule) for the ferry service to bring us across and towards to the destination. We might be expecting a half day trip or the latest by 5.00pm to leave Kellybays which offers various activities to the public.

- Unique Built Ferry -

Anyone who visit Borneo Kellybays will have the opportunity to hop on to the unique built ferry which is similar like "Floating Pondok" made of bamboos. The bamboo ferry is huge and it could lift quite a number of people.

- Heading to the beach! -

It tooks about 5 minutes ferry ride from the private jetty to the beach. It was well managed by local Sabahan with various activities that won't let visitors to get bored with. Hence, the fusion cuisine provided for the visitors are delicious as well.

During our 5 minutes river cruise, one of the tourist guide in town introduced the life in the mangrove forest and river whereby when we saw those white bladders floating on the surface, those were used to catch the fishes and crabs.

Once arrived at the main entrance, we continued ourselves with the ALL FREE ACTIVITIES that visitors could enjoy themselves. The followings are some of the activities that we can join and suitable for young and old.

- Batik Painting -

- Batik Painting -

- Blow Piping -

My dad is good with blow pipe (maybe because of our culture background, The Murut) (^_^), each time he could hit the middle spot! I tried so many times and my skill is so bad. :(

- Space to take a nap before starting the activities -

- Hanging Net as Bed -

- The reflection of the white sand was so bright that day -


- The beach -

The best part of Kellybays, the strong wind that allow us to surf with the wave at their beach!!!! I wish to do that activity some day. :)

- The Restaurant -

- Fusion Cuisine -

Various Malaysian fusion dishes to suit various customers. Their food served was delicious as compared with some of the buffet offered along other beaches.


- My lunch that noon -

- Our dessert which we paid for -

That's all about my review of Borneo Kellybays, Tuaran. A really calm destiation that we doesn't have to hop on to speed boat and waited for 30 minutes to arrive at the opposite islands of Kota Kinabalu. As what I have been informed, the entrance per person inclusive of all activities offered and food from the restaurant (unless stated). 

If I have the chance to stay longer, you might see me sitting at the beach and enjoying the beautiful view. :) 

For more information about Borneo Kellybays, do send your inquiry to THP at

Kampung Laya-Laya, Tuaran.

Website :
Borneo Kellybays - URL


  1. I've never heard of Borneo Kellybays before until you blog about it. Such a nice place with hammocks line up in one line, cute and even cool floating restaurant! :D Shall visit it one day if I'll visit Sabah one day.

  2. Wow~ You always go on nice trips~ : D I want to go so badly! : D Seems so relaxing. I can daydream about this!

  3. i've been there!! it's a beautiful place! ^^

  4. wow i cant imagine myself sleeping on the hanging net. must really experience it one day!

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  5. I have heard on this place from my friends and seeing the pics you have shared completes why my friends were fascinated and love it so much. The beach is so calming and breathtaking and what more the delicious food as the finale and remembrance of this breath taking place.

  6. Yup I c very strong wind n strong wave.....
    Is a popular spot for surfing?

  7. I have yet to be there and that Hello Kitty bag really stole the whole show xD

  8. Oh! I want to sleep in that hanging net! LOL!

  9. ohhh i miss eating tuaran mee when i read this post... eh is that kimchi? LOL

  10. this place is awesome! must visit one day! :)

  11. the place looks interesting. such getaways are fun. and when combined with a beach, its a perfect outing.

  12. I always love being near the water! And this palce is just so beautiful..

  13. mango dessert is good during such a sunny day along the beach :)

  14. oh punya cantik! tidak pernah dengar sebelum ini this place. Mcm bukan di sabah pula kan..

  15. I've been there once and yes it's a relaxing place to go. I love the hanging net...tempat me and my bestfriend gossip2 during our visit lol :D I've tried the blow pipe and I almost hit my friend's arm. :s

  16. kira2 brapa kos mau ke sana??