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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Amazing visit to The World Museum of Liverpool that Summer

It was norms to visit the museums while we were studying at oversea and especially when there's no entrance fee required at Liverpool, England.

From what I could remember, the museum was huge and consist of 5 floors of information about the past and present. Each floor has it own category - (G) Information Centre, (1st) Bugs and Marine, (2nd) Ancient and Culture, (3rd) Extinct Creatures and (4th) Astrology. We visited one floor to another and it took us almost whole day for that visit. Impressive and informative for the public to know more about the world.

- The World Museum -

The nearest place and easier to know is the World Museum located nearest to Lime Street Train Station.

Mean while, a few of us visited World Museum on a Saturday back then (2008)! Cool weather after the rain, I just miss that some time.

- View of Liverpool City Centre from the Museum -

 - Astrology Level -

 - Astrology Level -

For more reading about this level, do read my previous post when I wrote it during Year 2008.

- At the Extinct Creatures Level -

 - At the Extinct Creatures Level -

- At the Extinct Creatures Level -

- At the Extinct Creatures Level -

For more reading about this level, do read my previous post when I wrote it during Year 2008.

- At the Ancient and Culture Level -

- At the Ancient and Culture Level -

- At the Ancient and Culture Level -

- At the Ancient and Culture Level -

- At the Ancient and Culture Level -

For more reading about this level, do read my previous post when I wrote it during Year 2008.

- At the Bugs and Marine Life Level -

- At the Bugs and Marine Life Level -
For more reading about this level, do read my previous post when I wrote it during Year 2008.

Overall impression was good, however as usual, I love to learn and understand more about culture and living creatures on this earth. Astrology wasn't my interest. From Bugs and Marine level, I learned some of the creature such as the cycle of one kind of red ants towards their life and other living small sized bugs as well.

If in the future we could have the chance to visit European countries or any other countries, we shall spend some time to visit their museums (provided time is flexible for us), their museum just incredible with all kinds of information that everyone should know about.

Location :

World Museum,William Brown Street, Liverpool, L3 8EN

Website : World Museum

Monday, May 28, 2012

【沙巴游】 沙比岛 Fun in Sabah : Sapi Island - A Great Day to Visit!

So... we went to Sapi Island yesterday. 

Beautiful weather, bright sunlight and crystal clear water. 

It's been a while since my last trip to the Island. And it was my first to Sapi Island. :)

Two weeks ago we decided a trip to visit the island from 6/ 7 person and end up 3 person going only. Yeap! That's Beverly and one more person was my man!

That's the update for today.

Till my next entry!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Big Flight by Mas Airlines - I'm the OFFICIAL BLOGGER/ WINNER :)

The video we made for the contest has been selected as a WINNING video. :)

We tried our best to complete the video and thanks to MAS Airlines and all my family, friends and readers. You all gave me the inspiration to move (blog) further and have the courage to do those unexpected decision.

For those who are new with Meitzeu's Blog, do watch the winning video below! :

10 bloggers have been selected to take part in the contest and ONLY FIVE (5) selected as the WINNERS and based on a list of criterias.

As for the prize,the happening joyride happening soon... I am UNABLE to attend it, especially it will be held earlier (5th June, 2012) and not 27th June, 2012 as before. Airfares way too expensive and relevant party do not sponsor us for a short trip to KL from KK. :( 

The below are snap shots here and there of the aftermath contest and the evidence of winning. :)

- What will I stand a stand a chance at winning? -

- Featured at Mas Twitter Timeline -

- Token of appreciation from Mas received on Tuesday (22nd May)! -

Exclusively for all the ten bloggers selected that participate for the creative video done and submitted.

- The Official Winning LETTER! - 

Finally! :) And congratulation to other four selected bloggers as well! And I'm so lucky to get selected out of so many bloggers within Malaysia to participate this exclusive contest and even been selected as one of the winner as well!!! :D


I'm so happy when I received the badge on Thursday, 24th May!! Do check out for more information regarding The Big Flight A380 here!

That's all for today, I am quite busy with works, new phones and my relationship with friends and love lately. Hope everyone are great this week! 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hi from Android phone & Loving Immortelle by L'occitane

Testing (blogging) from the blogger application using my new toy - Galaxy Note. Still quite blur with it though.

Bought Immortelle promotion set this afternoon. I do in love with them for quite a while and it cost me a piece of gold.

Imma testing with Instagram as well!!!

That's all for the day. Happy weekend.
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

【沙巴游】 斗亚兰 - 龙尾湾之旅 Fun in Sabah : Tuaran - Borneo Kellybays

Trip with Tropical Holidays Paradise - Facebook/ Website

It was my first visit to Borneo Kellybays together with THP on February this year. At the first sight, Borneo Kellybays do impress me with their concept that allow us to experience life in the mangrove forest and river while at the same time enjoy the sea breeze and sun bathe at the beach. Two type of excitement at one destination, I would definitely introduce Kellybays to my friends and people who seek for relaxing trip either in groups or family with all ages.

