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Saturday, April 28, 2012

YOLO - You Only Live Once

Beverly told me something about acronym YOLO and Hayden gave me a thought on writing my version of YOLO after he wrote about his. :)

What do YOLO represent, just like what you read - You Only Live Once.

Indeed we only live once, we doesn't know about the future yet, unless we are God. A way of thought on planning for the future, but it is only a plan, a unforeseeable one somehow or it may seen as a guideline to our future (at least we planned for the sake of ours).

In fact, we do not know our exact scene of 10 years later or 40 years from now. Why don't we live of fullest while we still could and especially with such a young age, take up opportunities that may not come frequent, challenge ourselves and even take a break on impossible that could be possible.

I would like to describe about my private scenario that I have been through this few years, but no... What I wrote is only my thoughts to others. I have missed so much during the past and I don't wish to see another person like me.

Once again, YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE and you are the one who will paint your life with rainbow.

This is life, a kind of life that I wish to have.

 - Random Jump at Xi Men Ding -

 Okay... Back to happy part. :)

If possible, I will make sure I did something extraordinary to make my trips interesting and fun.

YOLO. I have chosen random jump, I did it while I was pursuing studies in UK, in the middle of the subway and the middle walkway of Taiwan and at one of the oldest building in China. And I wish this is not all and more to come soon. :)

- Pom Pom at Jiu Fen, Taipei -

YOLO. Travel while you able too!! Just like what did I told my friends and readers, travel to experience, to learn and to relax. :)

Taipei posts... SOON before you know.

Happy weekend to all. :)

Do read, Hayden's version of YOLO, epic Monkey action. - Here.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Great Time Meeting New Friends/ Bloggers at Shopaholics Bazaar 2012, #KKCity

Another round of applause to Pretty.Wild.Diva (PWD) for making Shopaholics Bazaar a happening events in Kota Kinabalu during last weekend. It was held at Palm Square, Centre Point for three days consecutively since Friday (20th) and I am one of the Vendor selling my pre-loved and new collections of clothes and accessories. :)

All of us had a great time there despite of some minor problems before the event started. :) Anyway, the last day was CRAZY!! Cheap and worthy price for bargained goods for shopaholics KKians! Besides, shopping and selling, I did personal get in touched with KK Bloggers too! The unforgotten memories were people do recognised the one behind Meitzeu's Blog. *Wave Hand*

Okay now... I have no much things to say but DO ENJOY the photographs I shared here. :)

- The usual photo of us three (Beverly from Take Another Step and Charlotte) -

- Hanging out at Maguro from Momoiro Gal's Booth -

- Calista from PetiteModel87 -

She was one of the vendor sharing with me and I owe her loads of time to take care my sales while I was not around. :P Thank you so much!

- Those chunky rings me and Beverly had bought with super cheap price! -

My chunky turquoise ring cost RM10.00.

- Feather Hair Clip (RM10.00) -

Quite and art piece and nice one on my hair! Few of us from the booth I'm with were influenced by Beverly who love Bohemian style! :)

- We were sitting next to each other -

- Accessories by Roupa -

- Finally met @KKCity in person -

What a coincidence that the new friend I met was a mutual friend of his. At the first place @KKCity wouldn't want his friend (Melanie) to expose his secret but in the end we met each other there.

- Meow -

To end this post, I present you the Meows which Beverly and Charlotte asked us to pose with. Guess what we were trying to act. :D

That's all for this post. Have a great day people. :)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Chillax and Brunch with Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Damai, K. K.

Reasonable pricing, delicious dishes served and fragrant coffee in a cup.

Nice place to chill with friends and lovers and one more word I have learn - CHILLAX! Chill + Relax? :D

- Variety of Cakes for selection -

Since the previous management had stop operating the franchise of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (CBTL) in Kota Kinabalu, another whole new lifted up CBTL by new management in K.K. once again. I have been understood that currently there are three branches of CBTL in KK - Centre Point, Damai and Wisma Merdeka.

Good to know that coffee served are much better now. However, their service still need spaces for improvement, time management to be exact. The other morning when I was having breakfast with another 2 person, including Meatball-online, we waited for a while for our food and beverages to arrive, even though there's quite a number of staffs working on that day.

- Scone -

Their scones look attractive to me which they were selling on their cashier's counter.

