Saturday, April 28, 2012

YOLO - You Only Live Once

Beverly told me something about acronym YOLO and Hayden gave me a thought on writing my version of YOLO after he wrote about his. :)

What do YOLO represent, just like what you read - You Only Live Once.

Indeed we only live once, we doesn't know about the future yet, unless we are God. A way of thought on planning for the future, but it is only a plan, a unforeseeable one somehow or it may seen as a guideline to our future (at least we planned for the sake of ours).

In fact, we do not know our exact scene of 10 years later or 40 years from now. Why don't we live of fullest while we still could and especially with such a young age, take up opportunities that may not come frequent, challenge ourselves and even take a break on impossible that could be possible.

I would like to describe about my private scenario that I have been through this few years, but no... What I wrote is only my thoughts to others. I have missed so much during the past and I don't wish to see another person like me.

Once again, YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE and you are the one who will paint your life with rainbow.

This is life, a kind of life that I wish to have.

 - Random Jump at Xi Men Ding -

 Okay... Back to happy part. :)

If possible, I will make sure I did something extraordinary to make my trips interesting and fun.

YOLO. I have chosen random jump, I did it while I was pursuing studies in UK, in the middle of the subway and the middle walkway of Taiwan and at one of the oldest building in China. And I wish this is not all and more to come soon. :)

- Pom Pom at Jiu Fen, Taipei -

YOLO. Travel while you able too!! Just like what did I told my friends and readers, travel to experience, to learn and to relax. :)

Taipei posts... SOON before you know.

Happy weekend to all. :)

Do read, Hayden's version of YOLO, epic Monkey action. - Here.


  1. What you wrote was all I strongly agree with. That's why I took the chance to travel to more than 20 countries while still young and most importantly before "kahwin". Hahaha...

  2. u're an amazing traveler ;)
    wish i could be like u ^^

    1. :) Thank you.

      I believe someday you can be like me, save money and go for holiday!

  3. I Like this post a lot ! ! like like like ! XD

  4. Yes, we only live once and lets live life to the best, doing what makes us happy. Just like you, I love travelling and have done quite a bit for the past 2 years and a few lined up for this year. Btw, thats a lovely pic of you jumping up there reaching for what you believe in.

    1. :) Thank you for the praise Nava. Yea... Although some decision maybe hard to fulfill, but without trying to figure a solution for it, we will never know about the result. :)

  5. Nice! Might even write one when I got the time. XD

  6. This year is my Travel Year! :D

  7. Replies
    1. Maybe U should try to write a version of yours.

  8. yup YOLO ...
    i like your first pic..
    looks so happy... JUMP JUMP JUMP...

  9. your jump is really random la weyy =D

  10. YOLO! You only live once. SO we shall have tonnes of fun and not mope around with a sad face. Do what we fancy (only if its a responsible actlah..)

  11. yeaaa!! YOLO!! that's why enjoy life to the max and fruitfully...