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Me and "You Never Walk Alone" with Anfield - Liverpool Football Club!

A tour to Liverpool Football Club (LFC) while I was furthering my studies in UK (2008).

Once again, another trip by LJMU's Student Union that cost us 11 pound inclusive of ticket price and transportation fees and this time we had the opportunity to visit the famous LFC that Gerrad played for.

- Bill Shankly statue located outside LFC museum and Club Store -

I still remember that, it was quite a waste when I did not have the time to tour around when I was actually arrived at Old Trafford, Manchester United, Manchester, UK. However, LFC is located approximately 15 minutes away from LJMU, why don't I just buy the ticket and visit. :) In fact, I had set my foot in Liverpool and what am I waiting for! (Sound adventurous)

- The Overview of Anfield Stadium -

Our coach leaved at 1.30pm from University and the tour started at 2.30pm.

- Trash Bin sponsored by Carlsberg -

- The Field -

We entered from players' entrance and toured in the Stadium, I was amazed with the green grass that they have well mowed grass. For your information, there's rules for us as visitors to be followed - WE ARE NOT ALLOW TO TOUCH, TO STEP ON THE GRASS! If we did it and been caught, the whole tour will be suspended and stop immediately.

 - Welcome to Anfield and it's 3.15pm -

Our tour leader explained the background of Anfield Stadium to us in such a way that so much interesting while tourists like us were sitting at the players seats and opponents seats. *Excited*

- The way they care the field -

 - The old public seats without pillow -

The above are the old seats without pillow. Imagine if we are sitting there to watch football match, I think my butt will be so much flatter than now!

- The new seats with pillow -

Comfortable seats that were uplifted with pillow during later years.

Furthermore, seats for medias, broadcasts and other important parties have been well divided among public seats to get the best photographs and broadcasting purpose.

- Players changing room -

I smell sweat of players. (lol) Those are genuine players jerseys and we were so much excited to take photos with players we knew. :) After touring in their changing room, the washroom (-__-) and etc, we went to LFC Museum and Club Store!

- Liverpool FC Trophy Room -

I saw nothing but trophies and the above were only a little portion of them. Glad that they have such a recognition internationally in football world.

- Interesting animated drawing -

- Trophy for First Division Championship -

The trophy caught my attention and it was beautiful and from what I have snapped, I think the trophy was the same one as shown below which I have snapped there.

- The Winner of First Division Championship -

Besides visiting to LFC Museum, we went to the souvenirs shops too! I bought key chains and other small items as remembrances and I think some of our friends bought jerseys too!

Fruitful visiting that we had back then. Once in a while, I do miss Liverpool. ;')

That's all for today and good day readers.

Official Website : Liverpool FC


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  1. I am not such a football fan but I really enjoyed my visit to the stadium of Real Madrid. Must be fun to see a match.


    1. Yup! My friends were enjoying themselves when they actually watch a match between MU and XXX!

  2. It's the only stadium that I've been to! Well, besides Old Trafford lah. Hehe :)

  3. yerrrr! envy die! always get to travel here and there! i wanna go visit arsenal stadium!! >.<

  4. Great that you were able to visit the LFC stadium taking your sweet time, no rushing. The players' jerseys seem quite dated with Finnan, Arbeloa and Hyypia still in the list. Reina and Carragher are still playing for LFC tho.

    Post some pics of Old Trafford, I'm a fan of them MU. Thanks.

  5. Wow! This is so cool. It is funny the English call it football!

  6. omg! so nice right? I didn't visit the Chelsea or Arsenal football club while I was in UK =.=

    1. Aiya~~~ We should visit the nearest football field if possible!! :D

  7. even the trashbin alone looks interesting! :)

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  8. Ahh.. so cool!! I love to see the real stadium someday. I'm not a football fan at all. lol

    1. haha :D I'm not a football fan too, but I do love to visit every places if I could!

  9. My bf would die to visit here one day, it's his ultimate dream place! :P

  10. Though my other half is a Mu die hard fan, he will love to see what its like at Liverpool. I like the can sponsored with the Liverpool engraved on it.

  11. i am not a Liverpool fan but if i am there, a visit to Anfield would be a must to keep the peace at home. Hubster is Liverpool and I am a MU fan:D

  12. OMG! nice experience weyy! I support Man U though! =P

  13. Ahh!! I missed out this when went Liverpool. Too bad for me.

    1. Haha :D You were there with me in Liverpool for short time only. That time you missed it, means in the future, you need to visit there again!!! :D

  14. wa :P i am MU supporter..but anyway for a football fan to be able to visit any stadium must surely be very rewarding...

    1. Yup! We should visit any of the stadium in the world if we have the chance!