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Hi from Android phone & Loving Immortelle by L'occitane

Testing (blogging) from the blogger application using my new toy - Galaxy Note. Still quite blur with it though.

Bought Immortelle promotion set this afternoon. I do in love with them for quite a while and it cost me a piece of gold.

Imma testing with Instagram as well!!!

That's all for the day. Happy weekend.
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Feel free to comment! Appreciate with your kind words and it does make my days brighter!


  1. I have this Bloggeroid apps too but never try to use it before. Therefore, I always bring along my mini laptop to travel with me.

  2. ur testing is successful! hehe. hello to ur new toy & new products! ^^

  3. Wow u got a galaxy note.. Kewl...
    I m waiting for galaxy s3...

  4. Hi! Somebody gave me the complete L'Occitane Immortelle line last christmas. I also fell in love with each product. Here's the link just in case:

    Lovin' your new toy!!!! Congrats!

  5. Congrats on your Galaxy Note! I've downloaded Instagram, but somehow not using it, LOL!

  6. i want a new toy too :(
    when oh when?

  7. Love L'occitane products. Costly but they are lovely!