Friday, April 20, 2012

Chillax and Brunch with Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Damai, K. K.

Reasonable pricing, delicious dishes served and fragrant coffee in a cup.

Nice place to chill with friends and lovers and one more word I have learn - CHILLAX! Chill + Relax? :D

- Variety of Cakes for selection -

Since the previous management had stop operating the franchise of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (CBTL) in Kota Kinabalu, another whole new lifted up CBTL by new management in K.K. once again. I have been understood that currently there are three branches of CBTL in KK - Centre Point, Damai and Wisma Merdeka.

Good to know that coffee served are much better now. However, their service still need spaces for improvement, time management to be exact. The other morning when I was having breakfast with another 2 person, including Meatball-online, we waited for a while for our food and beverages to arrive, even though there's quite a number of staffs working on that day.

- Scone -

Their scones look attractive to me which they were selling on their cashier's counter.

- Ice Blended Caramel Macchiato -

Nicely done. :)

- Egg Benedict Breakfast Set (include Coffee/ Juice) -

Tempting as it may seen. Delicious brunch I had on that public holiday morning. :) I'm loving the environment with coffee and cakes. ;)

So.... Coffee session or CHILLAX session anyone? And I think I will get one Ice Blended by CBTL tomorrow when I'm at the Shopaholics Bazaar, Centre Point. :)


  1. I love d scones n d egg Benedict...
    A perfect brunch.... Good

  2. what a filling brunch you had there :) i miss drinking machiatto!

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  3. That Egg Benedict Breakfast Set....looks very yummy...
    and yea that's life Chillax!!!

  4. The desserts all looks fabulous but not my kind of food. I am for sure drooling over the egg Benedict.

  5. i've been looking for egg benedict everywhere, now i know where to find it ;)
    thx! hehehe....
    omg so many cakes!!!

  6. So niceee! I want to try all the cakes too hahaha. It looks delicious! =D