We left from our office and it takes approximately 40 minutes drives from Kota Kinabalu to reach the destination.

- Arriving at the private jetty of Borneo Kellybays -

Borneo Kellybays as described :
"Borneo Kellybays, the Borneo’s Mystical Paradise is located within a mangrove forest with a beach that stretches 7 km long overlooking the South China Sea and yet to be discovered by the local Sabahans." - Source 

Furthermore, in case you are wondering why does the place is named 龙尾湾 ("Dragon Tail Bay"), we did referred to the person in charge and it is because when we look that bay from far, we could see that the bay is long and beautiful just like the tail of the dragon in Borneo.

- The Boat Time Schedule -

Visitors are required to present themselves at the private jetty provided at 10.30am, 11.30am or 12.30pm (last schedule) for the ferry service to bring us across and towards to the destination. We might be expecting a half day trip or the latest by 5.00pm to leave Kellybays which offers various activities to the public.

- Unique Built Ferry -

Anyone who visit Borneo Kellybays will have the opportunity to hop on to the unique built ferry which is similar like "Floating Pondok" made of bamboos. The bamboo ferry is huge and it could lift quite a number of people.

- Heading to the beach! -

It tooks about 5 minutes ferry ride from the private jetty to the beach. It was well managed by local Sabahan with various activities that won't let visitors to get bored with. Hence, the fusion cuisine provided for the visitors are delicious as well.

During our 5 minutes river cruise, one of the tourist guide in town introduced the life in the mangrove forest and river whereby when we saw those white bladders floating on the surface, those were used to catch the fishes and crabs.

Once arrived at the main entrance, we continued ourselves with the ALL FREE ACTIVITIES that visitors could enjoy themselves. The followings are some of the activities that we can join and suitable for young and old.

- Batik Painting -

- Batik Painting -

- Blow Piping -

My dad is good with blow pipe (maybe because of our culture background, The Murut) (^_^), each time he could hit the middle spot! I tried so many times and my skill is so bad. :(

- Space to take a nap before starting the activities -

- Hanging Net as Bed -

- The reflection of the white sand was so bright that day -


- The beach -

The best part of Kellybays, the strong wind that allow us to surf with the wave at their beach!!!! I wish to do that activity some day. :)

- The Restaurant -

- Fusion Cuisine -

Various Malaysian fusion dishes to suit various customers. Their food served was delicious as compared with some of the buffet offered along other beaches.


- My lunch that noon -

- Our dessert which we paid for -

That's all about my review of Borneo Kellybays, Tuaran. A really calm destiation that we doesn't have to hop on to speed boat and waited for 30 minutes to arrive at the opposite islands of Kota Kinabalu. As what I have been informed, the entrance per person inclusive of all activities offered and food from the restaurant (unless stated). 

If I have the chance to stay longer, you might see me sitting at the beach and enjoying the beautiful view. :) 

For more information about Borneo Kellybays, do send your inquiry to THP at

Kampung Laya-Laya, Tuaran.

Website :
Borneo Kellybays - URL

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Come Clean and Reset

Come clean to make known to others what we think and need.

Person like me... Finally understand about his story behind after the whole mess I have done to him. 

I'm grateful that he solved the doubts of mine that bugging me for months, we had a long conversation until 2.30am in the morning and he finally understand why am I acting strange lately.

No matter how hard we went through for the past 11+ years, he never regret to work hard after so many attempts to fight for the future. In fact, I feel silly to have such doubts in my mind and thinking selfishly instead.

No matter what and how, there's always a knot tying both of us. :)

- Meitzeu with Hong Kong Sea view behind -

Yea... As usual... Silly face of mine. No wonder he is still treating like a baby of his and the 15 years young girl that he attached with 11+ years ago. He do appreciate our relationship and never ever say to end our relationship until today (otherwise for me). :)

Have a great Mother's Day this year to all mothers and potential mothers. And DEAR READERS, loving your parent is a routine matter and not only on this special day. ;) Happy Mother's Day. Long live the parent!


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Best or One of the Best Soto found at Tuaran, Sabah

For the first time after living in Kota Kinabalu/ Sabah for the past 20 over years, finally I found one of the best (or the best?) Soto in Sabah at a small town called Tuaran (45 minutes to 1 hour from KK City). :) And it is certified by Tuaran residents as well!

Beside the usual Ngau Chap (牛杂) and the ordinary Soto that contains less noodle and less meat that we had in K.K., I never visit Tuaran just for a bowl of hot beef broth soup. Unexpectedly, it was introduced by a West Malaysia (Malay Uncle) who is in love with Sabah. :) My dad drove us and Malay Uncle lead us to that coffee shop.