- Ice Blended Caramel Macchiato -

Nicely done. :)

- Egg Benedict Breakfast Set (include Coffee/ Juice) -

Tempting as it may seen. Delicious brunch I had on that public holiday morning. :) I'm loving the environment with coffee and cakes. ;)

So.... Coffee session or CHILLAX session anyone? And I think I will get one Ice Blended by CBTL tomorrow when I'm at the Shopaholics Bazaar, Centre Point. :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Taiwan Guide : Tai Chung (V.1) - 3 Days 2 Nights 【台湾游】 台中 : 三天两夜

The compilation for 3 days 2 nights in Taichung with WHERE to GO and WHAT to EAT during Summer, August 2011.

All the following places and foods can be found in Taichung itself (by foot) and as you all know, we hired a diver a.k.a Brother Zhang (by transportation) for our trips to further places such as Sun Moon Lake (日月潭). For your information, ten of us stayed at Feng Jia, a convenient district for shopping and searching for various Taiwanese delicacies.

Taichung (台 中)
Feng Jia (逢甲) District
*Place to visit :
  - Day time at Feng Jia (逢甲)
  - Feng-Chia Night Market (逢甲观光夜市) 

*Foods to eat :
  - 野澤三 "Ye Ze San"
  - 满点速食早餐 (Direct translation : Full Dots Express Breakfast)

The following are the places that Brother brought us to - Trip to Sun Moon Lake (日月潭)from Feng Jia, TaiChung. 

Nan Tou (南投)
*Places to go 
  - Sun Moon Lake - SyuanGuang Temple (玄光寺)
  - Sun Moon Lake - Ita Thao Village (伊達邵)

*Souvenirs to buy :
  - Sun Moon Lake - 一福堂老店 (Oldest Bakery)

Puli (埔里)
*Food to eat :
  - 18巧克力工房 (18 Degree Chocolate Factory) 

West District (西区)
*Souvenirs to buy : 
 - 日出土凤梨酥 (DawnCake)

After purchased cakes from Dawn Cake Bakery, Brother Zhang sent us back to Feng Jia during the evening, that completes our trip to Sun Moon Lake.

Furthermore, I received several emails from readers asking me regarding Brother Zhang's contact, and to ease most of you from sending inquiries to my mailbox, the following will be his contact :-

张嘉文 (张哥哥 / Brother Zhang)
email :

Okay! That's the complete compilation of my trip at Taichung. Have a nice trip for those who are going there for holiday! :)

- Feng-Chia Night Market (逢甲观光夜市) -

- Sun Moon Lake (日月潭)-

- Parrot found at Sun Moon Lake (日月潭)-

Monday, April 16, 2012

Behind the Scene with "The Big Flight" Project

Finally dateline for Official Blogger Contest is over.... :)

The person I need to thank the most is BEVERLY from Take Another Step for helping me with the snapshots and video shooting, contributed suggestions to grove the video and made it a special one!!!! I received quite a lot of good responds and glad all of you enjoyed it!!

Thanks to friends and family who supported me and encouraged me to participate the contest which I almost refused to join 2 weeks ago with a very quick respond of saying "NO" to the representatives.

Here, I have completed a compilation of snaps shots and short scenes of movie while in progress the week before dateline for remembrance.

So, do enjoy the BEHIND THE SCENE video I have made for "The Big Flight" project!! ;)

- Behind the Scene -

Do you enjoyed the video?

You know what? It wasn't easy to start a video. We need a concept/ an idea to start with, a storyboard for guidelines etc etc. More over with those editing and stressful days before dateline. My head blanked thinking of what to consist in an article and shorten it in to messages some how or rather. Oh my... and all of it, just worth for the result that people felt happy after viewed it. :) 

 No matter what will be the result, I will be satisfied with it. The progress of learning is much valuable. Never try, never learn. ;)

Thank you, thank you all for the support and encouragement!



Youtube : The Video for "The Big Flight" Official Blogger Contest - Click HERE.
Blogpost : Flying with "The Big Flight" by Malaysia Airlines (#myA380 #MASBigFlight) - Click HERE

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Flying with "The Big Flight" by Malaysia Airlines (#myA380 #MASBigFlight)

Received an email and finally made it all the way through with "The Big Flight" Contest by Malaysia Airlines. It is an honour to be selected by them to participate it under Official Bloggers Contest and dateline will be this 15th April, 2012 at 11.59pm. (But, WAIT A MINUTE! It is open for all Malaysian and the contest still happening now, do read further to know more!)

Cut the story short and do watch the video below!  It is officially the first video I have completed and the reason I was lack of updates in my social network lately.

