Thursday, March 22, 2012

Taiwan : TaiChung - Homemade 18°C Ice Cream and Dawn Cakes!【台湾食】台中 - 自家做之18°C 雪糕 与 日出蛋糕好吃哦!

 Part 4 (The End) of Road Trip to Nan Tou (南投), Taiwan.

Finally, it's the last entry about trips and what I did/ visited at Taichung area - Feng Jia and Nantou. :)

Before we headed to the Chocolate Factory of tempting ice cream and the outlet of yummy Cheese Cakes and Pineapple Tarts, Brother Zhang (the Driver) brought us to 酒乡埔里 (Wineyard PuLi ) to have a look, unfortunately it was approximately 30 minutes before their closing time, therefore we had a quick look only.

We always heard about all kind of Taiwan must know, talking about nice desserts, 18巧克力工房 (18 Degree Chocolate Factory) and 日出土凤梨酥 (DawnCake) are the one I love and most recommended one, non the less, 一福堂老店 (Yi Fu Tang Lao Dian) for Taiwanese Snacks too.

18巧克力工房 (18 Degree Chocolate Factory) -

I don't know why it was named Chocolate Factory, but it definitely selling chocolate too. :) I had it and the dark chocolate truffles just heart melting. There's a story behind this shop that involving Father and Son relationship. Sweet, doesn't it? 

Every bites running through the throat were just too good to be true, the ice cream, sorbet, gelato, truffle and etc. :) Creamy and fruity with full ingredients in their preparation.


The fruits shown makes our saliva automatically felt the taste. LOL :D

Seriously, long queue of people does make the ice cream taste even good. 

- Showing off what we had -

- Coffee Machine -

Even the coffee taste good there and it's for free! :) How I wish I will have one in my future home, coffee whole day long, serving friends and family easily. :) Nice Nice Nice!

- Once again, I'm feeling Eighteen -

Yea~ People thought I was 18 during my Taiwan. To happy or not to be happy?

**Location :
545 南投縣埔里鎮慈恩街20號
(No. 20號, Cí'ēn Street, Puli Township, Nantou County, Taiwan 545)

Proceeding the the next place and we were almost back to the suite...

- The Sunset just beautiful with Round Salted Egg Yellow Sun -

Before night, Brother Zhang drove us to see Bitter Nut girls and they were mad hot with transparent clothing (sexy night wear). My Gosh! And Brother Zhang even treat us nice to let us take a look of them (bought bitter nuts) with a very very close distance, which... I have those photos, but I can't share. He even told us that when the night getting darker, those girls will get naked with a thin layer of fabric or a blazer to cover up. 

I see guys went "eye eating ice cream" thou. haha :D

So here we went after explored a little bit of Taiwanese lifestyle -

 - 日出土凤梨酥 (DawnCake) -

Getting closer back to our suite and we did bought nice cheese cakes from there too. IT IS VERYVERY MAD CHEESY AND CREAM, melted in the mouth kind of cheese cake. :)

They have one of the most beautiful packaging that I have seen so far, attractive and meaningful packaging with Chinese culture. Brother Zhang even told us that, tourists from near and far just love to go to Dawn Cake over and over again.

- Cakes for Souvenirs -

- Vintage Typewriter -


- Uplifted Vintage Lamp/ Fire Extinguisher -

- The Price List -

- All those are cheese cakes -

It has to be refrigerated, so that we could eat it while it is chill and in its best condition.

- Pineapple Tarts -

In facts, pineapple tarts divided into two (2) types which are SOUR and SWEET. We must take note of it to prevent from purchasing wrongly.

- Buy Buy Buy -

Meatball-Online bought some, Doggie bought some, IceHippo bought some, Singaporean friends bought some too. :) And in addition, Cheese Cakes for supper too!! :)

Official Website : 日出土凤梨酥 (DawnCake) Location : 台中市西区五权西三号街
No. 43, Wǔquán West 3rd Street, West District, Taichung City, Taiwan 403.

 That's all for TaiChung. Good bye TaiChung.

And next - Days at TAIPEI!!! I LOVE TAIPEI! 我爱台北!!


  1. hehehe...i think most things taste better after a long wait too:D somehow it makes the wait seem sweeter.

    1. Yea~ Coz definitely it must be tasty. haha :D

  2. the homemade ice creams reaaaaaally looks tempting lah!! and feeling 18 is the best especially when someone told you that haha :D

    1. hehe :D Yea~ reduce the exploration of nice food place. :P

  3. aiyo sedap lah itu ice cream...!!! itu sunset pun pic sangat cantik o..:)

  4. I bet the 18 degree C ice cream would not be very cold one?

  5. buy that mango ice cream i see there...i love mango ice cream

    > kathy

    1. hehe :) Maybe I should try mango ice creme someday. :)

  6. the interior of DawnCake looks really pretty! :) their cheese cake must be special there.

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  7. Taiyangbing is a must in taiwan

  8. Oh my! I would love to sink my teeth into any of those....they all look so yummy....

  9. Great exploration you did in Taiwan and my, as usual I am drooling over all the food pics. The ice-cream must have been delicious and probably thats why such a long queue.

  10. that typewritter is very special... I've never seen one before.

  11. I miss taiwan food!!!! So the very much! ><

    1. lol :D I miss the scenery, but not fried food or those night markets. hehe

  12. ice cream!! if only u can take away some for me...hehehe..
    the typewriter looks so cool!

  13. Ohh! I love Taipei too~ When I was in Taiwan, I often go there too! :D Very famous, but very fattening TT^TT

  14. huuuuu!! nice trip!! going there soon again~ haha..