Monday, April 16, 2012

Behind the Scene with "The Big Flight" Project

Finally dateline for Official Blogger Contest is over.... :)

The person I need to thank the most is BEVERLY from Take Another Step for helping me with the snapshots and video shooting, contributed suggestions to grove the video and made it a special one!!!! I received quite a lot of good responds and glad all of you enjoyed it!!

Thanks to friends and family who supported me and encouraged me to participate the contest which I almost refused to join 2 weeks ago with a very quick respond of saying "NO" to the representatives.

Here, I have completed a compilation of snaps shots and short scenes of movie while in progress the week before dateline for remembrance.

So, do enjoy the BEHIND THE SCENE video I have made for "The Big Flight" project!! ;)

- Behind the Scene -

Do you enjoyed the video?

You know what? It wasn't easy to start a video. We need a concept/ an idea to start with, a storyboard for guidelines etc etc. More over with those editing and stressful days before dateline. My head blanked thinking of what to consist in an article and shorten it in to messages some how or rather. Oh my... and all of it, just worth for the result that people felt happy after viewed it. :) 

 No matter what will be the result, I will be satisfied with it. The progress of learning is much valuable. Never try, never learn. ;)

Thank you, thank you all for the support and encouragement!



Youtube : The Video for "The Big Flight" Official Blogger Contest - Click HERE.
Blogpost : Flying with "The Big Flight" by Malaysia Airlines (#myA380 #MASBigFlight) - Click HERE


  1. I enjoyed your videos & seeing more of u on ur blog. Do make more :-D

  2. haha ! wish you all the best ya !

  3. congratz and good luck with the contest =D

  4. well most important ... you enjoy it ..
    win or lose doesn't matter..
    Continue to to blog more good stuff ya..

  5. haha! You're cute! the video I enjoyed it. very nice~;)

  6. you're great! :) can be a successful vlogger soon already~

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  7. I wish all the best to you dear :-)

  8. Like the video. Good Luck to you!