If you found it interesting and you love it like I do, do drop a COMMENT or two at the bottom and/ or click the UNIQUE LINK at ( as a VOTE, it will redirect you to the main YouTube Malaysia Airlines Brand Channel and more information about the contest can be found there. Thus,  the contest is open for all Malaysian until 22nd April, 2012 under consumer contest! :)

The contest required us to make a video with special skill that we personally have and entitle us to win tickets to board on "The Big Flight" (A380, the world largest and the latest new fleet for Mas Airlines) along with friends. As presented, I have chosen "Writing to Inspire" which closer to my daily life. As for readers who have been following my blog updates, I hope you will agree with the messages through out the video, which I perceive that I have been expressing in such way via Meitzeu's Blog.

No matter what, the progress of completing the video from first step to the last were quite challenging yet interesting, I do have fun with it and I have learned quite a bit from such contest as well. :) Thanks to friends and family who gave me encouragement to go for it! :)

In fact, all of us should treat it as a fun contest to join (WE ONLY LIVE ONCE don't we?) and as an experience to gain that confidence with not more than 2 minutes showing your ability to the WORLD!! And even your family members might not know about it too:) Make them proud of your "special skills" with such a lifetime opportunity! I know you can, don't be shy! :D (Although I'm a bit shy as well :P)

 Last but not less, thank you readers, thank you all for your support all this while :)


Official Website for the Contest : Malaysia Airlines YouTube Channel

Friday, April 6, 2012

The Shopaholics Bazaar 2012!! (20th - 22nd April 2012)


Finally another Bazaar by Pretty Wild Diva going to held SOON!

 It's been a while and it's finally BACK for all the shopaholics in town! :)

- The Shopaholics Bazaar 2012 -

 For more information about the event and Vendors inquiries - Check out their Event page!

 Before clicking away, read more about shopaholic by Take Another Step here!

See you there!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Me and "You Never Walk Alone" with Anfield - Liverpool Football Club!

A tour to Liverpool Football Club (LFC) while I was furthering my studies in UK (2008).

Once again, another trip by LJMU's Student Union that cost us 11 pound inclusive of ticket price and transportation fees and this time we had the opportunity to visit the famous LFC that Gerrad played for.

- Bill Shankly statue located outside LFC museum and Club Store -

I still remember that, it was quite a waste when I did not have the time to tour around when I was actually arrived at Old Trafford, Manchester United, Manchester, UK. However, LFC is located approximately 15 minutes away from LJMU, why don't I just buy the ticket and visit. :) In fact, I had set my foot in Liverpool and what am I waiting for! (Sound adventurous)

- The Overview of Anfield Stadium -

Our coach leaved at 1.30pm from University and the tour started at 2.30pm.

- Trash Bin sponsored by Carlsberg -

- The Field -

We entered from players' entrance and toured in the Stadium, I was amazed with the green grass that they have well mowed grass. For your information, there's rules for us as visitors to be followed - WE ARE NOT ALLOW TO TOUCH, TO STEP ON THE GRASS! If we did it and been caught, the whole tour will be suspended and stop immediately.

 - Welcome to Anfield and it's 3.15pm -

Our tour leader explained the background of Anfield Stadium to us in such a way that so much interesting while tourists like us were sitting at the players seats and opponents seats. *Excited*

- The way they care the field -

 - The old public seats without pillow -

The above are the old seats without pillow. Imagine if we are sitting there to watch football match, I think my butt will be so much flatter than now!

- The new seats with pillow -

Comfortable seats that were uplifted with pillow during later years.

Furthermore, seats for medias, broadcasts and other important parties have been well divided among public seats to get the best photographs and broadcasting purpose.

- Players changing room -

I smell sweat of players. (lol) Those are genuine players jerseys and we were so much excited to take photos with players we knew. :) After touring in their changing room, the washroom (-__-) and etc, we went to LFC Museum and Club Store!

- Liverpool FC Trophy Room -

I saw nothing but trophies and the above were only a little portion of them. Glad that they have such a recognition internationally in football world.

- Interesting animated drawing -

- Trophy for First Division Championship -

The trophy caught my attention and it was beautiful and from what I have snapped, I think the trophy was the same one as shown below which I have snapped there.

- The Winner of First Division Championship -

Besides visiting to LFC Museum, we went to the souvenirs shops too! I bought key chains and other small items as remembrances and I think some of our friends bought jerseys too!

Fruitful visiting that we had back then. Once in a while, I do miss Liverpool. ;')

That's all for today and good day readers.

Official Website : Liverpool FC