Friday, March 9, 2012

【生活点滴】 To Hainan, China (海南,中国)Balik Kampung!

Going back to the place which my Grandfather originated.

Waiting for departure here at waiting hall with family, including meatballonline and other relatives.

Anyway, every thing were fine for the past few days in Hong Kong, the food (typical Dim Sum) and its shopping paradise here. :)

Till we meet again in ;)


Meitzeu blogged from HK airport.


  1. Looks like quite an adventure! That is a wonderful idea to revisit the place that your Grandfather is from. Enjoy your time in Hainan, and have a safe trip.

  2. Have fun and save journey. Can't wait to read a new traveling story from you :-)

  3. have a nice trip and im looking forward for more exciting photos! :)

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  4. have a safe journey..upload more picture ya..:)