Saturday, March 31, 2012

Uniting the People - EARTH HOUR 2012 - 8.30PM (M'sia)

Once again, it's another year of Earth Hour.

If tonight I'm at home, I will make sure I switch off the lights at home (of course all the unnecessary one, unless wanna get myself into problem by falling down) -_-. And if I'm out from home, I guess I will be hanging around with friends at some cafe in town to support the campaign.

- Earth Hour 2011 -

This is last year while supporting the same campaign at Bella Italia (Bella Restaurant), Jesselton Hotel.

- Earth Hour 2012 -

So, are you going to support it tonight?

For only one hour from 8.30pm to 9.30pm. :)

Together we sustain the life of our Planet.

p/s : We should be switching off the unnecessary electric appliances at all time, not only during Earth Hour.



  1. Yea, hope that most of the people will understand why should we save energy through this campaign.

  2. Yes, earth hour is very important! : D

  3. what a lovely idea :).
    Thanks fro sharing.
    Follow each other's blog.

  4. happy earth hour..
    i had switch off my house lights and went shopping ..