Come Clean and Reset

Come clean to make known to others what we think and need.

Person like me... Finally understand about his story behind after the whole mess I have done to him. 

I'm grateful that he solved the doubts of mine that bugging me for months, we had a long conversation until 2.30am in the morning and he finally understand why am I acting strange lately.

No matter how hard we went through for the past 11+ years, he never regret to work hard after so many attempts to fight for the future. In fact, I feel silly to have such doubts in my mind and thinking selfishly instead.

No matter what and how, there's always a knot tying both of us. :)

- Meitzeu with Hong Kong Sea view behind -

Yea... As usual... Silly face of mine. No wonder he is still treating like a baby of his and the 15 years young girl that he attached with 11+ years ago. He do appreciate our relationship and never ever say to end our relationship until today (otherwise for me). :)

Have a great Mother's Day this year to all mothers and potential mothers. And DEAR READERS, loving your parent is a routine matter and not only on this special day. ;) Happy Mother's Day. Long live the parent!



Feel free to comment! Appreciate with your kind words and it does make my days brighter!


  1. love conquers all :)
    happy mother's day to all mums! ^^

  2. Appreciate your love one, Mei Tzeu. It's not easy for relationship to stay strong especially for your case, you and him has been together for more than 10 years. So I quite salute you one that you and your bf can stay together for so long.

    Send your wishes to your mom, Happy Mother's Day =D

    1. hehe :) Never expect we can walk this far. :)

      Yea! I told my mom already! Thank you DT!

  3. Great person you have to make you feel good and yes to all mothers and wishing all them Happy Mother's Day.

  4. who's the main person in this post youre refering? im confused. ;D

  5. glad everything turns out fine :)

    1. Yes. We are so sweet like never before. :)

  6. Haha.. Well, since I've known you, this is a good turn of events! =) Glad you're happy again.. xxxx