- Soto Daging @ RM4.00 -

Me and Meatball-online had Soto Daging and it tasted good with well marinated meat and savoury beef broth soup, some how it tasted like a mixture of Chinese style of Ngau Chap. A very well fed brunch we had that Sunday.

Beside Soto, they serve Rojak as well and dad praised it after he have tried. :) Me and meatball would like to try their Rojak, but we were to full to do so.

 - The Price list -

The price are cheap there (Range from RM3.00 to RM6.00) if compared with price in KK, especially after comparing with the contains inside their bowl of noodles served.

Furthermore, while I was looking around the coffee shop, I found something interesting that I actually sitting at a Chinese Coffee Shop (I saw Fortune God Red Paper at the Cashier) and having Malay Halal Food. :D And this in fact, only can be found in Sabah. Maybe the true 1 Malaysia as we heard can only be found in Sabah, Land Below the Wind. ;)

I will be back for their Soto/ Rojak in future. Have a great week to all!

Location :
Coffee Shop located at the corner of a row of shophouse and it is next to HSBC, Tuaran.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Taiwan : Taipei - The Antique Town of Jiu Fen Old Street 【台湾游】 台北 - 九份旧街

Taipei - Part 1 - The adventure began.

After our trip at Taichung (compilation click here), the next City we have visited was Taipei (台北). I can't express the excitement when I visited Taipei, but surely it was the best time I had during my trip at Taiwan. 

I love TAIPEI!

We hired a driver and left Feng Jia at 9.00am and headed to Zhong Shan (中山). We stayed at Taipei Rest House which located less than 5 minutes away from the nearest MRT Station - Zhong Shan Station (中山站). 

After we left our luggage at the rest house, we took a rest and headed to our next destination - Jiu Fen Old Street (九份旧道, 黄金山城) by MRT. From Zhong Shan Station - (MRT) Taipei Station - (Train) Rui Fang (瑞芳) Station and get a bus to Jiu Fen and it is essential to own an Easycard and uses it to travel from one destination to another. Non the less, we can use it at 7 Eleven too! I miss Taiwan's 7 Eleven and it was the best place to get all kinds of products and foods!

- Jiu Fen Old Street (九份旧道) -

Finally we reached Jiu Fen Old Street. :) Can you see the main entrance to the old street of foods and souvenirs?

It was one of a kind experience that I have experienced from Zhong Shan to Jiu Fen. It was quite a long journey from one another and the most challenging and snake alike journey will be from Rui Fang to Jiu Fen, I was like showing off my Kung Fu skill inside the bus while I was standing between two rows of seats.(-_-)

- Jiu Fen Old Street (九份旧道) -

May our walk began.

- The Story of the Town (小城故事) -

Why JiuFen was being called Jiu Fen? It is because during the first years of the Qing Dynasty, the village here housed nine families, thus the village would request "nine portions" every time shipments arrived from town. Later Jiufen ("nine portions" in Chinese) would become the name of the village. (Wiki)

As year by year Jiu Fen is well promoted to the world of it's antique street, I do love the concept and the overall feelings there. :) In fact, we could find so many interesting foods, souvenirs, goodies, antiques and more.

And now, do enjoy the snap shots that I am sharing here! :) What did we see, eat and do at Jiu Fen!


- Street at Jiu Fen -

- Random Outlet -

-金枝红糟肉圆 -

Is a must eat at Jiu Fen, tasted a bit weird but still okay for me, i found Taiwanese taste buds just so much different from ours here in Malaysia. Interesting local delicacy that I have tried and it's consist of pork and other fillings.

- Wooden slipper -

In Malaysia, we could find wooden slippers too!

- Candies -

- Milky Tea -

My first official original Taiwanese milky tea with pearls I had at Taiwan.

- Street shot -

- Musical instrument with Owl figure -

- Street Shot -

Narrow street with crowded people. Jiu Fen is a very busy tourist place for the locals too. One couple that we met at Taipei Station directed us to Jiu Fen, they were really kind and sweet. :)

- Dried SQUIDS -

I don't favour this, the whole place smells squided.

- Jishan Street's Scenery of Mountain and Seacoast (基山街山海风光) -

We admired the beautiful scenery at the highest place from Jiu Fen.

- Scenery from the balcony opposite Jiu Fen Old Street -

- Happy mascot at Jiu Fen, Taipei -

- Bye Jiu Fen -

After our visiting to Jiu Fen, we headed back to the hotel with the same route from Jiu Fen to Zhong Shan. And during the same day, we visited Shilin Night Market too! A long night to visit there. 

But before Shilin Nigh Market, I shall blog about the local Food I had at Jiu Fen!! Be drooled with my photos posted!! 

Great day to all! :)

Photo credit : Carlos L.